FPPC Sends Warning Letters to Carrasco, Firefighters PAC

The state's political watchdog fired off warning letters to a San Jose councilmember-elect, the city's firefighters PAC and a local community college district for failing to file timely campaign disclosure forms.

Magdalena Carrasco, who ousted Councilman Xavier Campos in District 5 in the June primary, missed deadlines to file two pre-election campaign statements (Form 460s). One was due in March and the other in May.

“Your actions violated [state law] because you failed to file the abovementioned statements by the specified deadline,” states the warning letter from the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). “However, since your committee does not have an enforcement history and you have filed the outstanding statements, we are closing your case with this warning letter.”

That means no penalty this time since Carrasco doesn’t have a history of such actions. If it happens again, though, the FPPC could fine her.

While Carrasco submitted forms late, the San Jose Firefighters, IAFF Local 230 PAC hasn’t filed them for a substantial amount of time.

The FPPC noted that the union PAC hasn’t filed semi-annual campaign statements since July 2012. Still, since the committee doesn’t have a history of lapsing on filing, regulators say they’ll close the case as long as the PAC submits the missing forms. Failure to do so will result in monetary penalties.

Rosalie Ledesma, head of governmental affairs for the San Jose-Evergreen Community College District, also received a warning letter for not submitting lobbyist reports for most of last year.

But again, since there was no prior record and the lobbyist bills were nominal, the FPPC promised to close the case if she comes up to date. Future missed deadlines could cost $5,000 per violation, the letter cautions.


  1. Interesting, I have been searching the Secretary of State’s web page for form 460’s and the like related to Sam Liccardo’s campaign for mayor. There are several committees listed that show an “active” status but none have links to financial data. The most recent filing I can find is from 2013… Is the Liccardo Campaign late with its filings too or is the SecoState just late in making filings public on the web?

    Look into it and get back to us SJI…

    • I found the SJ City Manager’s page that links to Candidates for City office filings… Lots of info:


      SoS website says the fine is $10/day for every day the filing is late. Liccardo’s campaign looks like it made the March Filing dead line but was late on the May due dates. While Cortese made his filings on time.

      Carrasco is late on filings from her 2012 school board campaign AND the 2014 Council ? That sounds like two separate instances not a single instance meriting a warning. Unless the FPPC is that far behind – in that case maybe the FPPC should just disband.

    • What do you mean a “mayor candidate conspiracy”, Retired? You just read an article about Magdalena Carrasco filing two pre-campaign disclosure forms late. Is your mind so biased to somehow see this as proof of sinister actions taken by Sam Liccardo? I mean, I know that the human mind is designed to look for patterns, but you’re really taking it to a whole new level with the conclusions you are ready to jump to. Then again, I’m not sure what those conclusions even are, because you haven’t explained what you believe this has to do with Sam Liccardo or Chuck Reed.

      • Cart,

        I guess I am when you consider, Chuck is a flat out liar, Sam follows suit, PO steals signs as does another council members husband. I can go on and on so it is ok for Carrasco to join this liars club. Seems it’s ok to not to tell the truth to the voters. I guess it’s ok to just violate political violation standards and say screw us because they don’t care.

        Cart, it is called a pattern that this council seems to say, “We are better than you and we will do as we want.”

        Sorry VOTE Dave.

        • Was there some reason why Dave endorsed corrupt Campos for reelection???? Why not openly question that – while we are on the topic of D5, Retired

  2. What is it about East Side candidates and officeholders that make them late filers or non-filers of legally required campaign disclosure forms? It couldn’t possibly be the demographic, or cultural, could it? As the old song goes–manana, manana, manana is good enough for me.

    The FPPC issues only warning letters, since the folks had no hisotry of late filing. Let’s see, if a cop stops me for a Hollywood stop, do you think he’d let me off since I have no history of Hollywood stops? How about a DUI? I have no history of that either. The FPPC is racing to become as big a lazy, no effort, no enforcement joke as is the CSLB.

  3. SJC: Xavier is too big of a moron to do anything other than what Big Sis advises. So, organized labor puppet Cortese wanted another vote on the SJ CC to help bring back the days that nearly brought SJ into bankruptcy.

  4. Secretary of State Filings show that at least 50,000 dollars from Indian Gaming paid for the committee that supported Magdelena Carrasco. It is just a coincidence that Kevin De Leon, Carrasco’s ex, current, or whatever husband is one of their biggest supporters. Oh, interesting that Rosen’s campaign consultant was Carrasco’s boss in the Alvarado campaign, and three investigators from the DA who worked with Rolanda Dixon who supported Carrasco at the Ethics Commission gave Carrasco a few hundred. Anyone remember Rex Harrison teaching the gal about the “Rain in Spain,” well the money from Indian Gaming falls mainly in Maggie’s pocket.

    • Is the frustration with Carrasco receiving legal contributions from Indian gaming because it cancels out Xavier’s big contributions from the local (Matrix 8 ami g others) gaming and card rooms?

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