Unbridled Gang Attack Left Elmwood Inmate Bloodied

Thirty-one Elmwood jail inmates extensively beat, stripped and bloodied a fellow Santa Clara County inmate for cooperating with law enforcement, according to a press release from the district attorney’s office Tuesday morning—nearly six months after the fact.

For five minutes and 37 seconds, the 40-year-old victim was brutally punched, kicked and attacked minutes after entering a dormitory jail unit dedicated to gang members around 7:30pm on November 30, according to the release. The DAs office said evidence suggests the attack was retaliation after the victim provided information on a pending criminal case.

“Violence is no more acceptable behind bars than it is outside them,” DA Jeff Rosen said Tuesday.

Questions linger about the longevity of the beating.

No explanation was given about why correctional staff failed to intervene, despite the attack being audible and in the line of sight of a nearby guard window. In the latest addition to a laundry list of complaints against the conditions within the Santa Clara County jail system, The Mercury News reported that the sheriff’s office was resistant in sharing information with prosecutors due, in part, to concerns about jail deputies' lack of engagement.

The man suffered cuts to his face and head, several broken ribs and floor cleaning poured on his face. All 31 inmates identified in the attack were charged by a grand jury with felony assault and participating in a criminal street gang. A handful of others will face additional changes of inflicting great bodily injury, witness intimidation and retaliating against a witness.

The incident was captured by video surveillance cameras, but the DAs office refuses to release the footage, citing an ongoing investigation.

There was no indication that any criminal charges would be filed against Elmwood correctional staff.


  1. Unbridged? What is the etymology of that word?

    And, the reason that the District Attorney does not want to release the footage is because it would show the viciousness of these gangs (even against their own members). It would run counter to the narrative of the Democrat party that these 31 gang members are a “noble” people and they are actually the true victims — the victims of our white racist society.

    Sure, they will have to prosecute, but they don’t want the citizens to actually see what goes on. Otherwise they will have to continue with the “are you going to believe us or your lying eyes” narrative.

    All the “police misconduct” video are released, even in the middle of investigations. The officers are doxed, but let’s not do that to real criminals.

    Perhaps the two or three correctional officers nearby didn’t think it prudent to enter (without some backup) the middle of 31 hostile gang members running amok.

    It is truly amazing how a vicious assault by 31 violent gang members can be twisted into a discussion about the officers’ failure to act before we see the video and before any of the actual facts of the case of been discussed.

    Perhaps you meant unhinged? As in many of our reporters are “unhinged.”

  2. “Perhaps the two or three correctional officers nearby didn’t think it prudent to enter (without some backup) the middle of 31 hostile gang members running amok.” — HB

    Excellent point, although it will go largely wasted on those all-knowing advocates of de-escalation who are so engrossed in re-imagining police work they’ve failed to notice that their harebrained theories are unbridged to the stable ground of expertise and experience.

  3. “Unbridled” is better but the headline could have just read, “Gang Attack Left Elmwood Inmate Bloodied.” Or, “Vicious Gang Attack by Fellow Gang Members Left Elmwood Inmate Bloodied.”

    Or, based on the insinuendos (a combination of insinuation and innuendo) embedded in this article, you could have written the following headline, “Correctional Officers Not Yet Charged.”

  4. Phu Tan Elli:

    Your comment:

    “…their harebrained theories are unbridged to the stable ground of expertise and experience.”

    Is an outstanding modern use of the word “unbridged.”

  5. The fact that this comment is still here and not deleted by the SJI moderators is why this is not only my last posting on this site, it will be the last time I ever visit this website.


  6. Norteno:

    What exactly did the SJPD have to do with this story?

    Are you trying to say, by your name in the posting, that you are a member of a violent gang?


    And, Rocky, I agree with you. The San Jose Inside needs to remove posts like this and other posts that threaten violence (murdering police) and serve no purpose but to harass people.

  7. This was a setup… it has ALWAYS been policy to put, known informants ,”rats” “snitches” automatically into protective custody NEVER into general population, for this VERY reason, also policy to not house rival gang members in same dorm…. these guys went light on this guy he could’ve easily been silently stabbed with a friggin pencil and killed…. maybe they have less room in protective custody because of quarantining covid patients? I have no idea this standard jail and prison protocol was not followed here unless they (intake officers) wanted this to happen….

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