Who Is Shooting Random Cars Driving on Blossom Hill Road?

Someone shot up four separate cars over a two-month span in San Jose and police need help finding who’s responsible.

The San Jose Police Department on Tuesday asked for the public’s help in locating the person, or persons, who fired a single bullet into four moving vehicles. The shootings appear to have no connection beyond location—all occurred in the same southeast pocket of the city near intersections of Blossom Hill Road. Incidents occurred May 4, June 2, June 30 and July 2, all between the hours of midnight and 1am, and the closest cross streets were Poughkeepsie and Monterey roads.

Two of the four motorists whose cars were hit with a single bullet were reportedly injured, either by shrapnel from impact or the bullet itself, but the injuries were not life-threatening. Police aren’t sure if one or more suspects is responsible.

All of the incidents occurred while the driver was traveling down Blossom Hill Road, and the origin points of the bullets has not been discovered.

Officer Albert Morales told the Mercury News that additional resources from the department will be used in the investigation of the shootings, including detectives, special operations and patrol. SJPD is also relying heavily on the community for tips.

Anyone with information about this case is advised to contact Detective Bennett or Detective Perez in SJPD’s Assaults Unit at 408.277.4161. Persons who wish to remain anonymous can call the Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers Tip Line, 408.947.7867, or click the “Submit a Tip” link on the Crime Stoppers website.

Anyone who comes forward with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect may be eligible for a Crime Stoppers cash reward.


  1. The May 4th car shooting happened to be a friend of mine. He had owned the car less than a month and the bullet penetrated the door, interior door panel and into the back seat where his 1 year old son normally rides. Luckily my friend was going home from work and he was not hurt. What really surprised me was the lackadaisical response from the responding officers telling my friend to dig out the bullet and wear it around his neck. I was shocked when my friend told us that. Now that more incidents have happened and someone was hurt, San Jose’s finest is paying attention. I hope they find this shooter quickly and send him away for a very long time before more people get hurt.

  2. I always love it when they wait 2 months then ask if I saw anything.
    I think its time to load my gun again!

    • GO AWAY. Why does the SJI even approve your posts?
      Though this comment may not even get posted, as my response to EG was not posted on a story from earlier this week.

      Guns ARE the problem. The NRA did such a good job fighting for the rights of guys like Micha Johnson & Robert Dear & Dylan Roof to have guns, and now we have dead cops, dead health care workers and dead praying Americans. To be so flippant about needing to load your gun is disgusting. But be so happy and smug in your sick gun love. Not sure what your loaded gun will do should you be driving down BH Rd and a lunatic shoots you. Stop pushing the “good guy with a gun” false narrative.

        • You too. Delete your account. You’re obnoxious.
          Guns ARE the problem.
          You seem to have a problem with fear.

          • > Delete your account. You’re obnoxious.
            > You seem to have a problem with fear.


            Speaking of fear, I’ve been banned from MoveOn.org and TheDailyKos. The Left Hook won’t let me subscribe.

            Why do “progressives” fear me so much?

          • How, exactly do you determine that an inanimate object with no means of enacting will, nor, even, a will or consciousness can be a ‘problem’ of any kind. Why is a gun the only inanimate object capable of taking a life to which people attribute a ’cause’ of criminal behavior? When a drunk driver kills a person, we do not blame the car. We, rightfully, blame the driver. When an Amtrak train derails and kills people, almost invariably a human being is, rightfully, held responsible. When the Tsarnaev brothers killed three people and injure an additional 264, we did not blame the pressure cookers or common products used to make the bombs. We, rightfully, blamed the Tsarnaev brothers themselves and, by corollary, Muslim extremism/terrorism.

            In my many years as a police officer, I’ve had plenty of exposure to so-called ‘gun violence’. And, at the root of it all, a *human being* – someone with a heart of darkness and no respect for the sanctity of human life or the rule of law – is the perpetrator of the violence, not a gun, nor any other inanimate object.

            Why are liberals/gun control advocates so unwilling to hold ultimately accountable criminals, rather than a tool bent to criminalism?

            PS: there are significantly more vehicle-related deaths each year than firearm related deaths: 50,000 total, vs 32,000 total, respectively.

      • Why does SJI approve his posts you ask? Guns are not the problem Sal, its seditionists like yourself that are the problem. Its called the 1st Amendment Sal and right after that is the 2nd Amendment pal Sal. Now, how about you go away pal, say like Siberia or China.

  3. SAL,

    I agree, guns are the problem. You can never tell when a gun will jump up and start shooting.

    Funny thing is, those rogue guns are always found in the posession of criminals. There must be some sort of connection there, but I can’t quite figure it out.

    Can you help me, Sal? You seem to have the answers, so I’ll depend on you to explain the connection. And why is it that there’s never a rogue gun in the posession of a law abiding citizen?

    C’mon, SAL, help me out here. I need answers!

    • You too. Another clown. This is how you respond to death, violence, oppression and intimidation?
      Seems like the only ones using guns are ‘criminals’ but you are peddling more false narratives. The legality of the gun processed is hardly the issue, but something we should address. I am sick of seeing women being slaughtered by domestic abusers.
      You definitely need something. The tough guy approach is played out and dull at this point. Let me inquire before trying to give you answers….
      Are you are comfortable that Micha Johnson, Robert Dear, Dylan Roof and Adam Lanza (and more) had the guns they used to kill our brothers and sisters? Because all of these folks had great easy access to incredibly dangerous ‘tactical weapons’ we’ve got lots of dead people. Now, are you telling me you’re ok with and glad these guys had the 2A?

      • Sal:
        “Seems like the only ones using guns are ‘criminals’ but you are peddling more false narratives.”

        When one begins an assertion with the word ‘seems’, that is a clue that the ‘speaker’ is offering an emotion-based argument rather than one based in solid meaningful research and verifiable facts.

        That the media rarely sees fit to inform the public when a firearm is used in a lawful, defensive manner is hardly proof that such uses never occur. In point of fact, there are hundreds of thousands – if not millions – incidents in which a firearm was used in a lawful defensive manner by private citizens.

        As to your assertion that Johnson, Dear, Roof, and Lanza had ‘incredibly easy access to..’ Well, that’s just bunk. Adam Lanza killed his mother and stole HER weapons. The San Bernardino shooter used a straw buyer, which is against the law. Klebold and Harris broke the law to obtain most of their firearms and broke the law again making explosive devices.

        I could go on, but I think/hope my point has been made.

      • Sal,
        Go away your self, SJI thankfully believes in the First Amendment. I believe you should also have a right to free speech even if you are bigoted fool.
        Without the Second Amendment neither of us would likely be reading this as there is no chance we would still have a First Amendment.

  4. I wish the news or the police statements were a bit more detailed. “A bullet” is not sufficient. What caliber and grain count did it have?

    Example; 22LR is a standard round for a Ruger 10/22 semi auto rifle. A 22mag you’d find on a bolt action Marlin. A 22/250 is the bullet that killed kennedy, and has a higher muzzle velocity than the other varieties.

    Why is this important to tell the public? If anyone knows someone who’s a loose cannon that has any of these guns, it would make this case resolve quicker.

    • While you the right idea for thinking of “loose cannons”, the problem with releasing the specific information regarding the casings or bullets collected is that it taints the investigation as a whole.

      For example, someone comes forward and says they heard a rumor that someone they know might have been involved and owns/carries/brandishes X caliber/ X type gun. The detectives would instantly be able to eliminate the Suspect or establish some credibility on behalf of the witness if the caliber matches or some other facts and circumstances also line up.

      In contrast, if the caliber is released, everyone who knows someone who might be angry and has X caliber/ X type gun could now be tossed into the mix and complicate the investigation because the detectives have one less piece of info to corroborate.

      • Yes and if it’s a 38/357 you only have 100,000 suspects in San Jose.
        SJPD should have collected the bullet ASAP and logged the rifling imprint.

        I’m losing confidence in our PD, I know they are short handed but this response was what you get for graffiti on the fence.

        • Maybe the actual rounds haven’t been recovered, only the shell casings. And if a round was dug out of the dash of a car what makes you think that they haven’t submitted it to IBIS? Why does everyone think and expect police investigative steps to be broadcast to the lame stream media?

    • RMC,
      10/22 were chambered for 22 mag.
      Kennedy was not killed with a 22/250.
      Most of the loose cannons around here are registered Democrats, that should disqualify them from owning a gun!

      • Ahh you’re right. Marlin is a 22LR.and the mag is the Ruger. I got rid of all my guns (Sans a pellet gun) when my daughter was born. We went to the Canine method of home protection (91lb Chocolate lab)

  5. Gee, thanks for turning this into a gun debate when those of us living locally are afraid to drive BH. What would be of more interest to us is what side of the street – if relevant. There is no way to get from Coyote Creek area to Target & Safeway without going over BH overpass. I can take 101 south and hook up to 85 N to reach SW, but not even sure from this that the 101 on ramp is outside the territory. Not that I shop much at midnight, but the shooter’s timing could change.

  6. Oh and not to fear. SJPD has 5 units working District Xray on swings and at least 4 on midnights! SAM has a plan. Make San Jose great again! Hows that working out for you my san jose voter?

    • To put TheReliableInformer’s comments into context, District X-Ray used to deploy 7- 8 officers on swings and about 5-6 on midnights. Every other district is similarly short-staffed.

      • The necessity of your providing context is because everyone else, from the mayor to the council to the chief and the media, has made it their goal to blind the public to the true picture. Vague acknowledgements of staffing problems — when cornered, and absurd enthusiasm for Community Service Officers — when challenged for solutions, are all that’s been provided by a city government that touts its transparency and a newspaper that has abandoned its civic obligation.

        What has gone unsaid is a very simple truth: for years now, San Jose’s officers have been walking off the job the moment a way out appears, while the city has failed to replace them and failed to craft a credible plan to solve the crisis. Liccardo is failing the city as did his predecessor, proving that whether young or old, arrogance and ego are no substitute for competence.

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