Ex-Councilman Dominic Caserta Opines on U.S. Traffic Woes for Eastern European News Outlet

It looks like Dominic Caserta launched a low-key comeback tour. And his first stop, for some weird reason, was some online rag in Eastern Europe.

The erstwhile Santa Clara councilman and high school teacher granted an interview with the Prague Post, a Czech Republic-based news publication nobody’s ever heard of, about “the causes and solutions for urban traffic.”

Conspicuously absent from Caserta’s perfunctory bio in the Feb. 5 piece is any mention of the sexual misconduct and harassment claims that precipitated his exit from public life.

Instead, the disgraced 40-something-year-old three-term councilor and once-aspiring Santa Clara County supervisor drones on about infrastructure, ride-sharing and “solving problems together.” It’s a column that can’t possibly be of much interest to the site’s targeted readership of ex-pats hunkered down in the tiny landlocked republic.

Caserta all but vanished last spring after a pair of staffers working on his 2018 supervisorial campaign outed him as an alleged creep the same week his employers at Santa Clara Unified School District inadvertently leaked some particularly damning excerpts of his personnel dossier.

Soon after, the veteran civics teacher resigned from the City Council, suspended his campaign for higher office and took an extended (paid) leave of absence from his classroom at Santa Clara High to focus on exacting some measure of retribution in civil court. Litigation is expected any week now.

While Caserta gears up to sue Santa Clara Unified and the city—reportedly for many millions of dollars in damages—Foothill College, where he used to teach political science and where he allegedly groomed some of his victims, has yet to complete its investigation into the ex-professor’s misbehavior.


Nearly nine months since the world learned about the 20-year history of allegations against the notoriously flirtatious Caserta, inquiring minds at Foothill were conducting interviews with students and had yet to determine whether he crossed the line.

Trust us: he did.

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  1. Great to see that the Fly continues to keep an eye on Caserta! SCUSD and Foothill college drag their feet on taking the appropriate actions against Caserta as the alleged perp probably beccause Caserta has dirt on some of the illuminati in these organizations.

    It would be great to continue to hear the stories of the students have been victimized. I am working with KCXU 92.7 FM to create an educational radio program called Student Voice in San Jose. I would be interested in interviewing and airing the interviews with students who have experienced sexual harassment. Please visit http://sipbigpicture.com if you would like to engage in a student interview about this topic. If enough stories are told by the students, maybe the adults will start to listen and take the appropriate actions agains the sexual harassers within our midst.

    • > I would be interested in interviewing and airing the interviews with students who have experienced sexual harassment.


      This makes me extremely queasy. I’m sure that many of these “students” meet the legal definition of “children”.

      It calls to mind the notorious McMartin Preschool scandal. After all the hate and venom and accusations invested in this episode, at the end of the day it has pretty clear that “children” were manipulated by adults with toxic and malignant adult motivations.


      “McMartin Preschool trial”

      I’m of the mind that “due process of the law” is the least bad option of a lot of bad options.

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