San Jose Woman Arrested on Suspicion of Plowing SUV into Crowd of Protesters

A woman accused of ramming an SUV into a throng of demonstrators in San Jose has been booked into Elmwood Correctional Facility on suspicion of attempted murder.

Bianca Orozco's mug shot.

Police say that at 9:06pm Friday, 26-year-old Bianca Orozco plowed a gray Dodge Durango through a crowd at Sixth and Santa Clara streets. The gathering was part of a daylong protest against the death of George Floyd—an unarmed black man killed this week by Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin.

Authorities say the collision struck at least two people, who were rushed away by ambulance as onlookers screamed in horror.

“Several protesters jumped out of the way to avoid being struck by the suspect vehicle,”SJPD wrote in a news release today. “The deputy saw the same vehicle make a U-turn and drive back toward the crowd. At this point, the deputy saw the suspect vehicle reverse at a high rate of speed and run over two adult male victims.”

Deputies from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office said they believe Orozco intentionally tried to run people over.

After she reversed her SUV and then turned toward protestors and police to run them over again. A deputy fired his handgun at the vehicle, according to the SJPD press release, “to stop the imminent threat.”

Maria Medina, of KPIX Channel 5, caught the incident on video.

Orozco drove off, but an officer was reportedly able to document her license plate number. The woman was arrested a day later at her San Jose home, authorities said.

The two victims, whose identifies were withheld, have since been discharged from the hospital, where they were both treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Orozco, who was denied bail, is scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the SJPD Homicide Unit is asking for anyone with information about the incident to contact detectives Sgt. Isidro Bagon or Ramon Sanchez at 408.277.5283. Those who wish to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers instead at 408.947.7867.

The driver evaded capture, despite a massive police presence at the Friday night demonstration. A day later, SJPD announced that they had apprehended a suspect. (Photo by Kyle Martin)


  1. I saw the video. It was chaos. People jumping on the hood of her car. I’m sure she was terrified. We all respond differently when there’s danger. Fight or flight. I wouldn’t wait around to be another Reginald Denny.

    • 100% Agree. These are not peaceful protest. It looks to me like she was getting out of the area after people were throwing things at her car.

      I hope the people that got ran over are okay as well.

  2. Oh Dear! This can’t be accurate.

    It can’t be a woman. It can’t be a person of color. It can’t be anyone except a white male nationalist brandishing a confederate flag. Nope – mistaken identity.

    Surely SV Debug’s GOFUNDME bail campaign for protest arrestees will come to her aid plus more violence to demand her freedom from a racist, unjust system.

  3. > The gathering was part of a daylong protest against the death of George Floyd— . . .

    A “protest”? ? ? ?

    45 police officers injured, one unconscious in the hospital?

    That’s not a “protest”, that’s a R-I-O-T!

    Pronounced “rye yacht”.

    The reason everyone thinks the news is all fake is that the political class and their media enablers CAN’T tell the truth about anything.

  4. Taxpayer, you are displaying ignorance again and again. The oppressed can also be the oppressor. Racism and discrimination are learned behaviors. Racism is passed through generations. It exists in every culture and ethnic group. The white male and male privilege is not a fantasy though; it is created history and evidence.

    • > Racism and discrimination are learned behaviors. Racism is passed through generations. It exists in every culture and ethnic group.

      You’re without doubt an expert in racism. Your mother must be very proud.

    • I’m keeping an open mind about the incident at this point. Important to remember Ferguson MO (which has re-ignited in civil unrest). Conflicting accounts, claims and counter claims. But when the dust settled, the DOJ concluded Wilson’s shooting was justified. Sad, but justified.

      I can understand how in a moment of panic, someone reacts unwisely. Ditto for a protestor putting themselves in harms way.

      “Racism and discrimination are learned behaviors”

      AFAIK, the jury is still out on that point. Evolutionary biologists, cultural anthropologist, and probably some other arcane specialties debate what’s learned v. innate. Usually termed the ‘nature v. nurture’ debate.

      Likewise privilege is situational and has been the norm for most of recorded history. Egalitarianism is a fairly new concept – began only about 270 years ago and still evolving: do we want equal outcomes or equal opportunity? That’s just one aspect of egalitarianism.

      Ignorant? Absolutely. The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know. But try to be a little less ignorant every day.

      Learned some deliciously new insults when I wore a Hooters t-shirt to the Women’s March. Learned a few more upon wearing an All Lives Splatter with an AR-15 silhouette t-shirt at the March For Our Lives event at Area Green.

      Still makes me laugh thinking about the fulminating, apoplectic reactions.

      And the resulting cognitive dissonance when I feigned ignorance. “I thought Hooters empowered women. That’s why I wore it” And the inevitable cat fight among observers. More entertaining than a Jerry Springer episode.

      • > Likewise privilege is situational and has been the norm for most of recorded history. Egalitarianism is a fairly new concept – began only about 270 years ago and still evolving: do we want equal outcomes or equal opportunity? That’s just one aspect of egalitarianism.

        I read an item about a group of anthropologists trying to understand “inequality”. They desperately wanted to find a “cause” for inequality so that could eliminate it.

        The were trying to convince themselves that primitive cultures were “noble savages” living in a community of sharing and equality. The overlooked the fact that primitive tribes always had an “elder” or “shaman” or “chief” or “medicine man” or whatever and he was the boss. Probably, the boss got his choice of the tribe’s women when he was feeling stressed. Probably didn’t have “weddings” or “honeymoons”.


    • > It exists in every culture and ethnic group.


      Since you seem to be an expert on racism, maybe you can answer this question: which ethnic group is more racist, blacks or Jews?

      • It shouldnt matter what the color of our skin is we all put our pants on the same way! All those people that protested and was out of control and damaged innocent peoples belongings and stoled should be locked up for their ignorance and most of all for disrespecting the gentlemen that died unneedingly, For all you that did that crap & said it was for his death, are the racist ignorant people. For reals you make the people that are trying to make change look bad! That dont make you down or a thug, it makes you look weak!

      • There are Blacks who are racist and Jews that are racist too. Because I am not as ignorant as you are, I will need to conduct a study to answer that question. Will you fund it? These two groups have significant slavery history though. Who were their lords? The answer to that question may answer your who is more racists question. Who gained from these slaves? The answer to this other question might point one of the causes for slavery. In order for people to justify their mistreatment of others, they have to make that group or person less deserving and less human. If not, they will have to face the realization of them being monsters. But people are being smarter now by focusing on th3 behaviors not the skin colors. AND YES, THE OPPRESSED CAN BE AN OPPRESSOR TOO. I have racists in my own extended family.

    • > Racism and discrimination are learned behaviors.

      I recognize that this is accepted social science gospel among “progressives”, but I’m pretty well convinced this is wrong.

      “Racism and discriminations” are just manifestations of tribalism, and tribalism is almost certainly embedded in human DNA..

      Humans are generally included among the animal kingdom and many (probably most) animals exhibit some degree of “social behavior”, e.g. elephant troops, wolf packs, baboon troops, fish schools, sheep herds, etc. etc.

      In humans, the expressed ethos is “my tribe good, other tribe bad”.

      Tribalism goes hand in hand with foraging. Hunting and gathering in groups probably works better than individual hunting and gathering. This is probably why Bernie Sanders thinks socialism is such a brilliant idea.

      But foraging is limited and inefficient “at scale”. Too many hunter gathers in a small area rapidly deplete the resources, and results in either starvation or conflict with competing forager tribes.

      It’s why socialism always flops, Bernie.

      PRODUCING food (farming and herding) makes much better use of limited resources and feeds more people.

      PRODUCING food requires a BIG BRAIN. Producing food creates surpluses. Surpluses supply a reason to TRADE with other tribes rather than engage in tribal warfare. Producing food and trade are LEARNED behaviors.

      Production and trade are the essence of capitalism. The LEARNED behaviors of capitalism override the INSTINCTIVE behaviors of triailsm.

      To frame it in a way that millennials might relate to: TRIBALISM (and “racism”) is “firmware”, CAPITALISM (production, trade, collaboration, interdedendency) is an “app”.

      Tribalism bad. Bernie dumb. Capitalism good.

      Got it?

    • Yes bubble, my mother and father have always been very proud. I hope to live a very long life per God’s promise to that commandment.

  5. if you look at video of the other angle, people from the back of her car were throwing things at her and surrounding her car!

  6. She was under attack and scared, how the hell is she the one under arrest? What was she suppose to do, wait around for them to break out her windows, drag her out of the car, and beat her to near death? People, your priorities are misplaced!

  7. Someone start a GoFundMe for this lady so I could donate.
    She had no idea what people might do to her and she reacted in self defense.
    Media is terrible, totally biased.

  8. On Twitter, 5 white make Trump supporters were blamed for this incident. By same guy (Saul) who was interviewed by Murky Gnus… but somehow not asked about the false identification.

    What makes the George Floyd incident racist anyhow? The cops didn’t seek him out, they were called there for a crime. His 2 other Black friends In car weren’t detained or handcuffed. The only racial component is that people filming were dropping N-bomb.

    The hate crime narrative is increasingly false and perpetuated by complicit media:

    Whites and cops are presumed to be racist because of slavery 200 years ago… yet if you’re *actually* committing crime (and a minority) then you’re presumed a victim and unable to be held accountable… Isn’t that the actual racism?!?

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