Explosive Device Found Near Home of San Jose City Councilmember Dev Davis

San Jose City Council member Dev Davis and her neighbors were evacuated Tuesday after an explosive device was found near her home in Willow Glen.

Davis has been an elected member of the San Jose City Council since 2016, winning re-election in 2020. In the June 7 primary election, she placed third in her campaign for San Jose mayor.

“Losing the primary last week was disappointing,” she said in a Facebook post Wednesday morning. “Yesterday put that loss into perspective. My family and I are safe, and that is always going to matter more to me than anything else,” Davis said.

The San Jose Police Department determined that the device was explosive.

Sgt. Christian Camarillo said investigators do not know if the threat was targeted at Davis because it was found in the street near her home. No arrests have been made in the case.

He provided no additional information.



  1. Highly doubtful Dev Davis was targeted.
    We are a couple weeks away from Fourth of July Holiday – fireworks (ie. ‘explosive devices’) are going to be common, loud and ‘exploded’ in the late night hours – mostly in the streets (the safest place away from fire dangers).

    Some of these ‘explosive devices’ are imported from areas where they are legally sold and some are homemade (fairly east to find simple directions online).

    Times have changed a bit but I recall all kinds of mischief growing up involving fireworks, homemade cannons out of soda cans, tennis balls soaked in flammables, etc. etc.

    Common this time of year were the M-80s, cherry bombs and the common thunder-bomb firecracker. One neighbor kid was pretty skilled at building pretty powerful firecrackers out of homemade powder, paper tubes and fuse cord – more on the order of what we called an H-100.

    No details reported but it is doubtful this is an IED or EFP planted with malicious intent in the middle of the street.

  2. CA Patriot — I agree, lack of specificity leads me to believe it could’ve been something as simple as a Cherry Bomber, M-80 or a box of “poppers” I guess if I live a half mile away I could claim that it was “close to my house.”

    She lost, why would anyone target her?

    SJI must need clicks — this isn’t a story — just a headline.

  3. HB,
    maybe if Dev Davis was instrumental in the recall success of ‘so-called DA’ Chesa Boudin,
    then maybe it could be tied to a ‘personal’ attack on her in response to his super-majority recall vote and voter rejection of Soft-on-Crime Leftist politics.

    Chesa must have learned some of those ‘weather underground’ skills and tactics.

    “Chesa Boudin’s parents were members of the far-left, Domestic Terrorist group,
    Weather Underground, which was active in the 1960s and 70s.
    His mother, Kathy Boudin, survived an infamous explosion in Greenwich Village, New York City, in March 1970, when members of the group accidentally detonated a bomb intended for a U.S. Army Ball in New Jersey.”

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