City Council to Host an American Idol

In addition to discussing its top five economic priorities for the rest of the fiscal year, the City Council goes Hollywood on Tuesday—or at least brings little Hollywood home—when former American Idol contestant and San Jose native DeAndre Brackensick will receive a commendation.

It’s not clear if Brackensick will perform or simply wow public officials with his hair. (There’s nothing in his Idol contract that would prevent the latter.) Other matters going before the council Tuesday include:

— approving a ban on the city purchasing expanded polystyrene products. (This won’t affect local retailers ... yet.)

— hearing the Independent Police Auditor’s report from retired judge LaDoris Cordell, as well a report from the Internal Affairs Unit that Police Chief Chris Moore recommends accepting.

— approving the continued suspension of supplemental retiree benefit payments, which a memo from City Manager Debra Figone says will save the city almost $7.86 million.

Click to see the City Council Agenda for April 24, 2012.

Now that we’ve fulfilled our agenda obligations, feel free to comment on which councilmember you would vote off this season’s cast.

Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. Getting back to priorities?

    A resolution honoring a tv gameshow contestant?
    A resolution to ban styrofoam boxes at City facilities?

    And…. Suspending SRBR???  I don’t see how suspending SRBR saves the City anything. The SRBR is a “Fund” that gets money from Retirement Fund investments when investment returns exceed the “expected” returns. 

    Expected returns are currently 7.5% ($7.50 per $100 invested.) If the actual returns are 8% then ($8 per $100 invested) then 50 cents/$100 invested goes to the SRBR.

    The SRBR fund is suppsed to be divided up amongst retirees annually under certain conditions. The City has suspended those disbursments for several years now.

    Now the City wants to permanantly do away with the SRBR but nowhere does the MEMO describe what will be done with the SRBR.

    The memo says that suspending the payments from the SRBR this year saves the City $7.86million. 

    HOW SO? The money isn’t the City’s. That money is from returns on retirement fund’s investiments and if it isn’t going to be disbursed IN THE MANNER THAT THE SAN JOSE MUNICIPAL CODE MANDATES THEN at the very least the City must change the law to ensure that the SRBR will be used to pay down the the “unfunded liability.”

  2. Lets hope that this pathetic excuse for a Mayor and Council are setting Monies aside ( like they did for McEnerys buildings downtown, like the mony to renovate the convention center, like the monies for the Ballpark)for the multitude of impending lawsuits facing this City because of this illegal Ballot measure!

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