Fencing Operation Suspect Arrested in San Jose, $100K in Stolen Bikes, Equipment Seized

A San Jose man suspected to be the head of a major underground fencing operation was arrested and police seized stolen bicycles, construction tools and other goods valued at nearly $100,000.

Jose Guadalupe Barba, 56, was arrested May 27 after a search warrant at his home, police revealed Monday.

During the search, police found expensive bikes, crates of construction tools, retail merchandise that still had security sensors, and over $20,000 in cash. Detectives are trying to identify owners of the seized property, estimated to be worth nearly $100,000.

The investigation, dubbed Operation Flat Tire, was launched six months ago after the San Jose police burglary prevention unit noticed an increase in thefts of expensive bikes and construction equipment, especially in the downtown area.

Detectives identified Guadalupe Barba as the suspected head of an underground bicycle fencing operation that was being run out of a home on Almaden Avenue near Interstate Highway 280.

Barba allegedly purchased stolen construction equipment and high-end bicycles from a multitude of suspects who committed the thefts, often paying a small fraction of the item's actual value, police said.

After his arrest, Barba bailed out and is not currently in custody, police said.

Anyone with information about the investigation is asked to contact the SJPD Financial Crimes Unit at 408-277-4521.


  1. If he was arrested on May 27th, then why is this story being published 5 – 6 weeks later?

    And why would the police department withhold this information from the public??

  2. I’d guess that police are hoping someone will turn him in—but that after bailing out, he fled the country.

  3. i am sure the powers that be are well aware people are fencing the items as i am on the street level and see who is robbing me and where my things end up — 49er bar is a great example of this half way point where things are taken and sorted in plan sight — to those allowed close enough to see that is .. the segragation is astounding in this country – i am called homeless and told to leave all day everyday with people who follow me attacking me robbing me and yes i 9-6-2020 was drugged and raped as the crime sydicate does here in santa clara county all with full knowledge of the powers that be because … wait for it…. the police the doctors the lawyers the business owners and the tax payers are the crime mob of the nation this is the blues the reds the ha the po po and all the other idiot creepers and theives

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