San Jose Urges Residents to Report Illegal Fireworks

With Fourth of July quickly approaching, San Jose’s night skies have been lit up by illegal fireworks over the last few weeks.

The uptick has led the city to roll out its annual “Just Not Worth It” campaign, which discourages residents from shooting off illicit fireworks to prevent fires and injuries.

Fireworks start an average of 19,500 fires a year with most being classified as brush, grass or forest fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Those fires annually cause about five deaths, 46 injuries and $105 million in property damage.

“San Jose experienced several fireworks-related fires during this time last year,” San Jose Fire Department Chief Robert Sapien Jr. said in a recent news release. “We’re asking for our community’s compliance and encouraging residents to use our online reporting tool, which will assist the city with taking enforcement actions.”

Residents can report firework violations through the city's “Snap, Click and Report” portal or by calling 408.535.5600 or 311.

Reports filed last year resulted in two arrests and eight citations. The fines for using fireworks are $500 for the first violation, $700 for the second and $1,000 for the third. Selling illicit fireworks can result in a fine of up to $50,000 as well as jail time.


  1. Cool. A media outlet that encourages people to snitch each other out.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    • And why not? You don’t have the right to terrorize your neighbors with explosions that shake houses and frighten children and animals whenever you please.

      • > And why not? You don’t have the right to terrorize your neighbors with explosions that shake houses and frighten children and animals whenever you please.

        Mr. P ROPPO:

        The authorities have encouraged me to talk with your neighbors.

        Have you been wearing you’re coronavirus mask?
        Have you been practicing your social distancing?
        Have you been washing your hands frequently with soap and water for thirty seconds? How frequently?
        Have you been separating your recyclables from your regular trash?
        Have you you been putting any food items or motor oil in your recyclables container?
        Have you been walking your dog on a leash at all times?
        Have you been cleaning up your dog’s droppings?
        Have you been disposing of your dogs droppings properly in your own trash container?
        Do you have any income from any source that you have not reported to the local, state or federal tax authorities?
        Are you paid in cash?
        Are you a gig worker?
        Do you operate a business out of your home?
        Do you have a business license?
        Does the activities of the business you operate out of your home required licensing?
        Do you have the proper licenses to operate your business out of your home.?

        We’re watching you, Mr. Roppo.

    • As long as they’re not underserved, disadvantaged Black, Brown, or LGBTQ community members then sure, go ahead and report them.

  2. And yet fireworks in the hands of the state are perfectly okay by you to terrorize children and pets.

    That’s some pretty sound logic.

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