Andrew Crockett Concedes Race for Santa Clara County Assessor to Larry Stone

Andrew Crockett announced he is conceding the election for Santa Clara County Assessor to incumbent Larry Stone.

With 97 of the ballots processed Wednesday, Stone’s tally was 67.4% to 32.5% for Crockett. Because Stone received more than 50% of the Primary Election vote, he will retain his post, avoiding a runoff vote in November.

While the remaining ballots are still being tallied, it is evident that it is time for our “There is every indication that Larry Stone will be re-elected,” Crockett said in a Jund 15 concession statement. “While this is certainly not the news that I was hoping for, I nevertheless listen to, hear and value the will of the voters, as communicated through the majority of ballots cast.”

“Cherishing democracy, I am obligated to concede,” he said in the statement. “In doing so, I reaffirm by example that our nation is built on norms of respect for fact-informed truth as much as our constitutions and laws of government.”

Crockett thanked “the great work performed by the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters in safeguarding our democratic processes.”

Crockett also said: “I reaffirm to the more than 600,000 Santa Clara County registered voters who chose not to vote [that] your voice does matter.”

“I am keenly interested in your disengagement,” he said to the non-voters. “Our democracy urgently needs your participation – as it will take all of us to empower our government institutions to serve us equitably.”

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