Sharks Captain Logan Couture Claims He Was ‘Sucker Punched’ for Saying He’d Vote Republican

Logan Couture is at the center of a social media storm.

It all started when the Sharks captain claimed on Twitter that someone “sucker punched” him for talking about Donald Trump and saying he’d vote Republican if he could.

“I spent last night in Toronto Ontario,” 31-year-old Couture, who is Canadian, wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “I talked about voting for the Republican Party, and I mentioned Donald Trump by name. I was sucker punched. Is this really what we are coming to? If you vote you are a villain? Man this world is so wrong.”

The tweet that started it all.

Then, confusingly, he said in another tweet that he was punched for “saying my dad was a police officer and I ‘would’ if I could vote Republican.”

Evidently dismayed by his words being picked apart, he posted a lengthier message about how he should never have delved into politics on the social media platform and how he “did not believe in supporting Donald Trump.”

“I regret the decision to make this incident public,” Couture wrote.

The star athlete then apologized to his team and his family for stressing them out.

“I hold myself to a high standard and I apologize for any of my comments that were poorly worded and do not reflect my true feelings or beliefs,” he added.

By late afternoon Wednesday, the apologetic Twitter post had elicited 730 comments, been retweeted 534 times and received 1.3-plus million likes. Couture’s initial Tweet racked up a whopping 11,500 retweets and 32.9 million likes before he deleted it.

With Couture’s comments sending the Twitterverse into a frenzy, the Sharks organization seemingly had no choice but to say something on the matter.

“The San Jose Sharks organization is aware of the incident that occurred on the evening of Aug. 25 in which Logan Couture was assaulted in Toronto,” the organization said today in a press release. “We are thankful that he was not seriously hurt and unequivocally denounce physical attacks or abuse on anyone under any circumstances.”

Couture, for his part, said he’ll keep his politics to himself from now on.

Couture, the ninth overall selection in the 2007 Draft, is one of the franchise’s all-time great players, having spent his entire career in a Sharks uniform.


  1. Oh jeez

    What a pathetic joke

    he is the President of the United States, possibly twice

    You will have to come to terms with it

  2. “Wokeness” is intolerance, which leads to violence, which suppresses differences of opinion, which makes “democracy” pointless and irrelevant.

    What does Logan Couture REALLY think about Donald Trump?

    We don’t know. And we’ll never be able to believe any opinion he gives us.

  3. “Wokeness” may be the blessing in disguise that eventually awakens the sleeping giant of the “Don’t Tread On Me” American spirit — the only thing that can keep us from falling under the totalitarian boot.

  4. Logan Couture learned the lesson that’s hammered home in America day in and day out:
    If you’re a conservative and you don’t want your life to be destroyed, keep your opinions to yourself.

  5. “That being said. The reason the world has come to this is because of the Republican Party.”

    I think this statement says it all.

  6. The left has no idea how deep the Trump under currents run… 2020 will make Hillary’s loss look like baby food!

  7. To be a conservative in America is to face constant oppression. We thought that by electing Donald Trump things would change for us, yet here we are… Charlottesville, Gilroy, Kenosha, conservative men hunted down by ethnics, and liberals… not even the police can protect our men from being assaulted for demonstrating our God given supremacy :( This would never happen in the “John Wayne” days when we were free to express ourselves, defend our freedom against aggression from natives and other ethnics, and America was GREAT.
    We need to protect affirmative action– like legacy admission, so that racist ethnic families don’t replace us in schools and jobs, and we can keep our money in the community. We need diversity and equity training so that we are not discriminated against in the classroom and workplace. We need criminal justice reform so that PATRIOTS are no longer presumed guilty, have their rights protected, and are given DUE PROCESS!! Something the liberal mob seems to know nothing about!!

  8. No Logan you’re wrong. Shutting up isn’t the answer.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    Edmund Burke

  9. I am extremely disappointed to hear that the captain of the Sharks is a Trump supporter, which he clearly is based on his first post, even if he later tried to walk it back. Trump has shown us enough of who he is that we all know what it means to support Trump at this point, and now Couture has shown us all who he really is. I have never wanted to be a supporter of “cancel culture,” but it goes completely against my values to support a team headed by a man who not only sees authoritarian fascism as a normal ideology in American politics, but actively supports it. Sharks can have my support and my money back when this guy is gone.

  10. @Don’t Be a Collaborator (or an explainer)
    Of course we all know what it means to support Trump, and recognize the current administration’s authoritarian fascism (as opposed to the persuasive type). How could we not? It is the progressive message. It is the media’s message. It is the message, it is the message, therefor it must be the truth.
    We all await more messages, lest we fall into collective cognitive neutral.

  11. The photo says it all. They’s a white supreme racist who ought to go back where they came from and join Justin Trudeau to practice the sport they stole from indigenous people on which they capitalized.

  12. Mx Vaquero,

    I stand with you, justice finally served. I am so happy blacks are taking back their stolen sports like basketball and football, and baseball is being returned to its true owner, the Dominicans.

    No justice, no peace
    No justice, no dunks
    No justice, no peace
    No justice, no picks
    No justice, no peace
    No justice, no…

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