District 6 Endorsement: Pierluigi Oliverio

San Jose-bred Pierluigi Oliverio works tirelessly for his constituents and is fully immersed in his district’s business. While sometimes too idealistic for his own good, his independence and intelligence make him a strong asset on the dais. Willing to speak his mind even when it has a political cost is rare in local politics, where compromise and backscratching can sometimes lead to lowest common denominator policy making.

He’s paid for himself many times over by driving revenues and reducing costs. Oliverio’s push to outsource park maintenance has saved the city millions, and his ability to get Measure W passed in 2010 was a victory for the city’s fiscal future—even if that measure’s goals have yet to reach fruition. Oliverio’s ideas on opening labor negotiations to the public as well as offering a 401k-style benefits package for new employees also don’t sound that crazy to anyone who works outside of the city’s employ. His best idea, however, was taxing and regulating cannabis sales. Oliverio was the first to see this juggernaut coming and brought the city a new, unforeseen revenue source.

Challenger Steve Kline has made this race about the community, but the issues he’s raised don’t inspire or sound terribly innovative. If he’s committed to community service, honing his chops for 2016 might be a better course.


  1. The Meyer received a double-sided glossy “Yes on Measure B” Flyer that includes a Message from Mayor Chuck Reed and Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio.

    “Paid for by Pierluigi Oliverio for City Council 2012” is listed separate from the rest of the sponsors which include “Mayor Reed, San Jose FIscal Reforms YES on B SVChamber PAC, some realtor group (imagine that realtors and Reed) …

    Anyway, The Meyer recalled a Mercury News Internal Affairs piece from JAn 2012 where IA said Oliverio had shunned the “Union Label” that is found on most Demo mailers prefering to use a non-union “small business in District 6.”

    Well Oliverio’s Measure B mailer FEATURES the UNION LABEL.  It is very small and blurred by the backround printing but it is there (Allied Trade COuncils Union LABEL” it says.

    Next to the UNION LABEL is the number 146 which belongs to company from where???? District 6??? NO!!! SAN JOSE??? NO!!! SANTA CLARA COUNTY??? NO!!!

    UNNION SHOP #146 is AUTUMN PRESS INC which lists two locations to serve PLO and MAYOR REED! ONE IS IN BERKELEY and the other is in SAN FRANCISCO!!!  WAY TO GO GUYS!!! USE UNION LABOR TO promote your anti-union cause AND support businesses outside your home district, city and county!!!

  2. In PLO’s bio, it states that his parents are retired teachers and of course must collect a pension from STERS. They deserve every penny.

    I wonder what PLO would say if someone went after their pension and medical benefits, or if they would have to pay 24% percent more?

  3. Hey PO,  I hope you got the word from Baseball commissioner Bud Selig telling Wolfe he might want to start looking outside the bay area for another home if he wants a new ball park.  Meaning they are not coming to San Jose so you and Sam, and Chuck need to quit wasting money like 22 million to inprove roads around the proposed site that will not be build.

  4. Same goes for Meyers Nave. Earning tax dollars from San Jose, yet not paying any taxes into San Jose, nor hiring San Jose employees. Smart move Reed, Smart move.

  5. PLO is so confused. His Cherry Ave neighborhood is overrun with burglaries, mail thefts, and car thefts and all he can talk about is how much he loves the mayor.

    Time to start calling yourself Peter again, and start organizing some more pub crawls.

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