District 8 Endorsement: Rose Herrera

The surprise hit was launched recently, with mailers attacking Herrera’s ethics, character and integrity. Problem is, the accusations all relate to two decade-old personal and business matters that have nothing to do with her record and performance as a public officeholder. Voters elected Herrera with knowledge of her failed and tangled business affairs, so that’s water under the bridge.

Other charges, such as Herrera’s role in cutting fire protection or raising water rates, were exaggerated. But with an estimated $50,000 being spent so far to smear her, voters may be thinking ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire.’ Even if that’s the case, her opponents don’t offer a better alternative.

East Side school board member Patricia Martinez-Roach and attorney Jimmy Nguyen (whose website oddly makes prominent and repeated mention of his community service as a blood donor) seem unprepared to be stewards of the city’s future.

Despite support from the Cortese family and a popular sheriff who doesn’t live in the district, Martinez-Roach failed to draw the Democratic Central Committee’s endorsement because enough party members had serious reservations about her. She serves on the East Side Union High School District, where a lot of wacky people get elected. She’s run and lost for state Assembly twice and City Council in 2000. She ran for San Jose mayor against incumbent Ron Gonzales, coming in third place behind J. VanLandingham (we know, who?) and 3 points ahead of Jose Posadas. The lack of practicality she’s shown in her constant runs for office don’t seem to make her a sound choice for a position that requires good judgment, like this. The union-funded attacks on Herrera, however, could give Martinez-Roach her best shot yet at a city office.

Nguyen, meanwhile, couldn’t even get a working website up until last month and seems to be using this experience as a launchpad to a school board post.


  1. Denelle Fedor

    Candidate, District 10 San Jose City Council

    Because you lie like Rose and Chuck and PO I would not vote for you either.  Retirees DO NOT get free full medical benefits for life!  Do the reseach, they pay for it, including doctor visits and prescriptions! Which adds up to thousands every year and in 2013 it’s going to at least double!

    Now with Measure B, current officers will be giving up 53% of their salaries, try living on that!

  2. She’s honest and credible and deserves a second term.  Thank you for the endorsement.  Don’t live in the district, but worked there in the past and know that the folks there deserve better than the weak alternatives offered by labor and such.

    Thinking Cindy Chavez should just run for mayor again instead of trying to pull strings from behind the scenes.

  3. you must be high or just extremely biased if you dont think Lying , cheating and Fraud are matters of Concern. Ill give you that everyone makes mistakes, and can even go one further and forgive. But how can you forgive a politician that wont come clean even when all the facts are out??? Be an adult and own your mistakes. Dont blame the “Thugs and Bullies ” for bringing it to light.  give an explanation and an apology.
    Rose Herrera has shown herself to be nothing more than a Puppet for the “Reed Regime” . Not once has she voted contrary to Reed , NOT once! Its obvious that this Mayor and Council talk a big game , “Sunshine Reform” , ” No Lying, Cheating, or Stealing &/or Fraud” , “Open Government” .They will always be remembered as the most corrupt Mayor & Council in San Jose History.

    just a few more lies: Pension reform,Ballpark,RDA,Fiscal Emergency,IBM report, illegal Ballot measure……she has helped the Mayor push all of these

        • And I believe that if you are a person of integrity you own up to your mistakes. you dont deny the obvious you dont blame others for bringing your mistakes to light. Rose could have very easily avoided all of this by just owning her mistakes.Instead she whines over the Facts being brought to light by others. shes not mad at herself, she mad at everybody else. The Facts are the Facts and easily verifiable. I for one will not be voting for her again

        • Robert,

          Are you also claiming Ms. Herrera committed a crime of fraud?

          Notice Mr. Robinson, a lawyer, still has not answered my simple questions.

          1) Is Sheriff Smith accusing Ms. Herrera of committing a crime?

          2) If so, please provide the penal code(s) Ms Herrera has violated.

          Mr. Robinson appears to be working very hard to smear Ms. Herrera’s reputation.  He should have the decency to at least tell us what standard of “fraud” he is using.

        • Robert,

          There is a big diifference between you accusing me of a crime versus the county’s top law enforcement officer accusing me of a crime.  The union campaign against Ms. Herrera would like us to think she is a criminal.  Mr. Robinson needs to step up and tell us what crime she committed, if any.

        • Steve0,

          I’ve canvased districts for Rose in ways you can’t possibly imagine.  I’ve hit just about every single resident.

          So no I’m not accusing.  You were just asking if fraud is a crime, and I was trying to provide an answer.

          Also, being accused is not the same as being convicted.  Steve0, I accuse you of jaywalking. I have little evidence, but I accuse you anyways. Problem?

        • The Sherrif is not the top law enforcement officer, the DA is.  But thanks for chiming in.  There’s a subtle difference between politics and law enforcement that some folks get confused about from time to time.

        • Steve0h No…
          Let me try and answer your question.  Rose Herrera was married to her second husband from the early 1990’s until 2007.  In her second bankruptcy filing, that’s right she filed for two bankruptcies, she signed under penalty of perjury that she was SINGLE, not married.  That is called perjury..you can find the document at:
          Click on the document that is labeled: Rose Bankruptcy CEO & Single.

          The other crime she committed, and this one is either attempting to hide assets in a bankruptcy and/or perjury can be found in the two documents to the immediate left of the document labeled Rose Bankruptcy CEO & Single.

          These documents are pretty easy to follow.  On Feb. 14 Rose and Saru receive a property transfer as Husband and Wife, because they are married….DUH!
          Both sign as the married couple under penalty of perjury that what they are signing is truthful.

          Then 11 days later Saru transfers his ownership of their house to Rose.  Saru as a SINGLE MAN and Rose as an UNMARRIED WOMAN. 

          That is unlawful because…….they were married, a marriage that remained intact until 2007.

          To see more current UNETHICAL behavior take a look at:  http://www.protectsanjose.com

          Rose voted numerous times on projects for a company she owned stock in…

          She fooled a whole lot of people Steve0h No, don’t be too upset.

        • Truth Patrol,

          The union web site accuses Mr. Herrera of committing fraud, perjury and being a slum lord.

          Neither you nor Mr. Robinson have answered my two simple questions about the fraud charge:

          1) Is Sheriff Smith accusing Ms. Herrera of committing a crime of fraud?

          2) If so, please provide the penal code(s) Ms Herrera has violated.

          As for the perjury charge, you have not explained how Ms. Herrera benefited if she intended to commit perjury.  You say: “…one is either attempting to hide assets in a bankruptcy…”.  Do you have any proof Ms. Herrera hid assets in a bankruptcy?

    • Rich you went to bat to keep a guy in business that beat me up over BS.  You want to keep cawing ethics?

      And despite your cawing about councils proposed regulation being “Unworkable” it was legally tested verbiage, mostly copied verbatim from California’s liquor board.

      Now Colorado has ratified legislation to, “Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol.”

      The election hasn’t happened yet, but polling indicates it’s going to pass. First in the nation…That could have been our accomplishment…

      I’ve compared the alcohol laws from both states, they all pretty much have guidelines. Don’t be a thug, don’t rip people off, don’t have a criminal record.  You have no problem campaigning for that kind of ilk, for a price.

      What’s wrong, Rose didn’t pay you?

  4. You sure SJI and Metro are no funded or in cohorts with SJMN?

    Just another view”


    Or check out protectsanjose.com

    Mercury News editorial was so bais it was a joke but then Chuck has this news paper in his pocket.

    Vote Steve Kline and NO on measure B, because this mayor is a flat out lier + 5.

    Just check out the last few posts.

  5. Reading Jimmy Nguyen’s piece on his platform, alongside Herrera’s boiler plate District update in the Evergreen Times. Its no contest. He is everything Herrera is not. I knew little of him, but her I see a man of measured reason, who understands the rule of law, and a collaborative approach with City Unions. Herrera on the other hand brags about the Tully Road/101 interchange, while at the same time, large infill housing is underway at the winery and a large site adjacent Pleasant Hills golf course. These developments increase traffic and burden City service, with entitlement permits that expired and could have not been renewed, in keeping with the overwhelming findings of resident sentiment during the Evergreen Visioning proceeding not to add large developments here, but wait until commercial developments occurred first.

    Herrera is part of the good old boy network of Chamber guys who disregard the needs of San Jose residents. Nguyen represents a voice of connection to the community, and most important, integrity. The incumbent is divisive business as usual, providing housing and jobs for the predominantly H-1B tech workers who will benefit along with High Tech from these housing opportunities. And lately supporting the myth of that massive high rise downtown residential will do much there with big subsidies for the gang of four’s handlers.

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