That Jared Yuen Apology You’re Sharing? City Says It’s Fake

That “sorry not sorry” mea culpa making the rounds isn’t Jared Yuen’s.

At least that’s the verdict from San Jose city officials, who say a viral apology that appeared to be from the notorious protester-taunting SJPD cop is a hoax.

“Our forensic analysts have worked with Facebook/Instagram to have the post deleted and the account/user deactivated,” San Jose City Manager Dave Sykes said in a statement Wednesday evening. “The post seemingly was intended to be malicious. It does not reflect the views of the city of San Jose or the San Jose Police Department.”

The social media post has been deemed a fake.

The statement was made to look like it was written by Yuen, a San Jose policeman who sparked national outrage after footage of him smirking and swearing at protestors exploded nationally on social media.

In the videos, which have been shared millions of times on various platforms, Yuen is overheard saying “let’s get this motherf*cker,” and in another clip, “shut up bitch” to some of the protestors who descended on downtown to march against police brutality.

On Wednesday—a few days after become a household name for anyone paying attention to the George Floyd protests—a screenshot of an Instagram story by a user going by the name yuenjared began circulating online.

The IG post included a statement clearly made to look like it came from Yuen.

It also implied that the disgraced officers had spoken to SJPD Chief Eddie Garcia. “You’ve done stupid sh*t too, you can’t judge a person from a 10 second video,” it read. “I’ve worked very hard for SJPD. I’ve talked to Chief Garcia and I'm not going to lose my job over one stupid thing. It won’t happen again.”

Good thing it’s bogus, because that’d be a sorry excuse for an apology anyway.

Yuen, who has yet to speak publicly about the matter, has been bumped to off-street duty pending an internal investigation.


  1. > That “sorry not sorry” mea culpa making the rounds isn’t Jared Yuen’s.

    > At least that’s the verdict from San Jose city officials, who say a viral apology that appeared to be from the notorious protester-taunting SJPD cop is a hoax.

    So, did Mayor Sam kneel down and apologize for San Jose’s racism to the leader of the AntiFA rioters?

    I never said Mayor Sam could apologize for me to anyone for anything.

    Did anyone else give Sam permission to apologize?

  2. Every article .. ? Every single article on any subject you complain, critique add negativity in some fashion. You do understand that the comments under the articles are not intended to be your Facebook.,, most people who comment often are annoying but you are extra. And sad.. I do hope you have other people to talk to beside the people who comment on SJ inside.. have you tried attending some classes at the Almaden Community Center? When Covid is relaxed try that! I hope you find some joy. I mean that.. it’s got to be miserable to be so hateful all the time

    • > most people who comment often are annoying but you are extra. And sad..

      But, I’m not annoying to people who DON’T read the comments.

      You are in control.

      Just turn on the content filter, and set it to “FILTER EVERYTHING” and you won’t be annoyed anymore.

  3. “bumped to off-street duty pending an internal investigation”

    Exactly what’s wrong with the way the police conducts serious matters. We all know it will end up as ‘The SJPD has investigated itself, and found no wrong doing’.

  4. The video was 10 seconds of a thug chomping at the bit to get out there and cause mayhem and injury. The mistake was not as simple as a single action. This mistake was not just one taunt to to public he is sworn to protect but a prelude to chaos. Drug testing maybe ? If this manic dangerous behaviour was not drug induced then it is an indictment of why he should never be a police officer.

  5. The city said the account to Yuen. However, it included a profile photo not found on the internet of Yuen. Prior to the incident involving Yuen, the account had plenty of follows and followers. There was no way that account was created since the incident. You could likely contact Facebook to ask for proof of when the account was set-up. Or find out what Yuen’s actual instagram account is. Either way, essentially saying the account is fake without offering a shade of evidence has me thinking cover up. Why hasn’t Yuen himself come out and apologized to the public he swore an oath to protect and serve?

  6. I’m very confident that It’s not fake… I was following along very early with Jared Yuen’s actions and the information that was made public on Twitter regarding officer Yuen’s social media.

    Here’s why I think it was legitimately his account:

    Initially the account had several photo posted, but they were removed has officer Yuen gained infamy.
    The account had a realistic following-to-follower ratio. Typically bogus accounts follow many accounts but have very few followers. Based on these numbers, it seems like it was the account of a real person. Also the language used by Yuen in his apology specifically, “I have worked very hard for SJPD”, was echoed in a statement Chief Eddie
    Garcia. The likeness of their two statements indicates that Jared Yuen may have actually discussed the consequences of his actions with the chief of police.

    What do I think actually happened?

    This was a legitimate statement from Jared Yuen and the SJPD is covering it up.

    Thousands of posts have been made denouncing Yuen’s actions with little to no response from the SJPD. Within an hour of this apology being made, the SJPD was able to notify the public that it was illegitimate… seems strange doesn’t it?

    • It would be pretty pathetic if this apology is real. This guy has a UCD education? He writes like he barely made it out of grade school…

  7. It’s scary that Jared Yuen is out there with a gun and other weapons. He displayed behavior that he is out of control and a threat to the public and obviously thinks his behavior is condoned by the other officers around him which makes me worry about them too. If Yuen is not removed from the force, he will continue his aggressive behavior and some innocent person will be hurt. His out-of-control behavior would not be tolerated by any company in Silicon Valley.

  8. It’s even scarier how many crooks are out there with guns. Annual gunshot deaths nationwide are just shy of 15,000 and annual gunshot wounds nationwide are a little,over 73,000.

    Annual gunshot wounds in Chicago hovers around 1,000, and deaths 500-600, despite the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation. It looks like Chicagoan are much better shots than the national average. Most of those wounds and deaths are black person against black person.

    • Just like most of the wounds and deaths in McDowell County are white person against white person.
      Nice try, but everyone knows your thinly veiled “black on black crime” babble is the #1 racist deflection when discussing police misconduct.

      • Yep! And what is the point exactly? That shootings of black people in Chicago somehow makes black lives less important? I just don’t understand the point… I DO understand that anytime someone brings up Chicago out of the blue I can prepare for some racist nonsense to follow.

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