Kevin Moore’s Book on Levi’s Stadium, 49ers Looks Amazing

Former Santa Clara Councilman Kevin Moore loves to tell stories, and his upcoming book focuses on two of his favorite subjects: Levi’s Stadium and Kevin Moore. Best known as the first and loudest person to champion the San Francisco 49ers building a new stadium in Santa Clara, Moore decided to pen a tell-all about the Field of Jeans and how it came to fruition with Michael Fallon, one of Moore’s high school teachers and the author of The Definitive St. Patrick’s Day Festivity Book. The new book’s title is a mouthful—Kevin Moore’s Hail Mary Pass: Into the End Zone with the 49ers in Levi’s Stadium—and apparently so are some of the chapters Moore’s been showing and telling. While he set out to give kudos to people “who deserve credit but didn’t get it,” Moore admits with a chuckle, “everybody won’t be happy.” That could be why the book’s release won’t come until next month. Apparently a few folks involved in getting a deal done weren’t portrayed in the most flattering of lights, including Santa Clara Mayor Jamie Matthews and 49ers CEO and owner Jed York. Interesting to note, Moore’s website has a jacket blurb from York that comes after two sports reporters, women’s World Cup legend Brandi Chastain and her husband, who coaches Santa Clara University soccer. York also received just four out of five stars for his quote, while everyone else got five. Burn? In an excerpt on the website for the book, Moore gives a gloriously detailed account of his inner monologue the morning before the 49ers announced they would turn their attention to building new digs in Santa Clara. “Despite the uncertainty, I want to believe that the decision will work in our favor,” Moore writes. “Then again, maybe the cynics at City Hall are right—I must be smoking the crack pipe—thinking that the San Francisco 49ers would come to Santa Clara….”

Kevin Moore was always ready for some football. (Photo via Facebook)

Kevin Moore was always ready for some football. (Photo via Facebook)

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  1. Good job Kev. Looking forward to curling up soon with your book. Keep up the fantastic work and helping to place our once small town of Santa Clara onto a prominent place on the map.


  2. You’re a snake in high grass Kevin Moore….The Candlestick Curse will be upon your fair little City & Levi’s for an eternity….

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