Council to Discuss Jobs, Police Audit

In a sign that the city of San Jose has no immediate plans to aggressively add to its workforce, an item on Tuesday’s City Council agenda suggests permanently eliminating 12 positions and adding a new job: Risk manager. Also on Tuesday, the city plans to accept an audit of the police department that says urgent reform is needed regarding the secondary employment of officers. Discussion on the city’s top five priorities in its Economic Strategy Workplan have been deferred to next week.

A memo from Kim Walesh, the city’s director of Economic Development, which will be taken up April 24, suggests that staff should spend 80 percent of its time focusing on the following five priorities:
1. “Work at the speed of business on major development projects that can have a measurable impact on job creation or revenues within the next l8 month [sic].”
2. “Adopt Sign Code Ordinance Update within 90 days.”
3. “Complete the Airport competitiveness plan and execute the air service strategy to bring additional domestic and international carriers in partnership with the Silicon Valley business community.”
4. “Pursue plans to develop soccer and baseball stadiums.”
5. “Develop an Implementation Plan to facilitate the goals of the Envision 2040 General Plan.”

The police audit, which was presented to the Public Safety, Finance and Strategic Support Committee on Mar. 15, raised eyebrows last month when city auditor Sharon Erickson’s report called for urgent reform. The report states that until recently the department had little accountability in its oversight and many officers were abusing the program. (This is not the audit we wrote about on Friday.)

“The secondary employment program has lacked substantive management oversight until very recently,” Erickson’s report states. “This, combined with problems identified during the audit as well as the program’s highly decentralized system of coordination, results in a culture susceptible to the risks of fraud, conflicts of interest, and inequity. The audit identified specific problems (including overlaps in reported time and long working hours) that create risk for the Department and the public and, therefore, add urgency to reforming and gaining control of the program. Taken as a whole, these problems warrant significant reform by the Police Department and a reconsideration of the purpose and priorities of the program.”

Police officers are believed to have earned a total of $6.1 million in secondary employment last year. The report also notes that the SJPD has not conducted ethics training since 2002.

Other items on the council agenda include: granting the city manager authority to form agreements with the county on the collection of hazardous waste; extending the contract with the San Jose Sports Authority through June 30, 2015, which retroactively includes $338,073 for this fiscal year; and beginning the process of accepting a grant to make improvements at the South Bay Water Recycling facility.

Click to read the San Jose City Council Agenda for April 17, 2012.

Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. You know, maybe if all the other officers didn’t have to take a pay/pension cut to pay for the brown nosing officers that got a spiked pension/salary a year before they went out, they wouldn’t need a second job.

    Now that I’ve come to understand what the root issue is, let’s see what trolls pop up.  Let’s cut to the chase here folks.

    When we inflate someones salary temporarily to give them a golden parachute before they go out on retirement, all the other non-brown nosing employees have to pay.

    What I’m seeing (now with a larger/broader picture of things, talking to city employees) is that there are so many other “DANGEROUS ISSUES” that are being heralded.  Terminologies, strategies, but in the end it’s just a few trying to outgreed their brothers and sisters who most times are harder working.

    The playing field needs to be leveled for CSJ employees.  Stop spiking, pay our officers right, and stop pilfering the salaries/pensions of those that don’t abuse it.

    Finally, if an officer is taking a second job, let em.  At least until this broken system of brown nosing golden parachutes is fixed.

  2. “The secondary employment program has lacked substantive management oversight until very recently,”

    That is a gross misstatement of fact, one typical of a citywide management philosophy designed to protect the incompetence of supervisors and scapegoat the supervised.

    Fact: the police department has a formalized command structure today, it had one yesterday, and it had one fifty years ago. Beginning at the top, where all honest assessments of accountability must begin, sits a chief of police who is paid to utilize his staff of commanders and line supervisors to effectively manage the department. There are no holes in the command structure, no lack of managers, no lack of “oversight.” There are only bad managers.

    The command ranks of the police department have become infested with obsessed ladder-climbers who spend their energies testing the political winds, maneuvering for advantage, and avoiding risk of all kind. It is no fluke that the current chief, along with his second in command and his predecessor, have careers undistinguished by actual police work—the kind that earns peer-respect and keeps streets safe. They represent the new breed of chiefs: proven followers benefitting from a city management environment that prefers its leaders neutered, even at a significant cost in efficiency and effectiveness.

    There is absolutely nothing confounding about managing the pay-job program: employers rely on posted officers and is willing to pay for them; the officers rely on their status with the department to qualify (they can’t work them if suspended, disabled, or terminated); and every officer is accountable to the command structure. There it is, the demand, supply, and organization—just as it exists in the private sector. To date, employers have paid without squabble or delay and the officers have made themselves available. The only thing the program has “lacked” is the supervisors and command officers doing the job for which they are so handsomely paid, this despite their having the ultimate hammer to wield: any officer who violates the policy (and there is a written policy for everything) can lose his/her right to work the pay-jobs that many of them desperately need. In other words, motivating the officers to adhere to the policy is pretty simple.

    Our police officers don’t need additional training in ethics. They know about right and wrong; the relative few who cheat their employers need to be terminated and prosecuted, just like other thieves. And those who work more hours than allowed need to be formally corrected by their superiors, just as they would if they were chronically late for court. No, where the additional training is needed is in the ethics of supervision—how it is morally wrong not to do the damn job you’re paid to do.

  3. Council to discuss jobs???  just curious , why is it that this city in its attempt to fill job vacancies, is advertising the very benefits it is trying to do away with??? Good luck with that! Over 100 San Jose Police officers applied to the City of Santa Clara Police Dept. 100’s of Firefighters are also in the hunt to leave this City. How do you expect residents to feel safe , while Public Safety is being driven out of San Jose. Many of my Friends and Neighbors have already sold their homes and moved to surrounding , better run Citys . I would be lying if I said I havent considered moving out of this city just isnt worth it anymore. I have lived here for 45 years and was always proud to be from San Jose , but these last 4 years have been pathetic. No other city has the taxs that San Jose does , No other city has a decimated Public Safety , No other City has lied to its residents as often as San Jose does , No other City puts all the financial blame on its employees , no other City is pushing for a fiscal emergency ALL the while Building a new soccer stadium and pushing for a baseball stadium ( that is not yet approved) No other city has allowed its Mayor and Council to destroy this once proud is it possible that all other citys in the county have been able to work together to avoid the issues that San Jose has brought on itself

    • The problem is the OBSCENE salaries/wages, benefits, and pensions given to public parasites (a.k.a. government employees) who are hoarding nearly all of the budget and leaving nearly no money for anything else.

      Why are libraries closed?  Public parasites are hoarding all of the money.

      Older public parasites are even causing younger public parasites to become unemployed because the older public parasites are unwilling to accept reasonable, affordable compensation and pensions (e.g. pigs and hosers).

      California Sucks

      • Claire,

        You’re so called “public parasites” are the ones that keep you safe in your home and provide you basic services.  Don’t like it then move.  It is people like you who drink the mayors cool aid.  Chuck and his cronies are to blame not the hard working city employees.  Get your facts and priorities in order.

  4. 4. “Pursue plans to develop soccer and baseball stadiums.”

    Are you kidding?  MLB has not even approved a move and the city wants to spend money on a ball park.  This is the same city that will that claims they are broke due to pensions.

    Lets see, Lee Wolfe, invested in downtown hotel, is getting his soccer field, now city wants to give him a third sweet deal.  Smells like a rat, he must have a real good behind the scene deal with Chuck.

    This council is a joke.

    I wish officers would boycott pay jobs for a month and watch downtown go to crap.  Of course they cannot afford to do so due to giving up pay raises.

  5. To all unemployed cops and firefighters,

    You are unemployed because the still-employed cops and firefighters are so astonishingly greedy.

    You are NOT unemployed because of “declining property values and property tax revenue, declining sales tax revenue, Wall Street greed, the Easter Bunny, etc.”

    There would be money remaining in the public safety budget to hire you if the still-employed cops and firefighters would be willing to accept reasonable compensation and pensions, which are STILL VERY generous.

    So, please direct your whining at the source of your problem, which is your astonishingly greedy “teammates.”

    P.S. The same logic applies to other departments (e.g. Public Works, etc.).

  6. Rob Johnson,

    I was here long before the public parasites arrived in the late Nineties.  Most public parasites feed from one jurisdiction, but live in some other wealthy enclave (e.g. Danville, Alamo, etc.).  The public parasites are similar to a foreign invader.  When a foreign invader arrives and loots a community, should the residents just “leave if they don’t like it?”

    • Ahhh you must be a fan of the “consent decree” that SFPD used to have to live under in teh ‘80’s – the one that said that they could only hire a person who had a San Francisco residential address. Yes hiring from within the cesspool! Brilliant! NOT! the crime and cooruption perpetrated by some of SF’s “finest” is still tarnishing that department. 

      Be careful what you wish for. SFPD is planning on coming down to San Jose the day after Measure B is passed here in the hopes that they will entice 200 officers to leave SanJose for the Greener pastures of SF.  1020-200=820???  That is how many officers SJPD will have if 200 more leave for better pay and a better pension.

      • Meyer Weed,

        “leave for better pay and a better pension”

        Thank you for proving my point.  Pigs and Hosers don’t give a damn about the community they “serve.”  Pigs and Hosers will go wherever they can get the highest compensation and pension even if that results in bankrupting the community (e.g. Vallejo).  After one community (host) is sucked dry, the public parasites just find a new community (host) to suck dry.

  7. “Some good people had a chance to talk and share their experience, stenghth and hope.  Thanks to SJSU and T. Christensen for hosting this cool event”.-Claire Voyance on the Mayorial gathering.

    “Selfish pigs who only care about their advancement, OBSCENE paychecks, and OBSCENE pensions?  Say it ain’t so”!-Claire Voyance on Police and Fire Salaries

    “To all unemployed cops and firefighters,

    You are unemployed because the still-employed cops and firefighters are so astonishingly greedy”.-Clair Voyance on unemployed Police Officers and Firefighters

      Well, you are consistent.  You absolutely hate public services, but slobber over politicians.  You and your ilk make me sick.  I am not a public servant, but your attitude is detestable and wrong.  Such hatred for the very people who make it their job to keep you safe is pathetic and uninformed.  The only reason I responded to your post, is that I dont think you know why you hate them….you just do.  Ignorance and discrimination at its worst.

  8. Watchdog,

    Someone else wrote your first quote.

    “Slobbering over politicians?” LMAO.

    Here is my list of most disgraceful persons in the world, (#1 is the worst) 

    [5] Professors who abuse their power
    [4] Child Molesters
    [3] Dirty Pigs
    [2] Greedy Hosers
    [1] Politicians

  9. Clair , your absolute ignorance is coming thru loud and clear. we get it you HATE the very people that keep you safe , that come whenever you call regardless of the situation , that will always come no matter how few of them there are. do yourself and everyone who has to listen ,to you a favor. Do some research on any/all major cities in the country , you will find that San Jose public Safety is severely understaffed and is the low end of benefits received. No City is the Country does what our Public safety does with what it has . They pay 18%  in to their retirement , regardless of what you read in the Merc . Also they CANNOT collect social security , their retirement is it . 

    One more thing , City employees did not steal anything! Get it straight! benefits were voted on and enhanced by Mayor Reed and the rest of past and present Council , IN LIU OF RAISES!!!

    Dont forget about the 10% TOTAL COMP give back on top of increased medical/dental payments.

    if this inst enough for you then maybe YOU can start patrolling the street or responding to domestic disturbance , robbery,gang violence,home invasions etc, etc…..

  10. Delusional in San Jose,

    The only figure that matters is “Total Cost of Employee,” which is OBSCENELY high.  The deceitful characterization of different components of the Total Cost of Employee is irrelevant.  All that matters is the TOTAL, which is OBSCENELY high.

  11. I eagerly await your response to these three points:


    Whenever I raise the point that Greedy Pigs (a.k.a. police) and Greedy Hosers (a.k.a. firefighters) receive obscene salaries, benefits, and pensions, a Greedy Pig, Greedy Hoser, or some yahoo always says “well, who you gonna call to come save you?”

    I’m going to call the Greedy Pigs or Greedy Hosers to “save me” because I am forced, against my will, to pay taxes that pay for the Greedy Pigs’ and Greedy Hosers’ obscene salaries, benefits, and pensions.

    Because I am forced, against my will, to pay for the service, I’ll use the service.

    I do NOT have the right to choose not to pay taxes and, thus, not to pay for the Greedy Pigs’ and Greedy Hosers’ obscene salaries, benefits, and pensions.


    Whenever I raise the point that Greedy Pigs (a.k.a. police) and Greedy Hosers (a.k.a. firefighters) receive obscene salaries, benefits, and pensions, a Greedy Pig, Greedy Hoser, or some yahoo always says “well, look how much professional athletes and other entertainers are paid!”

    I have the right to choose not to buy tickets, clothing, etc. sold by professional sports teams or other entertainment companies and, thus, not to pay for professional athletes’ and/or entertainers’ salaries, benefits, and pensions.

    Again, I do NOT have the right to choose not to pay taxes and, thus, not to pay for the Greedy Pigs’ and Greedy Hosers’ obscene salaries, benefits, and pensions.


    Police and fire services are a monopoly that the Greedy Pigs and Greedy Hosers have ruthlessly exploited to the detriment of hardworking taxpayers.  Greedy Pigs and Greedy Hosers do NOT need to compete in the marketplace to attract and retain customers (i.e. taxpayers). Worse, customers (i.e. taxpayers) are unable to “shop around” for a better price and/or better service.

    “Since monopolies are the only provider, they can set pretty much any price they choose, regardless of demand, because they know the consumer has no choice. They can also supply inferior products. They are also bad for an economy because the manufacturer has no incentive to innovate, and provide “new and improved” products.” (By Kimberly Amadeo;; source:

    • You do have a right to shower, use deodorant, and change your clothing. Please do all of the above because the patchouli oil and filthy body odor have soaked through your hemp tie dyed sarong and your dreadlocks are harboring sand mites.

  12. Claire Voyance,

    Go ahead and call when in need, but trust me, no one is going to save you from yourself. Anyone old enough to comment here but who has yet to mature beyond the analytical ability of a three year-old is doomed to spend his life teetering on the edge of disaster. I hope you’re not allowed the use of matches.

    I understand that tantrum politics has become a surefire way to attract attention, well-suited as it is to the media’s needs, but you should really just stick to screaming “pig” and “hoser” or whatever and leave the detailed discussion to grownups. Your post, your pride in it notwithstanding, is pathetic.

    Your snapshot perspective of public safety wages and benefits contains as much insight as that which can be gathered reading a job posting. Today’s wages and benefits—no matter whether one thinks them high, low, or just right—are the end result of decades of give and take negotiations, radical fluctuations in the economy, a changing job market, and California’s roller coaster housing market. Yet in your lame post you portray compensation as if it were the result of years of extortion, a laughable proposition given that their union and associations members lack that most basic of organized labor options: the right to withhold their labor.

    Your use of the word monopoly conveys only one thing: you don’t know the meaning of the word. Public safety employees cannot “control” that which they do not possess. An individual officer or firefighter controls only himself—he can work or quit; his labor organization, restrained by a host of laws, controls even less. They lack the ability to extract even a one cent increase in compensation from an unwilling employer or contrary mediator. All they can do is negotiate and lobby, same as that dedicated county psych staff that awaits your next breakdown.

    Tell me, what kind of “monopoly” is it that allows its annual wages to fall from 40% the price of a modest, local home (as it was 40 years ago) to 10% (as of the last year wages were increased)? And what kind of monopoly can be pressed into taking a 10% pay cut, then pressured—and insulted—to give up more?

    At any given moment the economy, like the weather, is making someone unhappy. How that unhappy person handles it is a matter of intelligence and maturity, and judging from your posts here, you are clearly in need of a pacifier.

  13. “Clair”-
      You are now an affirmed liar.  I directly copied and pasted your quote from your own post.  Game over…loser.

  14. Oh, and one more thing,“Clair”, I am sure your unemployment check and your Government welfare check make it to your mailbox on a regular basis.  I am also sure your unlicensed and unregistered vehicle is running just fine on the gasoline supplied by your drug selling habit.  I just wish you would exercise your “CHOICES” and move somewhere else.  Your typing is beginning to actually have a sound to it.  Kinda like nails on a chalkboard…..or the high-pitched whining of a little girl.  I cant really decide which.
      Strange how when assumptions are made in the other direction, its not really that funny to you, is it?

  15. watchkitty,

    Your writing skill accurately reflects your online college degree in Recreational Studies.

    The sound of my writing is clear . . . it’s the Sound of Truth.

  16. Claire arguing with you is pointless. there is nothing behind your arguements except hatred for people who are willing to lay there lives on the line EVEN for for ingrates like yourself. Do you understand that the benefits that City employees receive were given in lieu of raises , approved by Mayor Reed( for 15 yrs) & past & present councils.


    Please try & educate yourself! San Jose is the lowest in Staffing levels, In pay , In benefits compared to any city in this county. its public info , look it up!

    How are you going to feel when this Illegal Ballot passes??
    How are you going to feel when it is overturned in court, and the city has to cover all costs?

    Why arent you mad at the Politicians that created and fed this beast? I guess its easier to hate when you are not educated about the topic