Two More Interested in Supervisor Seat

Move over Google, it seems public service is one of the valley’s most desired jobs. First, former Saratoga Mayor Kathleen King and Mountain View City Councilmember Margaret Abe-Koga tossed their names into the ring for a seat on the county Board of Supervisors. Then came Joe Simitian, a lapsed supe who will be termed out of the state Senate at the end of this year, joined the fray. Apparently, he wants his old job back while waiting for Anna Eshoo to tire of the U.S. Congress. And now two Cupertinans are supposedly interested in the race. The first is Kris Wang, who was Cupertino mayor in 2007 and 2010. She failed in her 2008 state assembly bid in between mayoral slots. The other is Cupertino Councilmember Barry Chang, who, let’s face it, is a reporter’s dream. Chang was willing to aggressively argue with almost anyone about environmental concerns he had about his city’s quarry, which earned him a written reprimand from county executive Jeff Smith to cool his jets. There are some are people who privately wonder if Chang is, in fact, nuts. While Simitian is still the race’s big gorilla with name recognition and fundraising prowess, Abe-Koga could be a credible opponent who can talk up her experience as chair of the county’s Valley Transit Authority board. Woohoo!

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