LIVE UPDATES: George Floyd Protest Blocks Freeway in SJ

11:30pm: Help wanted.

The view from Mini Boss, one of the DTSJ businesses targeted today by vandals.

A handful of businesses already reeling from forced closures and lost revenues now have to scrape up the cash to replace smashed-out windows and protest-related graffiti.

Thankfully, some folks have set up a GoFundMe to help Elyse, SmokeEaters, Mini Boss and other DTSJ establishments undo the damage caused by post-protest troublemakers.

“Our local businesses are already under extreme pressure to stay alive due to COVID-19,” the crowd-funding page reads. “We understand that riots are the language of the voiceless, but we can do our best to take care of our community.”

10:40pm: Shots fired.

A Santa Clara County deputy fired a gun around 9pm by Sixth and Santa Clara streets, which is where our correspondent Kyle Martin witnessed the SUV-barreling-into-a-crowd incident. Here’s what the Sheriff’s Office posted on Twitter.

And here’s the only other info SJPD offered in an email just now: “No San Jose police officers were involved. We will provide additional information as it becomes available.”

9:57pm: Chief concern.

San Jose’s police chief posted the following words of warning on Twitter, prompting some words of encouragement and a few pointed critiques about SJPD’s tactics today.

9:15pm: Car clash.

At least one person was hurt by the collision. (Photo by Kyle Martin)

Someone in a silvery-white-looking SUV just barreled through a throng of people. Kyle Martin witnessed the incident at Sixth and Santa Clara streets. Police have “pushed back the line and secured a crime scene,” he said. “Protesters remain at the line.”

It appeared that at least one man was hurt by the collision. “He was carried behind the line by law enforcement,” Martin recounted.

Another pedestrian was reportedly struck when the SUV reversed at a high speed into a crush of demonstrators, according to KPIX reporter Maria Medina.

Firefighters and paramedics responded to the scene within minutes. The incident was also broadcast from several more vantage points on Twitter.

Despite the presence of what appeared to be scores of cops from multiple agencies, Martin said the driver sped away while officers pelted it with rubber bullets.

9pm: Things are still pretty tense.

Our eyes and ears on the ground— Kyle Martin—just texted us with an update, saying sheriff’s deputies again declared the remaining groups an unlawful gathering and popped off yet another round of tear gas. “Crowd dispersed and came back,” Martin reported from Sixth and Santa Clara streets. “Gas didn’t move ’em for long.”

Protesters are holding the line, well after nightfall. (Photo by Kyle Martin)

8:25pm: Agitators stir chaos. 

A woman observing the post-protest commotion from a downtown condo window filmed a bunch of people breaking into and raiding a UPS delivery truck, an incident that was documented from various other angles on social media.

Some other agitator behind the wheel of a white sports car was filmed doing donuts.

And an SUV driver apparently ran over a woman’s legs, an incident that was captured on cellphone video by multiple onlookers.

8:20pm: Push comes to shove.

SJPD just confirmed that one of their officers was hurt over the course of the protest. Video of the incident appears to show him getting KO’d before getting whisked away to the hospital, where he’s reportedly being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

How many people were injured by police is unknown at this point. Footage from various attendees and media outlets show several instances of cops roughing people up.

7:30pm: Holding the line.

As dusk falls, most of the protesters have already left, leaving a massive police presence in downtown. Some demonstrators are lining up, hand-in-hand, to face officers.

Protesters are standing the line in DTSJ. (Photo by Kyle Martin)

The rally has dwindled over the past several hours into a few lines of protesters and cops clad in gas masks, face shields and rubber gloves.

The crowd went from well over 1,000 to just hundreds. (Photo by Kyle Martin)

7:20pm: Fired up.

The din of remaining crowds is punctuated by the pop of SJPD flash-bangs, police sirens and the occasional shouts of protesters.

Somebody smashed a storefront window of the old Hank Coca building. A few dumpsters were lit ablaze, including the one outside Starbucks on Fourth and Santa Clara streets.

Cops in riot gear are lined up along crosswalks. A Sheriff’s Office bus that normally transports inmates and weekenders just arrived with a cadre of deputies to help SJPD clear the small groups of demonstrators that are still in the area.

7pm: Ricochet.

Another update from SJI’s Kyle Martin, who remains on the scene: “These are the rubber rounds they shot people with,” he texted, along with the photo below. “I got hit with one that ricocheted off the ground. I saw somebody get shot in the head [with one], too.”

6:59pm: SJPOA responds.

The San Jose Police Officer’s Association has released a statement about the protests happening in downtown San Jose. “We are angry with what happened to George Floyd,” POA President Paul Kelly said. “But violence is not the answer. We implore protesters to act peacefully, for those thinking of going to downtown San Jose, DON’T. Officers have been injured and assaulted and this violence must stop.”

A day before the protests that erupted throughout the nation, POA released a joint statement with the Oakland and San Francisco cop unions condemning the actions of Minnesota police Officer Derek Chauvin.

“What we saw on that video was inconsistent and contrary to everything we have been taught, not just as an academy recruit or a police officer, but as human beings,” the statement said. “Reverence for life in every incident a police officer encounters must be the floor and not the ceiling. We cannot see any law enforcement or self-defense rationale for what occurred. We are equally disturbed by not seeing any of the other officers on scene intervene to prevent this tragedy.”

6:40pm: Gassed.

Kyle Martin in the thick of things.

Our correspondent Kyle Martin was tear-gassed while taking photos of the confrontations at Santa Clara and Fifth streets.

“Feels like I snorted hot sauce out of my nose and eyes,” he texted us minutes later. “But went away after about five minutes.”

A Good Samaritan brought him water to douse his shirt and wipe the chemical from his eyes, Martin added. “That helped,” he said.

Local civil rights nonprofit Silicon Valley De-Bug reported that officers were firing rubber bullets and tear gas into groups with kids.

6:36pm: Masked up.

(Photo by Kyle Martin)

Police put on gas masks after repeatedly asking protestors to disperse. Officers have been throwing canisters of tear gas into the crowd. Some protestors have thrown the canisters back at the police lines around City Hall.

5:30pm: Rubber meets the road.

Police launched rubber pellets into the crowd, striking an untold number of protesters. Assembly hopeful Alex Lee reported that SJPD also used tear gas on demonstrators, some of whom lobbed water bottles at the police line.

5:25pm: Protests escalate.

As demonstrators made their way back to City Hall, police declared the protest “unlawful” and began trying to clear the crowd at Eighth and Santa Clara streets.

TV news footage showed officers taking two people into custody. A spokesperson for the San Jose Police Department has yet to confirm whether the individuals were arrested.

On Twitter, protestors—Assembly candidate Alex Lee among them—said that police were shooting objects, possibly rubber bullets, into the crowd.

5:10pm: Mayor chimes in.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo expressed solidarity with the demonstration, but cautioned attendees against resorting to physical force.

“Anger and peaceful protest will always be appropriate responses to injustice; violence will never be,” he said an a prepared statement. “San Jose is united in outrage over the atrocious crime committed in Minneapolis and in sadness over George Floyd’s horrible death. SJPD will take a measured approach in facilitating peaceful protest, but there will be no tolerance of violence to our people or damage to our city.”

3pm: March commences.

Hundreds of protesters marched from City Hall to Highway 101. (Photo by Kyle Martin)

Hundreds of people who converged in San Jose today to protest the death of George Floyd—a black man killed by Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin—marched onto Highway 101, where they stopped traffic while chanting “Black Lives Matter.”

Many of the demonstrators hoisted up signs that read “I can’t breathe,” and “Justice for George Floyd” as they walked arm-in-arm from San Jose City Hall to the freeway.

Footage from TV news helicopters and correspondents showed at least one protester shatter car windows on the highway.

California Highway Patrol spokesman Officer John Fransen told San Jose Inside that it was “too early to say” how many cars were vandalized by protestors and whether patrol cars were damaged as well.

Fransen went on to say  that while CHP supports the public’s First Amendment rights, “once they go up on the freeway it’s extremely dangerous for them for the motorist and the first responders.” He advised the general public to stay away from the areas where protestors are congregating.

The San Jose Police Department assured reporters that the agency is keeping an eye on the protest. “Officers will be assigned to the event to ensure everyone’s safety,” the department wrote in an emailed statement. “We do not provide specifics regarding the number of officers and/or tactics that are operational in nature.”

SJPD Chief Eddie Garcia was one of the first top cops in the nation to denounce Chauvin, who was arrested today for third-degree manslaughter. In a tweet Wednesday, Garcia called what happened to Floyd disturbing and worthy of condemnation.

In an interview with KTVU earlier this week, Garcia said Chauvin—who kneeled on Floyd’s as fellow officers watched the life squeezed out of him—deserves prosecution. The SJPD chief also said he plans to use the viral video of the incident to train new recruits and prevent similar brutality from happening here in San Jose.

Today, Garcia tweeted about how he relayed that message to the police academy.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available. For updates from the scene, follow Kyle Martin on Twitter: @Kyle_Martin35.

Kyle Martin, Jennifer Wadsworth and Grace Hase contributed to this report.


  1. > George Floyd Protest Blocks Freeway in SJ

    This isn’t “news”. It’s theater.

    No one is saying that George Floyd’ deserved to die, or that his death wasn’t a tragedy.

    The main question seems to be whether accountability for his death should be determined by tribal rage or rule of law.

  2. Maybe THIS is a situation in which we should “listen to the science” rather than jump to our premeditated conclusions.
    Nah! What are you thinking you conservative racist? THIS is a time to be emotional. THIS particular issue happens to be one of those special cases in which we must ignore the science and the data and instead listen to what our HEARTS are telling us.
    Protesting lockdown BAD.
    Rioting against white cops GOOD! Really really GOOD!!!

  3. Bubble, Floyd’s death is not a tragedy; IT IS AN UNLAWFUL KILLING! This under mankind and God’s law. There is “tribal” rage when access to justice is not granted to everyone. These killings by law enforcement are the result of lack of accountability for perpetrators, KILLERS, with a badge. Those who want peace must fight and win the war. WHATEVER IT TAKES.


      We’re a nation of laws.

      If it takes putting you in jail because you want to exempt yourself from the law, off you go to jail. SLAM.

      If you think you’re entitled to tribal rage, and your tribe is allowed one free riot whenever your tribe is mad, my tribe is not going to allow that.

      Your choices are: contain your tribal rage, or get off of my tribe’s land.

      • If my lord Jesus have thought on respecting the corruption of those in position of power during his time, there would be no Christianity. When the laws are against public policy, they must be outlawed. Giving passes to killers with a badge is a law that needed to be outlawed long ago. Being put in jail and even killed for the sake of justice is a privilege not a punishment! Do not give up; fight! Every man is created but not born equal. The laws should be applied equally to killers with badge of no badge. Fight people of San Jose. Do not be silent or passive.

        • > Giving passes to killers with a badge is a law that needed to be outlawed long ago.

          No one is giving a pass to a killer.

          You, on the other hand, are making excuses, aiding, and abetting looters, vandals, arsonists, and thugs.

          You’ve lost you (small) mind.

          • Bubble, you are as always faulty on you understanding and knowledge. The ones that made excuses and aided and abetted a crime were the other officers that were present during the killing. They are the ones that lost their job because of their criminal behavior. I support people’s right to protest and be outraged about unlawful killings. As always, you add your two cents of words that no one used.

  4. Why this guy, Floyd was arrested for? The cop didn’t just stop anyone and kill them. I disagreed with this incident but burning the buildings is bunch of people trying to make stupid scenes. When all the businesses were robbed and cops were killed. Where are these people?

    • Huey…Criminals have rights too under the law. I am tired of these Trump monkeys arguing for application of law and science when convenient to their privileged status and political wants. If a criminal deserves to be arrested, police should limit to that and allow the process to follow. These killings of Blacks males particularly are too often. Bubble calls the behavior of the protesters ‘tribal.’ What about the behavior of those killers with a badge? What about SALVAGED? Fight people. The 2020s is going to be a decade of significant social changes, pandemics, and disasters. We all were born to die. That is the only certainty we all have.

    • There are 2 stories circulating about the arrest. One claims George Floyd was allegedly trying to pass a counterfeit $20.00 bill to buy cigarettes. Another says he forged a check. When he was arrested, the 6’6” Floyd allegedly resisted being cuffed, but once cuffed he became compliant. Not exactly capital offenses. He did not deserve to die for his actions that day. I haven’t found out if Floyd had priors.
      Apparently he had moved to Minneapolis within the last few months. He was born in Houston. His family and friends call him a gentle giant. Isn’t that how Michael Brown’s family and friends described him? So, it looks like we’ll have another round of national protests, many of which will turn into rioting and looting, which has already happened in Minneapolis-St. Paul, where over 210 buildings occupied by businesses owned and operated by people who did nothing to George Floyd were damaged and/or looted by a mostly black mob. Few if any of those rioting thugs and looters will be arrested. The press will give them a pass, too.
      Officer Chauvin has been charged with third degree murder, which in Minnesota is murder without malice or intent. Second degree murder in Minnesota is intentional murder without premeditation. If I were the DA, I’d have charged both second and third degree murder based upon what I have heard and read about this incident and Chauvin’s history. Let the jury sort it out after what is sure to be a lengthy trial. Unless they hire Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden to try the case, a conviction should be a shoe in.
      I do not understand why Chauvin’s three fellow officers have not been charged as accessories. All three could have and should have made Chauvin take his knee off Floyd’s neck after he had been compliant for a while. If they are eventually charged, you can bet that each one will claim he tried to do so. For 8 minutes unsuccessfully? I don’t think so. WTF were all four cops doing for those 8 minutes? My best guess is they were checking for outstanding warrants, which did not require Chauvin to keep his knee on Floyd’s neck. An unnecessary and unjustified death that will keep this country in turmoil for a while, and take the damned COVID lockdown and destruction of the economy off the front pages for a while.

      • JohnMichael, you trying to explain what Floyd did if did not is pathetic. What has caused the current situation is not what he did or not. The problem here is the behavior displayed by the officer. If he had grounds for making an arrest and the crimes Floyd committed or not could be argued and discussed by the system and process. The behavior of the officer is plain killing. If there was no video, Floyd will be another case of a Black male that ‘resisted’ arrest and died.

        • > The problem here is the behavior displayed by the officer. If he had grounds for making an arrest and the crimes Floyd committed or not could be argued and discussed by the system and process.

          No. The problem here is the behavior displayed by the looters, vandals, rioters and violent thugs, and those who are excuseing, aiding, and abetting.

          The established legal process will address the behavior of the officers.

          Those who reject the established legal process — you for instance — are anarchists and nihilists.

          If you want to live in a society with no established legal process — no “law and order” — you will reap what you sew.

          Lawlessness is a two way street. You may think “social justice” is a wonderful thing, but you could very well find yourself on the receiving end of some “social justice” — good and hard.

          Be careful what you wish for.

          • Bubble, trying to justify first event with a second event demostrares illogical thinking. The officer’s behavior was the cause of an expected event based on history. You have given many explanations but one for how an officer pressing his knee on an arrestee’s neck is or not a lawful behavior. It is for individuals like you that justify what has no justification that these causes and effects keep repeating.

  5. Law enforcement, in their riot gear, need to take a knee and chant along with the protesters “Say his name. George Lloyd”. THAT is how you bring peace, not with rubber bullets and tear gas. Come on you brave men and women in blue. Are you brave enough to do it? Are you really disturbed by what happened to George? If so, then actions speak louder than tweets. Let’s see you take a knee in solidarity.

    • > Law enforcement, in their riot gear, need to take a knee and chant along with the protesters “Say his name. George Lloyd”.

      Well, maybe.

      But law enforcement is busy just now.

      “Excuse me, I have a riot to put down and some heads to bash. Would you please step out ot the way.”

      • Bubble with the few comments i’ve read of yours, i can make out that you have some intelligence. So it surprises me that you talk like your some self-righteous law abiding citizen and talk like your above everybody, The way you perceive the world is really what’s wrong with the country today. It seems like you feel entitled to be able to talk down on people, so self-righteous and justifying where police can just kill and abuse people. So if your ok with it lets just say you forgot to claim income on your taxes and turns into a fraud case or u come home and catch your wife with some other guy. You lose it and assault him. When that knee goes into your neck, we’ll be sure to just accept it because that should be ok. It just surprises me how shty someone can be and speak on it so comfortably.

  6. Thank you Dr. Cody and our feckless Supervisors. Cody and her flu klux klan cohorts warned about mental health issues resulting from SIP. Now she’s made it a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    Lots of justifiable pent-up anger that finally boiled over.

    SJ and Santa Clara County are about as race-neutral as any place can be. Racism claims don’t pass the smell test.

    No neighborhoods subject to frequent stop & frisk. SJPD generally reflects the city’s composition. And a police chief courageous enough to defy Liccardo’s wishes for mask and social distancing gestapo enforcement. Garcia knows what it would do to the good community relations he and SJPD strive to maintain.

    Denied access to justice here? Name names (other than the white mob that lynched suspected Brooke Hart’s white killer in St. James Park in 1933 or the 2016 light sentence given to rapist Brock Turner).

    No, the social justice excuse is simply a pretense. And civil unrest will likely increase until COVID restrictions are lifted.

  7. The “mainstream media” [CNN] is just crap.

    > again providing no evidence to back up that claim

    “Trump says White House protests have “little to do with the memory of George Floyd””

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    “LIVE UPDATES: George Floyd Protest Blocks Freeway in SJ”

    > again providing no evidence to back up that claim

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    “Trump says, “Sun will rise in the morning”.

    > again providing no evidence to back up that claim

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Sara Cody says “shelter in place” must be extended indefinitely

    > again providing no evidence to back up that claim

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Expert says using hair dryer in the bathtub is a bad idea

    > again providing no evidence to back up that claim

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Expert says using hair dryer in the bathtub makes hair dry faster

    > a data driven study based on science

  8. > Local civil rights nonprofit Silicon Valley De-Bug reported that officers were firing rubber bullets and tear gas into groups with kids.

    Oh, come on, Mr. Silicon Valley Newsroom.

    “Groups of kids”? WOW! That’s AWFUL! It just tugs at my heartstrings.

    This ISN’T news. It’s AGITPROP!


    (SJI will probably get a “Pew-litzer Prize” for this steaming pile).

  9. > San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo expressed solidarity with the demonstration, . . . .


    > ” . . . but there will be no tolerance of violence to our people or damage to our city.”

    Ummm. But LOTS of violence WAS tolerated, Sam.

    And, LOTS OF DAMAGE TO OUR CITY WAS tolerated.

    And the violence and damage was the work of the very people YOU WERE IN SOLIDARITY WITH!

    Is the City of San Jose going to be liable for the violence and damage YOU TOLERATED on behalf of the City?

    • Double-talk is a skill Liccardo frequently exercises. At least until he decides which position will be most beneficial… for him. Portrayed here

      Let’s not forget the failure to protect attendees and passers-by from anti-Trump mob violence.

      “Where we can do better, we will learn and improve on our strategies, tactics, and planning with the goal of achieving safety for all” said Liccardo when the April settlement was announced. His commitment was demonstrated by yesterday’s vandalized businesses, vehicles, and assaults.

      Meanwhile he’s repeatedly demonstrated contempt for self-defense. SJPD ordered SJ gun stores shuttered after SIP. Not very smart. Buyers purchased elsewhere and deprived SJ of the sales tax revenue.

      Despite Liccardo’s fear-mongering, no uptick in domestic violence or gun crime despite a > 300% surge in new gun owners. Incidents like yesterday’s justify the self-defense purchase surge motivation.

      Liccardo proposed taxing all SJ gun owners to pay “social costs” for anyone injured by a firearm, denying business licenses for Federal Firearms Licensees, and closure of the city-owned, but non-profit operated gun range that generated money for the city. Allegedly to expand the ice rink, but completely unnecessary.

      He championed VTA regulations that prohibit transporting any firearm – including compliance with Federal and state law (locked container, unloaded, no adjacent ammo). Effectively, it prevents anyone from practicing to maintain skills who wants to use public transit. No other transit agency in the 9 county bay area imposes such limits.

      OK on Caltrain. OK as checked luggage at SJC. But not on VTA.

      • > Despite Liccardo’s fear-mongering, no uptick in domestic violence or gun crime despite a > 300% surge in new gun owners. Incidents like yesterday’s justify the self-defense purchase surge motivation.

        I was just wondering . . .

        Have there been any riots in “open carry” states?

        “An armed society is a polite society”.

        A few six shooters in plain sight might be enough to encourage protestors to use their words instead their throwing arms.

        • Well…I’m not a big fan of open carry. Off-putting to some, but the main reason is the potential temptation for someone to grab it. Even happens to uniformed officers.

          Open carry requires a higher degree of situational awareness and can be exhausting. Tough to enjoy a museum or a dinner if remaining vigilant to potential threats. Your mileage may vary.

          Some states with carry also have a 51% rule. Not allowed if an establishment derives > 50% of income from alcohol sales. Arguably that contributed to the massacre at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub since patrons could not be armed to defend themselves. Nor could non-drinking designated drivers.

          Tough public policy issue.

          I was delighted to see I’m unaware of any property that was torched or looted when so protected.

          LA Koreatown merchants saved their community during the Rodney King riots. Rooftop rifle marksman + armed citizens at street level. LAFD and LAPD abandoned the area. It was saved only by the actions of armed civilians. The surrounding area was burned out.

      • > OK on Caltrain. OK as checked luggage at SJC. But not on VTA.

        Another reason to shut down the dangerous, disease spreading, traffic disrupting, tax guzzling money sinkhole.

        More people died from coronavirus on VTA than died from guns on VTA.

        More people died from drug overdoses on VTA than died from guns on VTA.

  10. SJI, please publish information on those arrested and how they became aware of the protest. St. Paul’s mayor claims everyone arrested were from out of state. Could be 1 or 100 – no count or origin in the story.

    Likewise, there are published claims that white nationalists were vandalizing and torching to foster racial tension. Doesn’t seem plausible – particularly in the bay area. Maybe anywhere – can’t find a record of any. Nor evidence they are that clever or courageous. And that leaves Door #3.

    Anarchists. Sometimes called, “outside agitators” since officials are loath to admit some might be locals.

    Using Occam’s Razor, that seems the most likely. ANTIFA comes to mind. As does the 1968 riots and Chicago Seven – none had any connection to Chicago.

    The SJ 2012 Occupy protests were completely peaceful. Although illegal, SJPD didn’t roust them from city hall plaza, nor was there any visible police presence when I chatted with the protesters. Virtually all were local students when we spoke.

    Silicon Valley De-Bug appears to be the nexus of yesterday’s civil unrest based on Tweets and their jail car rally the day before.

  11. At the risk of being cynical or pragmatic – your choice, the question should be how much support will Liccardo loose?
    Not much from some Trump rally attendee bashing – he has nothing to sacrifice.

    But a lot from SEIU thugs and the Southbay Labor Council’s financial backing were SJPD to stop the violent assaults.


    (From ZeroHedge)

    “An UNSUBSTANTIATED report from syndicated radio talkers Armstrong & Getty says that a single source (in Minnesota?) reports that Officer Derek Chauvin and George Floyd knew each other from having worked for the same employer. Both, in the past, had been employed as bouncers for the same business.

    This raises the possibility that the death of George Floyd MAY have been the result of a PERSONAL grudge resulting from their prior relationship.

    Can anyone confirm any of this?”


    (From Zero Hedge)

    “Trump Designates Antifa “A Terrorist Organization””

    “Good! About time.

    Trump Designates Antifa “A Terrorist Organization”

    I assume that this means that the Federal government can start digging into AntiFA’s funding and uncovering their links to George Soros and his multiple cut-outs.

    And, NO! I’m not concerned about possible violation of AntiFA or Soros “civil liberties”.


  14. To what extent did MPD’s training contribute to Floyd’s death?

    Source: See 5-311 USE OF NECK RESTRAINTS AND CHOKE HOLDS (10/16/02) (08/17/07) (10/01/10) (04/16/12) at N

    A retired cop acquaintance said he was surprised that MPD allows choke holds: “the restraint used was in policy and it also indicates that training is given to officers on the maneuver. According to the policy, a neck restraint can be used as a form of a “non-deadly option” and is defined as “compressing one or both sides of a person’s neck with an arm or leg, without applying direct pressure to the trachea or airway (front of the neck).”

    “Chauvin was applying pressure to the back and side of the neck and not in the front and appeared to be compliant with existing policy.”, was his assessment.

    It’s easy to cherry-pick a justification. In reading the entire section, I was struck by conflicting language and how officers can get a pass – or get sanctioned.

    SJPD’s Duty Manual is freely available. It warrants a review to identify and eliminate any ambiguities. Something I would expect SJ’s Police Auditor to have initiated, but find no record they have. And grateful we’re rid of LaDoris Cordell.

    An ounce of prevention is worth…

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