Margaret Abe-Koga

Mineta and Other Mentors in Local Poltiics

Norm Mineta will turn 82 on Nov. 12. His accomplishments from mayor of San Jose to U.S. cabinet secretary under two administrations are legendary. San Jose’s airport is named after him. But Mineta’s most important role has been that of a mentor for two generations of leaders.

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County Supe Race Loses Abe-Koga

Considered the strongest challenger to Joe Simitian in the upcoming race for a seat on the County Board of Supervisors, Mt. View Councilmember Margaret Abe-Koga sent a letter to her supporters Thursday announcing she will bow out of the race and throw her support behind the current state senator. That leaves former Saratoga Mayor Kathleen King as Simitian’s lone competition.

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Two More Interested in Supervisor Seat

Move over Google, it seems public service is one of the valley’s most desired jobs. Two Cupertino councilmembers, Kris Wang and Barry Chang, are supposedly interested in the race for a seat on the county Board of Supervisors.

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