Talking Sewage, Start Up Cup

We all have an impact on the sewer system and our waste must go somewhere to be treated. Miles upon miles of pipe transport and maintain our civilization and virtually eliminates outbreaks of typhoid and cholera. As some have said, “No pipes, no civilization.” 

Our sewer system is financed through fees on our property taxes, which pay for this mostly unseen infrastructure. For many residents, the impact of a clogged sewer line from house to street can not only be expensive to fix but disruptive to daily life.

if you would like to learn more about the challenges San Jose has with over 2,000 miles of sewer lines—and some portions being approximately 100 years old—attend a presentation at 6:30pm tonight at City Hall. RSVP to [email protected].

Come learn tonight on how to avoid this expense and disruption.

On another note: Ever thought about putting that daydream or wild idea to test? See a way to generate revenue that no one in the marketplace seems to recognize? Have an idea but not sure how to execute?

Local residents now have the chance to submit business plans in a contest that has no better home than Silicon Valley: the Santa Clara County Start Up Cup. The business idea doesn’t need to be about technology but perhaps creating a service company. Free coaching and mentoring is provided towards ideas.

Submissions start on April 24 for the first annual Santa Clara County Start Up Cup.


  1. want to save money ?? lets get rid of Reed & his co-horts on the council. it would have an immediate impact. It would save MILLIONs in court costs (Illegal Ballot measure) it would save millions in Illegal debt transfer, and it would save millions on Illegal dealings with developers(Wolfe,Swensen,McEnery, Sobrato). we can stop with all the Low income housing and work on getting actual jobs into this city.STOP Scape Goating city employees for your Lack of leadership and irresponsible financial wastes

    • Amen,

      Here we go, I smell a tax increase.  When you take away foam containers, watch businesses close shop and move.  Are we suppose to put soup in a paper bag or do we need to bring our own container for take out?

      Get real.

      How about blaming employees and start spending responsibly, no one wants to work in SJ and new business wants to come here.

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