DA to Investigate Bigoted Online Posts; POA Promises to Hold SJPD Officers Accountable

Outraged by hateful Facebook posts allegedly made by San Jose cops, Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen vowed to take what would be an unprecedented course of action.

“What I just read sickened me and made me sick for our entire community,” he said in response to a story published earlier this evening by San Jose Inside. “No one who expresses these type of disgusting, racist comments should ever wear a badge. This Office’s Conviction Integrity Unit will immediately begin a comprehensive review of every case in which these officers—active or retired—played a role. Anyone who writes this kind of trash has no role in our criminal justice system.”

Rosen is the third high-ranking official to react directly to SJI’s reporting on the matter.

In statements issued within minutes of each other, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and SJPD Chief Eddie Garcia called for the investigation and firing of officers responsible for posting hate speech on social media.

“I have previously responded with discipline up to termination after an investigation into off duty online activity that runs counter to our standards of conduct,” Chief Garcia said. “While I have no control over what former employees post online, I can voice my outrage after hearing about these comments made online. Any current employee involved with bigoted activity online will promptly be investigated and held accountable to the fullest extent in my power. We have no place for this.”

The mayor echoed his outrage.

“I demand and expect a full investigation, and further expect that racist, anti-Muslim or menacing comments expressed by any current SJPD officer will be met with termination,” Liccardo said. “Our chief fired an officer for tweeting a similar statement in 2016, but an unaccountable arbitrator—immune from public or court review—reversed the termination, and forced the department to reinstate the officer. For that reason, as I articulated in my police reform proposal this week, I will push for changes to a disciplinary process that allows unaccountable arbitrators to reverse termination decisions of the Chief, and I will further push for independent investigation of all racially discriminatory conduct.  This is precisely why these reforms are so important.”

Some hours later, Sgt. Paul Kelly—president of the San Jose Police Officers’ Association—joined the growing chorus of condemnation.

“I am announcing tonight that I am taking swift action against any member of the SJPOA that has participated in this online ring of hate because there is zero room in our department or our profession for racists, bigots or those that enable them,” he wrote in a statement emailed by a spokesman. “These are initial steps, more will follow in the coming days. To the community we serve, we are sincerely sorry and our actions must rise to meet this terrible stain on our profession.”

The plan of action, Kelly said, is as follows:

  1. Immediately file charges, pursuant to the union bylaws, to expel from membership in the San Jose Police Officers’ Association EVERY retired or active member participant in the Facebook group. As required by our bylaws, charged members must be provided an opportunity to establish that they should not be expelled by appealing to a three-person hearing committee.
  2. Immediately suspend any board members who are involved and file charges seeking to expel them from membership.
  3. The union has determined that the alleged conduct, if true, is NOT within the course and scope of any active member's employment for the San Jose Police Department. Accordingly, the union will expend no monies and will offer no support to any involved officer in defending against any charges brought by the department.
  4. The union will take emergency steps to change its bylaws to create specific procedures that allows the board to immediately expel members in the future.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. Wow, it is now popular to to go after corrupted officers, so the top criminal in Santa Clara county is now willing to go after these corrupted officers. In the last children forum at the county supervisors’ place people were reporting in front of Jeff Rosen how children are being raped now, women victimized my perpetrators including law enforcement perpetrators, and how Jeff Rosen has systemically failed to prosecute privileged perpetrators. I am outraged by your hypocrisy and sole presence Jeff Rosen! Who will go after this top criminal DA of Santa Clara County better known as Karen Rosen? I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR LYNN SHIMEK! Gilroy 2011 Murder-suicide by a San José cop! You are a piece of sh!t Jeff Rosen! #RecallKarenRosen!

    • Demanding justice doesn’t get justice done. Remember how people tried to expose the former Executive Director of a local nonprofit Silicon Valley FACES last year for nepotism and corruption? I was a former employee at the nonprofit when the then Muslim woman was fired mysteriously and a junior in the agency who served as the President of the SJ Police Association Tuyen Fiack was suddenly made incharge. There was outrage and the Board composing of John Kawamoto and Larry Chang to name a few, supported Tuyen, gave her a salary of over 120K, and the agency was closed after all the funds disappeared. No investigation. No accountability. Tuyen happened to buy a new car, new outfits, move into an expensive house, while all the time the agency’s tens of thousands of dollars in donation disappeared. County added to her coffers by giving her 90K for programs which never took place. Smell a rat?

    • As a member of the sh!t community of San Jose, I must object to your applying the term to Mr. Rosen, seemingly as a a pejorative. We sh!ts are a proud people with a long history, and recognized with our own statue at One Paseo De San Antonio. Rosen is not of our tribe. Rosen is not a sh!t; Anyone who knows him, can tell you he is a turd. There is a difference.

  2. In 2011, by the time Lynn Shimek was killed by her husband, Chris Shimek, another Gilroy woman started to experience a repeat of Lynn’s story. This woman living in the same neighborhood of the Shimek’s found out her now ex-husband a former San José Police officer and in 2011 working for the Sheriff’s office here in Santa Clara county was engaging in criminal behavior. He was including watching child pornography. The former wife reported these incidents to south county DA Vishal Bathija, Dave Cortese office, Zoe Lofgren, and other officials. The main protector of this man was no other than Julia A Emede. This criminal law enforcement guy also engaged in IRS fraud after the marriage by forging this woman’s signatures in IRS documents. He cashed one IRS Check. The other check and IRS evidence is at the Morgan Hill Police Department. The first investigator was Detective Mindy Zen. This corrupted cop also engaged in animal cruelty and domestic violence towards his ex wife after she reported him for the child porn. This guy kept his job all this time. Back then, it was unpopular to go after corrupted police and judges. On May 7, 2019, he attempted to choke his own biological daughter. The Gilroy Police once again and again failed to properly investigate the case. They not even took pictures of the victim’s injuries: big bruises all over the body, minor injury to the neck, and PTSD conditions for about a year. As in the case of all these three Gilroy women, the Gilroy Police failed to write what reported by victims. Chris Shimek was also given passes for DV Bx before he killed Lynn and himself. All these type of crimes happen in the community in a regular basis while Jeff Rosen and other corrupted DAs protect these criminals with a badge. Sorry to tell you Karen Rosen, but you created this criminal policing culture. Susan Bassi, Scott Largent, and Ana Gabriela Hermosillo have reported these crimes and corruption by local law enforcement, judges, and other officials for the last decade. People tried to paint them as crazy or people who hate the police. Time and recent events have shown all they have reported to be true, and you Jeff Rosen are the spider at the center of the corruption web! Integrity and Jeff Rosen have never met!

    • Same story of corruption everywhere. Look at what happened to Silicon Valley fACEs. Closed after over 500K of monies spent by its dubiously planted executive director disappeared, leading to agency closure, without any public apology.

  3. After this article was posted, several Dan Jose police officers began deleting posts from Facebook but commented to friends in writing that this was BS and a witch-hunt and a violation of their rights. These officers are doing exactly what you would expect of them when the lights come on. They scurry for cover whining all the way. I hope the DA, union, and Chief Garcia make an effort to recover these posts, and, at a minimum, ask every officer if they have deleted any Facebook posts since June 15.

    • Including former President of SJ Police Officers Association who should be under investigation for running a nonprofit amuck and cleaning out its coffers, in silicon valley, the camp everytown agency that closed due to corruption.

  4. Now look into why the County’s Board of Supervisors want to give prestige and tax dollars to Black Lives Matter, an avowedly Marxist organization that has praised the murderous Communist dictator Fidel Castro, including thanking him for granting political asylum to fugitive bank robber and cop-killer Assata Shakur. The Board also choose to repeat and amplify the organization’s long-debunked lies about Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown: in the latter case, they also dishonor the memory of Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Deputy Doug Miller, killed in the same kind of assault that Ofc. Wilson survived. Could it be because Black Lives Matter is bundling untraceable campaign cash through the massive, Leftist donation firm, ActBlue?

    • Daryl, it is not a secreat Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Evo Morales, and Nicolas Maduró have formed close ties with Iran, China, and other communist countries and Muslim states. Their agents here are the extremist left, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Tlaib, Louis Farrakhan, Linda Sarsour, Bernie Sanders, Ro Khanna, Ash Kalra, and those that follow these communist dictatorships and regimes. They infiltrate every in which they can continue their peaching and hatred against America, Jews, Jesus, and all Christians! The Bernie Sanders’ effort failed. Now, they are trying to make Shaun Clown their new face! They think other people cannot tell their interest and hidden agenda. THIS THINKING HAS BEEN THEIR BIG FAILURE. Black voter are the ones who sent the direct message to Bernie. STEP OUT COMMUNIST!

  5. Dear Chief Garcia,

    I know its hard to keep the door shut with the zombie hatemob pulsing it open like a collective heartbeat. But be careful, the brain (well maybe the mouth) of this mob has more up her sleeve that this crumb, I am sure. More than anything Ms Wadsworth is as relentless as the most religious zealot, and her pipeline is probably loaded with more juicy stories worse than this. This story is more of forcing you to destroy officers for what they do outside of work. Now the mob loves it, but you know human sacrifice won’t sit well with the rank and file.Its clear your time here is over, the question is do you want to be a BLM-certified chief or an objective one. Maybe you can go on to be Seattle’s Chief, more money but do you really want to oversee that collapse? I advise you lay out in front of the fire here, stop appeasing and in the end get fired for it. Then some normal town will hire you and you can protect people who respect you. Because San Jose has a death wish.

    Faithfully yours,

    • SJ Kulo’s rational is something like this: pedophiles Catholic Priests, do not rape children within your scope of work, do it when you are in the community engaging in non priesthood activities! QUE??? Not all law enforcement are criminals and not all Catholic priests are pedophiles raping children. All of those who fall within these two criminal categories MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! No more passes for privileged perpetrators. These two groups have been the top two the DAs Office has systematically protected since JEFF Rosen became the Santa Clara County DA. RECALL #DAKarenRosen!

      • Except raping children is against the law and Priest are always performing their duties, so not even close.

        The last dude that did something dumb like this got reinstated. Bad thoughts may be dumb, and they are counterproductive, but you got a ways to go to make them illegal. They will all act mad and scurry around, but the same third party unelected board will bounce these officers back onto the force.

        But one thing to me is for sure, Chief Garcia and the POA should play a more even hand here, because today it’s a joke tweet, tomorrow its something less egregious, and in the end officers will get fired, doxed, and politically executed for political donations. We may already be there.

        • Not really SJ Kulo. What you just pointed out is the difference between a public official or public servant and a private citizen. Public leadership comes with a big tag price! NO PRIVACY! Imagine #DAKarenRosen #ChivoGarcia and few of our local pastors at a stripper club after their shifts or sermons! They have probably done this!!!

          • It is not a constitutional law Kulo, but other type of law that apply to public figures and others in public positions. Do some research. Bottom line, they do not have the same privacy rights as private citizens. Do you ever wonder why we have a right to a public servant’s health record but not to the record of a private citizen? Just one example.

  6. Oh my, our county prosecutor’s panties are in a bunch over comments posted in a private Facebook group so what does he do? He promises a comprehensive review of every case in which these retired and active officers — guilty only of offending his sensibilities — played a role. If that isn’t evidence that his budget is too large I don’t know what is. Imagine, a Thought Police unit right here in Progressiveville! Best be careful what you whisper under the covers as an expectation of privacy is no longer a defense.

    Meanwhile, our police chief, no deep thinker he, has already passed judgment on the officers, declaring their posts “hate speech” and promising terminations after the investigations are complete. Get that? His investigators have not only been assigned the case, they’ve been assigned the outcome. Stalin used to do that and we Americans used to pride ourselves on not doing that. Has he, as the head of the department, now communicated to those serving under him the modus operandi for handling suspected crimes? Convict first and then justify the conviction?

    Possessing a belief in the superiority of one’s own opinions and intolerance towards those of others fits the definition of “bigoted” to a T. I think it’s pretty clear the posters in question were of the opinion that comments, be they crude, offensive, humorous, or lame, made within a closed group had no meaning or bearing on anything outside the closed group. And, unlike the trigger-happy chief and our emotionally overburdened district attorney, the officers have the evidence on their side. What evidence? Their past performance in the most scrutinized profession in government. Not only has no evidence of racism or misconduct been presented (to corroborate the claim their posts were anything other than mischief), but the lack of evidence is itself circumstantial evidence of their good character.

    As for the mayor, oh how he tests the patience of mature adults. What he fails to realize is that his nine point plan, besides being an unwarranted political stunt, is an admission that the police department — under the direction of him and his hand-puppet chief — is so obviously broken that a fix could be conjured up in a mere matter of days. Really? If that is so, then what has he and his chief been doing for these many years? Did they not care. Were they too incompetent? Or is this plan of his as defective as his character?

    Lastly, I suggest the POA president realize he has once again stepped into a snare. By joining the chorus of condemnation — playing right into the hands of political hysterics, he’s done much for their cause and nothing for his. If he thinks anything he does is going to elevate his organization in the eyes of the anti-police zealots he hasn’t been paying attention. There is a very public war being waged against the police, be they good, bad, or ugly. Nothing he does will be enough.

  7. Criticizing Muslims is not a crime.

    Criticizing blacks is not a crime.

    Criticizing anyone except Obama is not a crime.

    Muslims criticize Muslims all the time. “DIrty rotten stinking Sunni” is a criticism.

    Blacks criticize blacks all the time. “Uncle Tom” is a criticism.

    Muslims criticize America all the time when they say Sharia Law is better than the U.S. Constitution. It hurts my feelings.

    I don’t think anyone who thinks Sharia Law is better than the U.S. Constitution should be a police officer, or member of Congress, or a government official.

    So, hate me.

  8. It’s called America.

    It’s called free speech.

    Cops have constitutional rights or did everybody forget that.

  9. Thanks again to Ms. Wadsworth and San Jose Inside for undertaking the type of journalism that shines light on dark places. The fact that investigative news reporting is eliciting attention, discomfort and awkward responses from actors and organizations who wield power over our lives and our community indicates San Jose Inside is fulfilling a public service function. That’s another way of saying that Ms. Wadsworth and San Jose Inside are actually engaged in what we can call “journalism.”

    We are knee-deep in sycophantic “news” outlets and stenographic “reporting”: one need only have a look and listen to what increasingly is being seen as “legacy” media on cable (e.g. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC) on TV (e.g. CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS), on radio (e.g. Sinclair, CBS, ABC, NPR) and in print (e.g. New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and a dwindling number of other large city papers, including our own Mercury News). As mainly corporate-owned and advertiser-fueled enterprises, their associations and affiliations with powerful actors and groups have always–and will always–work to undermine any threats to the status quo.

    Like the corporate media, modern police organizations operate within a structural/institutional framework. The main issue is not the “bad apples” in the barrel–it is the nature and structure of the barrel itself. The “bad apple” thesis is being greatly overplayed by those who have a vested interest in maintaining the “legacy” model of policing. In the following piece, a former cop from Northern California provides important insights, and a poignant critique, of that model: https://medium.com/@OfcrACab/confessions-of-a-former-bastard-cop-bb14d17bc759.

    • > Thanks again to Ms. Wadsworth and San Jose Inside for undertaking the type of journalism that shines light on dark places.

      It was crap “journalism”.

      Re-read her “narrative” and tell me who her sources were.

      Which source do you find most compelling?

      A. “reportedly”
      B. the pseudonym Charlie Paulsen on Medium
      C,. the [UNNAMED] partner of an active San Jose PD officer
      D. an “identity . . . independently confirmed by San Jose Inside”
      E, comments and memes by members of a Facebook group
      F. “. . . the lack of reporting among the police officers,” [LACK of reporting is a SOURCE!]

      What “light” does this “type of journalism” shine on anything?

    • Just as the surest way for a cop to win widespread popularity in the community is to get murdered in the line of duty, the only way for a cop to win credibility with cop-haters is to tell them exactly what they want to hear, which is almost certain to be collection of unverifiable anecdotes and vindictive gossip. In the case of Econoclast’s hero, we are introduced to a former cop who, during his ten years in Dante’s Inferno, never used his authority to correct a single horror — something he attributes to his having been a bastard himself. My, what a painless journey to enlightenment. It seems that by giving testimony, renouncing his past, and embracing the approved dogma, this one time bastard has effectively been cleansed, made whole again, and accepted into the flock as a born-again puke.

      Gee, there’s something naggingly familiar about his journey but I just can’t place it.

  10. > A couple hours later, in response to San Jose Inside’s reporting, Mayor Liccardo condemned the alleged comments and called for swift action.
    – – – – –
    > “I will be recommending termination,” he said in a text. “This is unacceptable.”

    You mean “termination” like in “The Terminator”?

    The Mayor is going to “terminate” someone for “alleged comments”? !

    What if the person the Mayor wants to fire turns out to be an American citizen and claims the right to “due process”?

    Then what? Is the Mayor just going to send out a death squad?

  11. > Do you ever wonder why we have a right to a public servant’s health record but not to the record of a private citizen? Just one example.

    I don’t think the public has a right to a public servant’s health record.

    I don’t think the public has the right to a public servants tax returns.

    I don’t think the public has a right to a public servant’s sealed court documents like divorce records.

    I don’t think the public has a right to a public servant’s business or financial records.

    Maybe the public DOES have a right to a public servant’s abortion records. Let’s check with Barbara Boxer or Nancy Pelosi.

    • SJO Bubble, hold on there. Don’t be too hasty. I’m all for transparency.
      If Liccardo or some other political hack wants my medical records, he can see mine if he gives me his.
      He can look at my tax returns if I can have his too. (I would love to exchange tax returns with Al Sharpton)
      If the DA or the mayor wants all my daily communications monitored, recorded and released, then I want theirs too. Why not? It’s transparency. If he doesn’t want to wear a body camera, then neither will I.
      In fact, anytime anyone in City government or the Police Administration does anything I don’t like, I want to demand any piece or personal or confidential information that I desire and if they don’t release it, they must make a public declaration that they participate in the “Code of Silence”.

      • > Why not? It’s transparency. If he doesn’t want to wear a body camera, then neither will I.

        Well, you have reminded my that in the past I HAVE proposed and advocated that all elected public officials should be required to where LIVE body cams 24/7.

        I think it would go a long way toward cutting down on bribery and corruption.

        And, as an extra benefit, we would get to see a first person perspective of Mayor Sam riding his bicycle into the side of an SUV.


        And, there might be a public health benefit as well. Twenty-four hour monitoring of body cammed public officials would enable the public help identify risky situations where officials were a threat for spreading or becoming infected by coronavirus.

  12. All talk and no action is what to expect. Some years ago a nonprofit executive director was fired after a woman who served as President of the SJ Police Association conspired with her contacts including Board members to oust the woman who happened, ding ding, to be Muslim. Tuyen Fiack, who had no qualifications, was appointed to the executive director post. Many whistleblowers approached the Board and gave factual statements which pointed out corruption, nepotism, discrimination. Tuyen was paid in excess of 120K a year for three years until she cleared the agency’s coffers, and today, the agency had to shut down because all the money is gone. Despite repeated outrage by former staff and public, to County, Supervisors of the Board, media, nothing was done and she goes home pockets full, new car, new million dollar house, and goes into the sunset. The County even gave her organization 90K for work that never got done. This is the power of connections in this county and this is how corrupt people get away with it, despite common public knowledge. Goodbye Silicon Valley FACES, which went under without a squeal or public apology by Board Presidents and Secretaries, John Kawamoto, Bob LePresto, and Larry Chang(personal befriender of Tuyen) who resigned earlier in dishonor. Shame on our legal system for not investigating why tens of thousands of donations were pocketed by a corrupt Executive Director who gets to retire with her pockets full while a children’s agency shuts its door, allegedly due to Covid. What an excuse.

    • “… a nonprofit executive director was fired after a woman who served as President of the SJ Police Association conspired with her contacts…”

      If by “SJ Police Association” you’re referring to the SJ Police Officers Association you might want to check your facts (and biases) as there has never been a woman president of that organization.

      • Mr. Phu Elli, you are correct. There has never been a female president of the San Jose POA and if memory serves, I don’t believe that there has ever been a female candidate who ever ran for president of the San Jose POA, and if there had been, I think male guilt alone would provide her a good chance of winning.I think the aluminum foil on Mr. F.E.S.V Faces hat has come loose and some radio waves from outer space have curdled his brain.

    • This is true for FACES and all other “non-profit” organizations in the county. If they HAVE connections to the county supervisors and local politicians, they have free and unchecked access to the public’s money. Just check the other organizations’ sites. You will see how they proudly show pictures of their connections. This is old fashion corruption!

  13. Publicly name all of the people in that group.
    Make the content of the group Public information.

    Let a citizen review board decide who to fire.

    • Tuyen Fiack Former ED Silicon Valley FACES. Larry Chang, Retd. Hewlette Packer, Secy, SV FACES Board, John Kawamoto, Former Board President, SV FACES, Petrinovich Pugh & Company, LLP. Dan Pyne, Hopkins and Carley, Bob LePresto, Frank Fiscalini…..the list goes on.

  14. I had the supreme displeasure of working at Silicon Valley FACES, once a nonprofit of repute that began many good diversity programs when I worked there as an intern in 2016. The then ED began new programs and reform of old ones, but the politics, bickering, staff unprofessionalism, back stabbing by Tuyen Fiack, her private friendship with the unlawfully appointed Board member Larry Chang, who got her promoted to ED and got the new ED fired……all became the beginning of the end of an agency with potential. It is sad to see how qualified people there who all went to the Board to plead against the Board’s malfeasance, were terminated, most Board members resigned, leaving the reigns to Larry Chang and Tuyen. The result, all the monies evaporated. Tuyen could be seen buying new outfits, wearing expensive make up and jewelry, buying a new car, living in a million dollar house……do the math. The agency closed down and went bankrupt. The County added 90K to Tuyens pockets who made over 120K a year, for coming to work and sitting chatting on phone all day. Believe me I was there. This agency needed to be investigated and these people held accountable. But nothing, nothing was done. And nothing will be done.

    • I normally don’t respond on media but am forced to say something given this expose. I too worked at Silicon Valley FACES for almost 16 months from 2015-2017 when Tuyen Fiack was suddenly, and for no explanation, made in charge by Board. They had spent six months to hire a new ED and she began doing a great job. FACES was back in every sense of the word. The media. Funders. New Programs. Suddenly, Larry Chang was made a new Board member overnight and everyone knew his and Tuyen’s relationship as being ‘beyond’ just professional. Suddenly, she became the new ED. Mind you, she had applied for the position and not even interviewed being she had zero qualifications or experience. But having “friends” (you hug and kiss openly) has benefits. Tuyen became ED. The rest as the above comments confirm is history. The agency went down. No one was willing to work with Tuyen. She fired qualified MA level counselors including myself. We ALL went to the Board, multiple times. Larry would come to her rescue every time. The agency went down and under. The Board resigned. Larry and Tuyen continued, lining Tuyen’s pockets with donations. She openly displayed new outfits, jewelry, make up, new car, moved into a million dollar house…..the list goes on. She spent her time chatting with friends, going on lunches at company expense, terrorizing junior staff, terminating those who did not follow in her steps. She ruined the programs. She malfunctioned on every level possible and even brought the agency a bad name for reckless endangerment of youth. Yet, Larry to the rescue. Until the last dime went into her pocket. The agency shut down. The County gave her even more money and she put it all in her pocket. This is one of the most corrupt agencies I have personally witnessed first hand. The problem is how the Board allowed all this even encouraged it to go down, bowing to the personal not so professional friendship between Larry Chang and Tuyen Fiack. Sad but true. No accountability.

      • I second, third, fourth and fifth that. I was one of the last remaining employees there who went to the Board President John Kawamoto, not once, but on several occasions. Then I went to VP Dan Pyne. Then we went as a group. We showed them facts and figures about Tuyen’s corruption and her friendship with Larry Chang. We told them how she had lied and manipulated her way into an ED role even though she was less than not qualified. I mean, do the math. She was serving as a junior counselor with no admin experience or knowledge when she applied for the ED position. She wasn’t even short listed for an interview. Six months later she gets promoted? No explanation. Hush hush. Then proceeds to ruin the agency which was actually doing well before her? Not one staff was entertained. Not one complaint was investigated. Boy she had a strong friend on the Board and pardon my french, but their french kissing was known to all. What a corrupt agency. So glad it shut down.

        • Please let me add to your alls info about Silicon Valley FACES ruined by Tuyen Fiack, a liar, cheat, thief, and over all evil woman who was proven to be the downfall of an otherwise widely recognized agency. She and Shay Franco Clausen were friends. The agency was due to be merged with YWCA under the previous leadership and its Camp Everytown reformed. Tuyen and Shay hatched a plot to get the then ED fired and Tuyen suddenly became ED while Shay became her deputy. Soon enough, the rats from the ceiling crawled out into the open and the two women were at logger heads, bad mouthing each other, bickering, politicking. A year later Shay left, after unsuccessfully trying to get rid of Tuyen. They say give someone evil a long enough rope and they will eventually hang. This year Tuyen hanged, the agency, while she went into the sunset pockets lined. Well done Larry Chang. Well done John Kawamoto.Well done Dan Pyne. Well done George Holmes, pansy. Shame and woe to all of you. You got what you deserved but you need is to be held accountable.

    • Silicon Valley FACES, not is, was, a nonprofit heavily funded by County, and closed due to bankruptcy.

  15. DA Jeff Rosen says “…Anyone who writes this kind of trash has no role in our criminal justice system…” But the point is, they do. They have had a role in our criminal justice system for decades. They have had roles in terrorizing and in the process, dehumanizing people of color. Now the big question is, what exactly is SJPD and the DA’s office going to do about it? They haven’t done anything yet — although it has been common knowledge for years exactly what types of people SJPD hired.

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