Health Officials Urge Protestors to Get Tested for COVID-19

After a weekend full of protests that drew large crowds to downtown San Jose, the Santa Clara County Public Health Department sent out a reminder today that the threat of COVID-19 is still very much a clear and present danger.

“The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department recognizes that peaceful protest in response to the pain, anger and mourning due to deeply rooted inequities and systemic racism is a fundamental right that is critical to the health of our democracy,” a news release sent to reporters read. “We urge those engaging in peaceful protest to keep their own health and that of others in mind by following important practices, such as using face coverings and, to the extent possible, maintaining social distancing.”

In addition to risking contagion from the crowd, protesters who got detained or arrested were also exposed to a number of cops who wore no masks or gloves.

The county urges anyone who participated in the protests or other large gatherings over the weekend to watch for symptoms and get tested within three to five days of potential exposure. Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, loss of taste or smell, vomiting and diarrhea. The county has a number of free testing sites

Earlier this month, the county opened new testing sites in East San Jose in response to the high concentration of cases in that area. Alphabet-owned Verily is running testing centers at the PAL Stadium and the county fairgrounds that allow individuals to administer their own test by swabbing their nose for 10 seconds in each nostril.

There are also two other appointment-only self-testing sites located at James Lick High in San Jose and Christopher High in Gilroy.

To make an appointment, residents can visit or call 2-1-1.


  1. Had one of those odd paranoid thoughts the other day…

    So some municipalities outlawed masks at protests because of anti fa. Now every one is required to wear a mask because of covid, even anti fa.

    I mean, it would probably make really good fiction. A psyops organization that wishes to remain masked releases a virus to make sure being masked is the law.

    • That isn’t paranoia, that’s the irony of life in our 21st century. Paranoia would be thinking they want to inoculate protesters for scientific research, as in the Tuskegee syphilis study.

  2. Yes – do get tested. And discover that our Public Health high priestess, fear-mongering fraudster Sara Cody, has lost all credibility. She’s cost thousands of jobs, cost our Santa Clara County’s economy well over $32 billion, and plunged local and county government finances in massive debt.

    The results may be positive. So what?

    Most won’t develop symptoms – particularly in the demonstrators age group. How many will likely be asymptomatic? At least 90% in the general population. Given the younger, protester demographic, the high end estimate of 99% seems more likely.

    Were such concerns justified, many of the 2,000+ demonstrators at the May 23rd Sacramento Open California rally would be on ventilators or buried. The world population would be plummeting given all the social distancing violations with the return of summer.

    The civil unrest we’ve seen around our nature is a reaction to COVID police state behavior. Floyd’s death simply ignited the fuse of tinder-box resentment.

    Long past time for the Board of Supervisors to instruct CEO Jeff Smith to remover her. Or remove him. Let’s get back to work, to school, and on with our lives.

    • Cody is clinging desperately to her ruinous actions, which have been based upon models and predictions that have all been proven to be vastly overstated. She simply cannot admit she was wrong and overreacted, despite the fact that the 98% rate of those infected getting well with no medical intervention has remained constant; and the additional fact of the high rate of people with COVID who are asymptomatic. Her foolhardy panicked reactions are worthy of a large protest march, with torches and pitchforks. Her hubris and stubborn refusal to admit her errors are far more dangerous than COVID. She has single handedly put a stake in the heart of our economy, and Jeff Smith and the gulliberal supervisors just follow along like so many sheep.

  3. Lock up the store keepers, Turn the bad guys loose to reek havoc on our cities, then have our politicians blame someone else for the end result.

    News Flash, Let them all die!

    • if only this comment could be the subject of these articles…

      destroy small businesses
      try to destroy landlords with rent suppression
      arrest moms in the park and people at the beach

      cheer on thugs looting Target, burning it all down,

      no justice no peace

      what an absolute joke

      • It’s a sick joke, and you described our viceroy perfectly. Tonight’s headline — Newsom to protesters: “Your rage is real. Express it so that we can hear it.” He couldn’t hear shop owners, barbers, bartenders, landlords, or would-be beachgoers. Their rage wasn’t real.

        • > Newsom to protesters: “Your rage is real. Express it so that we can hear it.”

          Has Newsom done the kneeling thing yet?

          What’s taking so long?

          Standing instead of kneeling is proof of white supremacism.

  4. I don’t want to unfairly blame Democrats for the AntiFA riots.

    I want blame them FAIRLY.

    So, what is a FAIR estimate of the percent of local Democrats who support and approve of the AntiFA demonstrations/lprotests/riots/quiilting bees?

    • Does Liccardo’s taking a knee count?

      Whoops – silly me. Of course not. It’s all show business for Sam. Like the Education initiative launched during his last campaign – only to mysteriously evaporate after he won. But the staged photo op with kids was beautifully photographed.

  5. In SF Breed releases real criminals from jail so the real criminals don’t get COVID. Then the cops arrest peaceful citizens who violate the BS curfew. And the snowflake gulliberals are down with that.

  6. > Health Officials Urge Protestors to Get Tested for COVID-19

    And also, cops should be careful to wear latex gloves when handling any of the stolen loot recovered from the protesters.

    • Oh no! The cops confiscated all their Christmas presents? So, in December we can expect some whiney column from one of the SJI writers about how all these poor looters cannot afford to buy Christmas presents for their

    • Oh great, the “county health officials” expect the people in the east side to self-test. What could possibly go wrong with the people with the highest high school dropout rate in the county self testing?

    • Are health officials urging the rioters and the looters to get tested? Or do they not differentiate between peaceful protesters and the rioters and looters?

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