Thousands Demand Firing of San Jose Cop Filmed Antagonizing, Swearing at Protesters

One video shows the officer smirking, licking his lips and rocking back and forth, looking a little too excited to be facing off with protesters. Another clip shows him mean-mugging in much the same way. Both times, he directs an expletive at civilians.

SJPD Officer Jared Yuen’s apparently antagonistic behavior emerged in tens of thousands of posts on social media since Friday, when cops clashed in downtown San Jose with people demonstrating against the killing of an unarmed black man in Minneapolis, specifically, and police brutality more broadly.

By the time a second round of protesters descended on City Hall the next day, the officer’s name was trending nationally on Twitter, with more than 30,000 mentions.

One video was posted to the Reddit thread r/PublicFreakout where it garnered more than 70,000 up votes in the first 24 hours (and has since been locked.)

In one of the videos, Yuen is heard yelling “shut up, bitch” at a female protester.

A second video shows him smirking at protestors as another cop asks the crowd to disperse. And in a third video, he’s heard saying, “Let’s get this motherf*cker.”

Since then, an untold thousands of people have called on Chief Eddie Garcia to fire Yuen and demanded answers from Mayor Sam Liccardo. Both Garcia and Liccardo swiftly condemned the killing of George Floyd and expressed sympathy for the public’s anger, but warned protesters to respect the rule of law.

“SJPD will take a measured approach in facilitating peaceful protest, Liccardo tweeted on Friday, “but there will be no tolerance of violence to our people or damage to our city.”

Garcia even called for the prosecution of Derek Chauvin, the Minnesota cop who squeezed the life out of Floyd by kneeling on his neck.

“These types of incidents are the reason why, particularly communities of color, lack a lot of trust in law enforcement,” Garcia told KTVU late last week. “It’s a reality, and it’s another example as to why that is. And so we have to work just as hard.”

After footage of Yuen began making the rounds internationally, people began calling on Garcia to publicly answer for the officer.

Some Twitter users compared Yuen’s behavior to that of Tou Thao—one of the three cops who looked on as Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck.

While some people called out Yuen online, others alerted the San Jose Independent Police Auditor, a civilian watchdog agency that has the authority to investigate an individual officer or incident only if a member of the public lodges a complaint.

When asked about the videos, a spokesperson for the San Jose Police Department said the agency is “aware of it and are looking into it.” No further details were given.

In a text message a day later, however, Chief Garcia told this news outlet that inappropriate behavior by his rank-and-file will not be brushed aside.

“Although I believe my officers acted bravely and professionally protecting their city,” he said, “I can assure the community that the behavior depicted will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with appropriately.”

In a follow-up message, Garcia added: “I wasn’t happy with what was depicted. I understand it was a chaotic scene, but we have to keep our emotions in check.”

Councilman Lan Diep tweeted out Sunday afternoon that Garcia had told him that Yuen has been temporarily reassigned to off-street duty and internal affairs will investigate. He also condemned Yuen’s behavior as a fellow Asian American.

“Police are here to serve and protect,” Diep tweeted. “During a national debate about systemic racism and the role of police, his provocations are not helpful.”

Downtown Councilman Raul Peralez, who still serves as a reserve police officer, told San Jose Inside that he reached out to the assistant police chief on Saturday after seeing the videos. He called Yuen’s behavior “completely inappropriate.”

“Almost all the other videos I’ve seen show a lot of professionalism from other officers,” Peralez said, “and that was not what was depicted of Officer Yuen in that video.”

Councilman Sergio Jimenez echoed his colleague’s sentiments and went so far as to say that Yuen should at least be reprimanded. “It’s certainly not the type of behavior that we except from our officers,” he said.

The District 2 rep—who worked for the Santa Clara County Public Defender’s Office before his election to the council in 2016—also expressed his support for the peaceful protesters who took part in the San Jose demonstrations Friday and Saturday. Jimenez called the march “a manifestation of the frustration generally with society,” and said he hopes San Jose continues advancing policies that make the city more equitable.

In a statement to San Jose Inside, Councilwoman Arenas said her “heart aches for the protesters that were exerting their civic right to protest and got caught up with the ill intention of other ‘pretend’ protestors that were there to loot and riot.”

“I’m sure it becomes difficult for officers to distinguish between both,” she said. “Regardless, I expect our officers to be professional and respectful.”

Mayor Liccardo—who originally declined to comment on Yuen—addressed the officer’s behavior at a Sunday evening news conference. The mayor called Yuen’s actions “particularly disturbing” and said “his conduct [is] in sharp contrast with what was otherwise overwhelmingly admirable professionalism in our department.”

Yuen, a Newark resident, was unable to be reached by press time. And the San Jose Police Officers’ Association, which represents Yuen, ignored requests for comment.

According to Transparent California, a salary database of public employees, Yuen has worked for SJPD since at least 2014 and made about $153,000 in regular pay and overtime in 2019 as part of a total $226,000 compensation package.

A cursory internet search shows that Yuen—badge No. 4362—is mentioned as having been party to an investigation into an officer-involved shooting, although he was not the one who discharged his service weapon.

Jennifer Wadsworth also contributed to this report. 


  1. hahaha

    so now cops acting mean is police brutality

    what a joke, good luck getting the union to even allow a reprimand

    dont you even have editors moderating your bias and desire to rile up the debug crowd?

    San Jose has bigger issues than Officer Yuen, like homelessness and evictions out the yin yang

    • > what a joke, good luck getting the union to even allow a reprimand

      I’m concerned the the opposite might be the case: that the unions might just zip their lips and throw THEIR members under the bus rather than deal with the bad publicity.

      I’m not a big fan of police unions, but this is EXACTLY the type of case that justifies their existence.

      I’m particularly concerned about the three Minnesota police officers who were fired for supposedly observing and NOT intervening.

      Just fired. On the spot. No investigation. No hearing. No being put on administrative leave with pay.

      Whatever happened to “due process”?

      “Due process” is the difference between civilization and mob rule.

      If the Minneapolis police union doesn’t do anything in this case, what the hell good are they?

      • > Just fired. On the spot. No investigation. No hearing. No being put on administrative leave with pay.

        If I perform poorly at my job I’ll be fired too, no investigation, no hearing, no administrative leave with pay.

        > Whatever happened to “due process”?

        Due process, means the same damn process for everyone.

        Police don’t typically wait days to arrest a murderer, except in this case.

      • I think the Minn union will fight the firing of the three officers in the background, the rank and file will demand it once the dust settles.

        It won’t even get there with the SJPD, this whole thread is a joke dreamed up by snowflake Evergreen State Grads who think it is a job requirement for police to be nice. Hell, they don’t even have to help you. Lotsa SJPD cops stood by and watched Silicon Valley De-Bug beat down Trump Rally supporters and no firings, no suspensions, nothin. But this rag and its “journos” loved every minute of it. Works bof ways…

        This just in snowflakes, Police don’t have to be nice, they just can’t harass you, and that takes some work to stop.

    • Because officers represent the government’ they are required to practice a higher standard of ethic and behavior. It is clear what he said and what his behavior display. SJPD has always been a highly corrupted department, Gilroy and Morgan Hill are no different. They changed their to serve and protect for to abuse.


    > Thousands Demand Firing of San Jose Cop Filmed Antagonizing, Swearing at Protesters

    “Thousands demand . . .”?

    How do you know?

    Did someone take a poll? What was the sample size? Was there “sampling bias?” (well, DUH!) What was the margin of error?

    Did they fill out ballots? What was the voter turnout? Did anyone vote twice or three times? Would you have gotten a different result if you had conducted the “vote” amongst a different mob?

    What is your point?

    Is this now the standard for twenty-first century journalism?

    • Officer Yuen seems to have shown very poor judgment. There should be an internal investigation.
      Did you check each and every one of those thousands of tweets you claim were demanding officer Yuen be fired in order to see how many actually were demanding he be fired versus how many people didn’t approve his actions versus how many people did not think he should be fired, versus how many people approved of his actions? Of course you didn’t, Grace. You just continued the increasing trend toward sloppy journalism where editorial opinion is presented as fact. You ASSUMED that each and every retweet expressed the same opinion expressed in the original tweet. FAKE NEWS. Get back to us with data, Grace, after you have personally read each and every one of those thousands of tweets, then tell us how many people really are explicitly demanding Yuen be fired.

    • Why are you asking moronic questions? Just look at the tweets and how many “likes” they’re getting.

    • Why do you keep reading SJI when all you ever do is complain about the reporting? On every single article ever written.. I am sure you would be much happier with Brietbart .. maybe join FB or Nextdoor or did everyone block you? Do you have any friends or family that you can converse with or is the only interaction you have is in the comments of SJI.

      • Yes, this! Thank you, Dear San Jose!

        Bubbles: Dear is right… why do you even read SJI? Just to complain? Most of your ranting causes the comments section here to have a high noise-to-signal ratio.

        • Unlike most, Bubbles has the courage to read opposing points of view, and that he comments on them in an effort to further the conversation and bring people closer together seems to be a good thing to me.

          • “in an effort to further the conversation […] bring people closer together”

            Oooh, that’s a good one. None of their comments have a hint of wanting to understand. (Calling people ‘snowflake’, “we don’t want you here”)

            I suspect I don’t need to give the examples to you, it might just be willful ignorance.

  3. Yuen sure does come off looking (and sounding) like a jerk. Maybe he needs more rotation in the crossing guard squad.

    He also appears to be one of them ‘bad apples’ you hear about. But you know when there’s a bad one in the barrel of apples, right? The rot spreads quickly. SJPD needs to neuter this guy, quick, before we taxpayers (you can see a lot of us in those same videos, the ones withOUT weapons) have to answer for what he’s capable of.

  4. People are doxxing this Asian cop because he was smiling and doing his job? How is that a fireable offense? And there were dozens of black and white cops surrounding him. Sounds like people are only calling him out because he’s Asian. Once again, minorities are held to a higher standard than other races.

    Please buzz off with this racism and focus on the real issues.

    • Did you read his lips and general demeanor. The others were not acting the same. There is a reason why he is on the news and the others are not. Being Asian does not make him better or worst than others. It is his behavior that is being judge here not his race.

      • > Did you read his lips and general demeanor. The others were not acting the same. There is a reason why he is on the news and the others are not.,

        I’m starting to warm to the idea that FEXXY might be a Republican troll.

        The Minnesota governor has said that he thinks “white supremacists” are involved in the rioting in Minnesota.

        Got it?

        AntiFa, Black LIves Matter, Revolutionary Communist Party, Trotskyites, and the assorted cats and dogs and vermin of the hard left are NOT trying to foment revolution, create race war, or bring about the collapse of the oppressive capitalist system in America.

        NO! It’s “white supremacsts” just trying to make the commies look bad!.. The commes are trying to engineer a “good” revolution, and the “whities” are trying top steer it into a “bad” revolution.

        I think the same twisted logic might very well apply to FEXXY.

        Is she a fifth column Republican troll just tying to make Democrats look bad by acting like a totally irrational, whacked out lunatic?

        Well, prove that it ISN’T true.

  5. This guy is a racist looking to shoot up some white people now that his Chinese ancestors think they’re on top again

    • Wow, Wow, and Wow, concern citizen. Racists are clearly displaying themselves in this tread. Anyone surprised why we are where we are. The oppressed can also simultaneously be the oppressors. In every group there are always those that believe to be better than others. This reality has existed since the beginning of the world. It is a learned behavior and passed through generations. Some racists are more talented than others and learn to hide it. For other it is just too hard to control their prejudices and biases, so they fully display them. Others are unaware of their condition or simply plain stupid. You and this officer belong to this last category.

      • > In every group there are always those that believe to be better than others.


        Can you name some Democrats?

        How about some black people?

        White people are getting tired of being the only supremacists. Some of them are trying to organize a “diverse supremacists” lobby.

        It would really be a step forward in the direction of social progress to have a vibrant, diverse, supremacist community.

  6. San Jose Police Department, Media Relations Unit

    201 W. Mission Street San Jose, CA 95110

    Ph (408) 277-5339

    Fax (408) 286-0923

    Jared Yuen Badge #4362

    Chief Garcia get the #BadApples out of the barrel ( off the streets) or he could potentially cause the spark on the powder keg igniting rage at your department. Protect your officers and the community they serve .

    Give him what ever due process he is entitled to. But get him off the streets !

    I have been involved in a formal police complaint with the police auditor . It takes months and even if the complaint is proven true nothing happens ( no transparency your letters will say confidential personnel matter has been addressed!)

    You put your entire department at risk by letting this #BadAppleaYuen tarnish the entire force . Why risk it ?

    Padres Unidos California

  7. Maybe if Mayor Liccardo would smile more, the rioters would realize that he’s really a nice, friendly person.

    If he would just put on his jeans, sit down with the mob leaders, puff a joint, agree to fry few cops, empty the jails, and put some white business executives IN jail, then we could all sing kumbaya together.

  8. Thanks to Grace Hase and San Jose Inside for the generally useful street-level reporting.

    The kerfuffle regarding Officer Yuen is a sideshow. The real question is why the San Jose Police and Santa Clara Sheriff personnel are armed and deployed in provocative and unnecessarily aggressive ways? Why the armored personnel carriers? They look, and increasingly act, like an occupation army, something like the Israeli army on the streets of the West Bank, rather than as peace officers in a civil society. These are far more consequential questions for the rule of law and human rights in a civil and democratic society, than the insensitive ranting of a line officer.

    The protests in San Jose, around the Bay Area and across the country, were ignited by the reprehensible murder of George Lloyd in Minneapolis last week. But that spark detonated a larger cloud of combustibles made up of urban poverty, mass unemployment and a revolt against racism in general and racist policing methods in particular. A deep sense of injustice and widespread economic stress in the country, compounded by unease and hardships brought on by the COVID-19 threat and the necessary measures to control and combat it, may well produce more–and ever more intense–urban explosions before all is said and done.

    Our Latino, East Asian and Black compatriots remain disproportionately victimized by disparities economic, social, environmental and health conditions. Likewise, poor and working class Whites suffer from the inequities of the economic and social system, including declining living levels and life expectancy and are equally incensed by the murder of innocent people by police officers. It is no surprise that the bulk of protesters in San Jose and in a number of other cities have been White.

    The disproportionate and excessive violence on the part of the Minneapolis police–and police forces across the country–should tell us a lot about the role of police and policing in a society rife with deep social disparities. Policing is more about maintaining the existing order, than implementing the rule of law or achieving justice in any meaningful sense.

    I urge San Jose Inside to keep the reporting and investigative focus on the issues–e.g. economic insufficiency and unnecessarily violent policing methods–that underlay and propel the public protests in our community and elsewhere.

    • > The real question is why the San Jose Police and Santa Clara Sheriff personnel are armed and deployed in provocative and unnecessarily aggressive ways?

      Real answer to your real question: because there’s a riot going on, snowflake.

  9. “…shows the officer smirking, licking his lips and rocking back and forth, looking a little too excited to be facing off with protesters.”

    Licking his lips and rocking back and forth is now a source of outrage? Nope. Destroying businesses, looting, stealing from a UPS truck, damaging citizens cars on the freeway all under the guise of a peaceful protest is outrageous.

  10. Video of George Floyd protest in San Jose, Ca. (Full Video) 05/29/2020

    Plenty of footage of the officer mentioned in this San Jose Inside Article.

    The Video is long but its worth watching to fully understand the situation that unfolded.

    Video’s don’t lie….

    San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia you should be ashamed of these savages you put in RIOT gear to protect the public.

    They where acting a thousand times worse then the BAD apples that where causing havoc from the public.

    This is poor leadership and it’s more then time for Police Chief “Pumpkin Head” to kick rocks and resign.

    • > Video’s don’t lie….

      > San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia you should be ashamed of these savages you put in RIOT gear to protect the public.

      The AntiFa savages seem to think we’re in a war.

      Reportedly, 45 officers have been injured. Probably more by now.

      Putting on riot gear to protect the officers who are protecting the public seems like a prudent precaution.

      The AntiFa savages have a readily available way to protect themselves. Turn around, and get the hell out of San Jose.

    • > How about a press conference and let the public know your officers did wrong? Nope…. Ole Eddie has already praised his rank and file….. (Fantastic Job)

      How about a press conference where AntiFA leaders and D-Bug, and the commie cats and dogs take ownership of their activism and admit that they were intending to cause violent confrontation and get people injurered.

  11. More footage from the front line that can help the public truly understand what transpired in the Anti Democratic City of San Jose.

    This is poor leadership and the buck stops with you Liccardo…. Are you even familiar with the United States Constitution?? Free Speech??

    You threw the first punch SAN JOSE and you better start acknowledging that FAST before things get even worse.

    How about a press conference and let the public know your officers did wrong? Nope…. Ole Eddie has already praised his rank and file….. (Fantastic Job)

    The public is furious and I suggest you get on the NEWS and start making some apologies….

    This is looking just like the “Great Convention Center Beating” when you let hundreds of you own citizens get beat just for their political views.

    Shame on you San Jose!!!

  12. “One video shows the officer smirking, licking his lips and rocking back and forth, looking a little too excited to be facing off with protesters. ”

    So is licking your lips and being excited a reason to be fired now? Are you serious? These people demanding him to be fired are ridiculous and have no idea what it takes to be a cop. I guarantee this guy went through hell to get his job. Maybe these protesters should look at how excited they were to loot and destroy small businesses instead of manufacturing false outrage to direct at an innocent cop just trying to do his job.

    I pray for Officer Yuen and hope he continues to serve as part of our city’s police force.

    • He said shut up b!tch. Do not worry Tim Wu, he won’t be fired. Other offices in The SJPD have done worst. Different ethnic groups demand justice until is one of their own the bad actor. This is one of the causes of racism. We judged those who do not look like like us with a biased negative lens. We see those like us less evil and with no bad intentions. These treads are very telling because prejudices and biases of all ethnic groups are on display!

      • I’m guessing that every poster on this thread would crap their pants with fear if confronted with what those officers had to deal with this weekend.

        10-1 odds with rioters hurling bricks, bottles and insults and you expect this officer not to get “fired up”?
        Once the crowd gets beyond the fear of hitting a Cop, it becomes a few hundred verse a few thousand in a real fist fight, maybe even to the death.

        If you’ve never put your life on the line for anything, let me give you a little advice, sometime you have to get yourself a little fired up to do it.

    • Tim Wu: he “went though hell” to get a job at the SJPD?! What? Are you suggesting that these guys are super-elite or something?

      • SJPD was one of (and maybe the) first to require that officers have college degrees. Believe implemented by former SJPD chief Joe McNamara Ph.D. .

        SJPD’s academy and subsequent probation period are among the most stringent. Which is problematic on 3 levels: recruitment, attrition, and retention rates.

        SJPD’s compensation package is below that of a number of departments for new hires. Many simply can’t afford to live here. That’s why you see the trailers and RVs in the lot across from SJPD HQ.

        The screening requirements are more stringent as is the academy.

        Those that make the grade are highly sought after. Many are poached by higher paying and/or less demanding police departments.

        There are really only 3 nearby choices for those that want ‘big city’ experience. SJ, Oakland, & SF. Oakland was (is?) so bad it was operating under a Federal monitor – maybe still is.

        SF is gravely encumbered by political correctness interference from elected officials. Morale is poor; they’ve been unable to curtail skyrocketing property crime. And have effectively abandoned homeless and drug enforcement. The three are often connected.

        Then there’s the SJ Police Auditor. Very few cities have an independent agency. Lots of complaints about former head LaDoris Cordell. And her replacement left within a year. But unlike most, we have an IPA , and they do a reasonable job.

        Read their report

        Do a ride-along too. Very enlightening.

        Then there’s the current chief – Eddie Garcia. He and I have some disagreements. But on balance, he’s probably the best chief we’ve had since Joe. IMO actually better in some regards.

        SJ lost its ‘Safest Big City in America’ crown years ago. But on balance, still pretty good. Look at the data.

        Does that make SJPD ‘super-elite’? Maybe – depends on the criteria. But if not, please identify PDs that are.

        • Nothing prima facie about this guy suggests to me he is/was a loser: played football in HS and attended UCD (I believe a pretty good school last I checked–my son currently attends there) on at least a partial track and field scholarship. So he must be at least average in intelligence and a decent athlete. It’s not super easy to become a cop in urban areas of CA; I understand that. There are qualifications that have to be met. However, I will disagree that cops have to live in RVs to survive–of course this guy was still living with his parents–so that wouldn’t be an issue, but he still cleared something like $200K last year so I don’t think he’d have much trouble affording something near where he works.

          But that’s a digression. What’s upsetting to people is that he seemed to relish the prospect of “getting it on” with protesters who he’s sworn to protect. The whole confidently bouncing around he was doing reminded me of some boxers before the opening bell–but his “opponents” as he may view them, are hardly on equal ground given that they are civilians–not wearing amour or carrying weapons–so I find his behavior very disconcerting.

          Part of these protests I believe are about the “us v them” mentality that seems pervasive with at least some police–the militarization of the past few decades has certainly exacerbated this situation.

          I think it must take a lot to be a good cop. I could never had done it. However, it’s surprising and disappointing that far too many of them like this guy do in fact seem to be very immature.

  13. Remember that the people opposite this officer were not peaceful protesters, they were committing a crime by impeding officers and refusing to disperse when commanded, and we’re committing vandalism and throwing objects at the officers. What sort of police officer do you want? A robot? This article And this outrage are rediculous. I saw the Twitter threads complaining, all a bunch of antifa anarchists. Gonna find something to complain about however they can.

    • You do know that the right to assemble and the right to protest are guaranteed in the constitution? Your police chief wrote on twitter that he “allowed peaceful protests”–he “allowed” them to protest? Who does he think he is?Apparently he knows as little about how constitutional rights work as you do. It is not lawful for police to “disperse” peaceful protestors, incite and then attack peaceful protestors, to shoot at peaceful protestors or to beat and use chemical weapons against peaceful protestors. “Gotta find something to complain about?” No, they don’t–the cops and people like you provide plenty. No one need find it when it’s right in front of them, spraying them in the face with mace.

      • LOL could you get it any more backwards? you’re a full on BOT man. Law enforcement workers are people too. There’s nothing to be protesting over. George Floyd did not deserve to die and there will be justice brought for his death. But protests across the country aren’t going to change anything. Who’s mind are they going to change? Everyone inside right now or at work is already voting for Trump. People are not going to change their minds, the left will continue to be outraged and demand outrageous unrealistic things like abolishing police while at the same time opposing gun rights and private property. It truly is a clown world we live in. Black people need to understand that they commit half of all violent crime and they feature and talk/rap and sing about it on every single medium and platform they have. OBAMA SAID IT HIMSELF, young black men are disproportionately involved in the criminal justice system and it’s not because racist cops. It’s because we have laws and they’re not choosing to follow them. America is not a free ticket to ride. You can’t really believe you’re able to do anything you want in life even if you don’t have the money to do it and not expect to achieve it through working hard. Almost all of our immigrant populations understand and learn to integrate. THEY OPEN BUSINESSES and don’t bitch about how hard they are oppressed. They are happy to be here, unlike every liberal cuck in the US currently.

      • Todd, Glad you support the constitution. Try exercising your Second Amendment rights – that are treated as privileges and opposed by Sam Liccardo.

        If there’s any positive outcome from the COVID SIP, it’s awareness about firearms. One simply can’t buy contrary to what many assume. A state mandated test is required, followed by a minimum 10 day waiting period (that got extended to at least 28 days due to the purchase surge and CA’s staffing problems during SIP).

        Illegal to open carry.

        Virtually impossible to get concealed carry from the sheriff – at least without political connections.

        Santa Clara County claimed your right was “non-essential” on March 17. It remains so.

        Accused of domestic or other violence? Firearms can be removed *without due process* under Red Flag laws. The cost to defend your rights typically far exceeds a firearm cost. Nor expect to get your property back. Unless an injunction is obtained, they typically get destroyed by police. Quickly.

        Basically, an invitation to swat others – since there’s no risk in lying. Filing a false statement is illegal, but almost never prosecuted, Frequently used by divorce lawyers to pressure concessions.

        Want to take public transit? Unlawful to have on VTA.

        Borrow or gift from your brother / sister / etc? Nope – felony. Note: a vertical transfer (between parent and adult child is OK)

        Live within 500′ feet of a school? Let’s hope no one sees you put what might be a rifle in your car to visit a range or leave on a hunting trip.

        ATF reported a 300% purchase surge in March as a result of COVID fears. The civil unrest over the past few days justifies it for many and will probably be reflected in higher May / June figures when they are published next month.

        And while I despise curfews, it provided SJPD with the means to halt thugs intent on pillaging, perhaps torching Valley Fair and Santa Row.

        Police have no duty to protect per court rulings. Could be due to danger – or a work slowdown as is claimed in Minneapolis. Even if armed, residents would be hard-pressed to defend their homes given the Santana Row’s design.
        Will be interesting to see how fears of civil unrest affect mixed use property appeal.

        What about free speech? Suggest you review the Schenck v. United States decision too.

  14. Wow. Just so you know, there are people around the world watching whats going on in your so called “leaders of the free world” country and are shaking their heads. The insane “us vs them” mentality and the divisive leadership in your govt is just incredible. The American Dream is well and truly dead at this point, in many places the police are behaving like an occupying army and the genuine protesters have got idiots who have come along for the ride to just cause havoc and to apparently loot and destroy as much as they can.
    Just reading the comments section here shows how much one bad apple can make thing look bad. SJOUTSIDETHEBUBBLE is hard to believe. Makes you wonder about people who have full time jobs online to sow discord.
    Your racist history is biting you back America. “Land of the Free” my butt.

    • > Your racist history is biting you back America. “Land of the Free” my butt.


      You’re right. There’s too much racism here. Even the AntiFA white people hate white people.

      You won’t like it here.

      Stay wherever the hell you are.

      • No worries there, I will be staying far away from the US as I can.
        I would like to take back that jab about sowing discord tho, seeing as someone posted about you having posted for a long time on this site. Changes the context.
        Good luck for your country, you gonna need it.

        • > No worries there, I will be staying far away from the US as I can.


          At least something that people can agree on.

          We don’t want you here and you don’t want to come here!

          I predict world peace!

  15. San Jose Resident, Firefighters are hire to address fires and police officers to address criminal activity and criminals, They are trained to do this whole demonstrating professionalism and ethic. Your explanation had no logic!

  16. SJ outside the bubble… you’re a smart individual with an idiots perspective. I’ve read your commentary for a long time on this site. no denying your ability to critically think (you’re articulate and sharp). I just wish you’d join the good guys and help us solve problems, you’d be a real leader, you’ve got leadership and communication skills in spades. Convert?

  17. Freedom of speech! No one was physically harmed! If any protestor can spit, throw objects and yell profanity at Police officers, a police officer can equally voice his displease of a protestor.

  18. Lets fire the cops, next thing you know city hall is a smoldering ruin as is San Jose, then you will all be blaming Trump
    For something the that started in 1492 or 1619 right?

  19. The AntiFA / Trotskyites / BLM / d-Buggers keep spewing from time-to-time about the plight of “the working poor”.

    NOTHING is going to smash down the working poor harder and faster than shutting down the capitalist economy.

    As Elon Musk said: “in order to have stuff you have to make stuff”.

    If no one is making stuff, all the stimulus checks and EBT cards from Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer aren’t going to buy squat.

    Even if there’s a thousand bucks on your plasiic EBT card, there won’t be a can of Rosarita beans on the shelf of your burned out neighborhood Safeway.

    The guy willing to sell you the can of beans from the trunk of his car won’t take plastic. He’ll want to be paid in drugs.

    • What a shameful, mean-spirited remark. We are #siliconvalleystrong

      Drugs *and* Bitcoin accepted.

      But yes. Those that allegedly champion the plight of the vulnerable often make matters worse. Just ask Dr. Cody.

  20. For all you “bad apple” cops out there, your time is drawing to a close. With what happening now, and with everyone having a video camera on them (including YOU!), you’ll start to be found out, charged, convicted and put in jail with all the other criminals. Get out now, make way for the good cops with scruples, morals and no latent hate in their heart. The thin blue line is getting thinner.

    Here’s yet another example of rotten apples, this time, in Atlanta. Two Atlanta police officers have been fired and three others placed on desk duty over excessive use of force during a protest arrest incident. (June 1):

    • Yah those Bad Apple cops. One gave me a speeding ticket, doing 60 in a 55 zone back in 1989 on the Cypress structure one week before it collapsed. I think I’ll burn down Oakland,……………Again!

      No Justice No Piece


    • There are a few videos showing what lovely people are doing to our cities and towns being led by people who you are not even aware could care less about you. wake up and think for yourselves. quit following people who are just using you for their own agendas. Have a peaceful march and show people you deserve respect, not being prosecuted for destroying something.

  21. Policeman Yuen suffers from SMS. .. Short man syndrome. It’s fixable with a gun, badge and protective gear. Looks like five cans of Red Bull too

  22. > By the time a second round of protesters descended on City Hall the next day, the officer’s name was trending nationally on Twitter, with more than 30,000 mentions.

    > One video was posted to the Reddit thread r/PublicFreakout where it garnered more than 70,000 up votes in the first 24 hours (and has since been locked.)

    The snowflake generation clearly needs some education on all the phony baloney that takes place on social media and the internet.

    Facebook and Twitter have, over the years, deleted hundreds of thousands of accounts found to be bogus, duplicates, fake names, dogs, hamsters, and pieces of silicon.

    And, I have heard of big internet or social media companies being sued by advertisers because so many of their alleged subscribers were fake, and the companies were forced to give back big bucks.

    A programmer friend described to me how he spent his weekend making an algorithm and a bot to generate and post fake customized comments to blogs and social media to hype his candidate, cause, or a click activated cash machine. “Easy to do.”

    Ever wonder how talentless doofusses get millions of clicks on their stupid YouTube vidios?

    And the great Rush Limbaugh has described his battle with malignant hackers who flooded his advertisers with thousands of emails demanding that they cancel their ads. Limbaugh hired private investigators and technical experts and they were able to determine that the emails were being produced by an organize group of about ten anti-Limbaugh activists.

    Limbaugh claims he has lost no advertisers as a result of the anti-Limbaugh social email campaigns.

    “But, there were 30,000 mentions on Twitter.”

    News bulletin: Twitter is NOT reality.

  23. > > By the time a second round of protesters descended on City Hall the next day, the officer’s name was trending nationally on Twitter, with more than 30,000 mentions.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if 30,000 people on Twitter say that using an electric hair dryer in the bathtub fights global warming.



  24. It’s scary that Jared Yuen is out there with a gun and other weapons. He displayed behavior that he is out of control and a threat to the public and obviously thinks his behavior is condoned by the other officers around him which makes me worry about them too. If Yuen is not removed from the force, he will continue his aggressive behavior and some innocent person will be hurt. His out-of-control behavior would not be tolerated by any company in Silicon Valley.

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