Kline Squared

Anyone surprised to hear that Norm Kline plans to run against District 6 rep Pierluigi Oliverio will not be surprised to learn it’s just a rumor. Kline, the planning commissioner, former Saratoga mayor and SJI blogger, is probably gearing up to run for something, but not PO’s seat. That would be Steve Kline, a recent transplant from San Francisco who has been buttonholing everyone at SJ City Council meetings and is cozy with unionistas Cindy Chavez and Steve Preminger.

Another rumor has it that Steve K. heard Norm K. might be in the race, which made the union tool nervous that he’d have no chance in a two-Kline contest. That rumor is 100-percent true.

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  1. Norm Klien is Chamber / McEnery buddy who moved from Santa Clara to Saragota now San Jose to fto run for political office and is unknown to most voters while Steve Kline has been active in neighborhood issues and better known

    Question can either Kline defeat Oliverio who is buddy to San Jose 2 most powerful political brokers Tom McEnery / Michael Mulcahy for district 6 election   Oliverio is well liked by district voters and neighborhoods – very very unlikely unless redistricting splits up district, he terms out or Oliverio successfully is elected to another office

    McEnery has Mayor and 3 or more Council members and future Mayor and Council candidates who will kick South Bay Labor’s again at polls except in district 5 or unless McEnery political machine runs weak candidates

    South Bay Labor’s weak candidates, bad policies and putting labor interests before public interest, weak leadership and mistakes lost labor majority

  2. Saw kline and my geek mind started to think “IRC”



    A k-line or kill line (also written K:line) is an Internet Relay Chat term, applied to a specific user. When a user is k-lined, it bans the user from a certain server, either for a certain amount of time or permanently. Once the user is banned, they are not allowed back onto that server; they have to join a different server to get onto IRC. This is recorded as a line in the server’s IRC daemon configuration file prefixed with the letter “K”, hence “K-line”.

    Seems like folks are trying to K-Line Oliverio from City hall.

  3. Pierluigi is the Bilbo Baggins of San Jose.  He is a product of the boomer generation, the candidate Ellen Degeneres would most comfortable with as president.  There is no vision, no toughness, just a soft footed movement to the irrelevant center/left/right.  What does Oliverio offer except a vision of a community where Karel and RuPaul would be the conservatives.

    Time for a change as Oliverio is the man most likely to muddle the approach and strive for a generation of tweeters, facebook messiahs, and chat room philosophers.

  4. Gesturing to an offensive line back series of muddled dignitaries of the yesteryear’s is not going to guarantee the inside seat to District 6. 

    Throwing ideas out there to see how the voters will react is little more than trying to define the housing market downplayed by political interests at the ready to increase sales taxes for a larger pool of friends who inherently design predicted projects at higher costs while destabilizing predicted earnings as interest rates falter. Stop pandering Norm Klien, Chamber / McEnery buddy.  Tag your it.

  5. Pierluigi showcases himself as the council member who is the lone voice of reason in different issues. Problem is, a leader would be able to sway other members to his side and form a concensus. That has not happened. Look at the marijuana issue which Pierluigi is most associated with, it is a huge mess.

  6. Oh please….the unions and their crazy rules and greedy pension grabs have screwed the taxpayer several times over.  By 2016 DEFINED BENEFIT pensions will eat up half the city’s budget.  The rest of us ordinary folks are left to save on our own and if lucky will get some employer match (that is if we have a job).

    Another example: the fire union won’t allow a truck to go out with 4 firefighters, must have 5.  Wouldn’t be prudent smile  [except it works for many, many other cities].

    Now they want to unseat P.O. who’s been asking the right questions and proposing logical things like getting the Rose Garden maintained for cheaper and better than by our gilded city employees.

    Just k-line S-kline.

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