Gonzales Endorses Bitbadal

A campaign fundraiser flyer for San Jose’s District 10 City Council candidate Edesa Bitbadal made its way on to The Daily Fetch website this week, and an unexpected name was at the top of the guest list: Gonzo! That’s right, former San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzales, who has layed low since leaving office amidst public corruption charges that were subsequently dropped, appears to be inching back into the political spotlight. Alongside Gonzo will be his wife, Guisselle Nunez, and Councilmember Don Rocha. In recruiting the endorsements, former Kansen Chu staffer Bitbadal may be looking for something more than the ‘open’ endorsement she received from the city’s unions, which meant labor likes her but not as much as Brian O’Neill, who got a ‘sole’ endorsement. Someone get labor a ‘sole’ dictionary.

H/T The Daily Fetch

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  1. I’d rather be able to read my elected officials.  Yah, Ron got caught doing some things he shouldn’t have been doing but..

    I’d rather have someone that owns up to their mistakes, than someone who can do sneakier things with a straight face.  Despite his mistakes, he had some redeeming qualities.

    The last I saw of the man, he was in tears on TV, asking the world for forgiveness for the things he had done. At least he admitted wrong when he got caught.  I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of currently elected officials that will never admit their wrongs, ever. 

    My stomach can curdle milk into stinky cheese thinking about it.  We’re talking beyond Limburger.

  2. She won’t get my support. SJ is still recovering from the wreckage Gonzales left behind. If she covets his support she’ll have to do without mine and many others I know in her district.
    What a way to start a campaign!

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