Disgraced Ex-Santa Clara Councilor Dominic Caserta Names New Defendants in Lawsuit

Dominic Caserta was ousted years ago from elected office, campaign trails and high school civics classrooms, but he’s still navigating through Santa Clara County’s courts.

The disgraced former City of Santa Clara council member in September quietly revamped the $38 million lawsuit he filed in April 2019 against the city and the Santa Clara Unified School District. Court filings reveal three previously anonymous defendants in the alleged “Witch Trial” to “destroy Caserta’s life almost overnight” have been identified.

Caserta alleges SCUSD employee Nora Dipko mistakenly distributed his personnel record in May 2018 to the district’s 1,600 employees.

The files featured sexual harassment allegations dating back to 2002—​​sparking an avalanche of claims, including Caserta running his hands through a student’s hair, giving unwanted massages and conducting campaign business wearing only a towel—that were forwarded to a local journalist by Gina Perez, another district staffer.

In September, three of the “doe” defendants were served and named: Santa Clara High School librarian Seana Shelby, SCHS athletic director and head boys basketball coach Anthony McGilvery and Westwood Elementary kindergarten teacher Rene Coleman.

Notably, Coleman is the sister of Mayor Lisa Gillmor—the first of many elected officials who pushed for Caserta’s resignation in May 2018, months after their political relationship began crumbling.

The newly named defendants may appear in the 10-day jury trial Caserta has requested, as he pursues claims of negligence, breach of contract, public disclosure of private facts, intentional infliction of emotional distress and conspiracy.

Caserta’s next case management date is set for Feb. 1.

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  1. Dominic was disappointed that he lost a chance to appear in the “Many Saints of Newark” as Buggino Luchessi, a tv repairman, who was Carmela’s first male lover.

  2. If pedophilia was not such a serious crime that abuses thousands of children nation wide, Caserta’s law suit would be laughable. He actually is suing for “Public disclosure of private facts.” Sorry Dominic, for public safety and protection of our children, the perverted actions of little trolls must see the light of day.

    Also, very concerning is numerous emails recently released by the City of Santa Clara under the Public Records Act, between Caserta and current Santa Clara council members, Jain and Becker, wherein Caserta appears to be acting as their political advisor.

  3. Caserta’s behavior had to widely known—yet he was kept on. I mean, I had a kid in the HS district for only one school year and I immediately heard murmurs about this guy. How would the school board and principals had not known!?

    Obviously it wasn’t taken seriously by those in charge. Firing him should have happened years before the records were released—whether inadvertently or deliberately.

    Now Caserta is the offended party? Sounds rich. Why doesn’t Jed give him some sort of job—least he could do under the circumstances.

  4. You have to give it to Teachers Unions – Almost impossible to fire a teacher for Any reason – and Impossible to implement a ‘pay for performance’ salary plan. And they are very adept at milking COVID to the detriment of children across CA and the USA.

    No wonder US students rank in the middle to lower half in math & science behind many other advanced industrial nations – While the US spends the most of all nations on public education.
    Nothing reported that he is not still being paid although SCUSD did finally complete its 2 year long investigation of Caserta. But they haven’t made any information public.
    SCUSD paid Caserta approximately $12,000 per month in salary and benefits during the investigation.

    Jul2019: Disgraced Former Councilman Dominic Caserta left his job as a Santa Clara High School teacher on May 8, 2019. Caserta is out on paid administrative leave & medical leave.

    Aug2020: The Santa Clara Unified School District continues to pay disgraced former Councilman Dominic Caserta his FULL Salary & Benefits as a teacher. He was credibly accused by numerous females in his classes of sexual harassment and sexual abuse and remains on the Creep Sheet.

    Aug2020: Thanks to a tip from some students, we’ve discovered that disgraced former Councilman Dominic Caserta is Teaching Again — at San Francisco State University (SFSU).

  5. Caserta was my teacher in high school and I can confirm he’s incredibly creepy. He sent me inappropriate texts and made very weird comments, not only to me but to multiple other girls in his class. It’s not surprising at all that he’s this defensive.

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