SJPD Denies Requests For Video Footage of George Floyd Protests

Days after protesters and police clashed on the streets of downtown, the San Jose City Council demanded accountability. Video clips of SJPD officers were going viral.

One showed cops wailing on a protester. A few others captured the now-notorious Jared Yuen clad in riot gear, snarling and cussing at civilians.

In response to outrage over SJPD’s violent response to the demonstrations, the council asked the department to “release to the public any videos … that provide a fuller picture” of the encounters within two weeks.

Well, it’s now been three weeks since the ultimatum—and we’re all still waiting.

Fly tried to pry body cam footage from SJPD pretty much right after the George Floyd protests started. A May 29 request for Yuen’s body cam footage was denied, however, with the department citing that the officer was under investigation.

A second request asked for body cam footage from a motorcycle cop who ran over someone running away from officers.

Alas, SJPD records analyst Monique Villarreal cited a pair of relatively new state laws—which require police to release records relating officer misconduct and use-of-force—as grounds for withholding the data.

“The narrative related to the referenced incident were reviewed,” she wrote in response to a query about the motorcycle run-in. “The incident was determined not to fall within the parameters of incidents covered under Senate Bill 1421 and Assembly Bill 748. Therefore, the requested information and record (body camera footage) are being withheld.”

That’s something of a head-scratcher, considering how those two laws require disclosure about exactly the kinds of use-of-force and misconduct Fly inquired about. But, hey, maybe SJPD doesn’t consider hitting someone with a motorcycle a use of force.

A spokesperson for SJPD told Fly that footage of the incidents requested by the City Council weren’t being released due to litigation.

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  1. > the council asked the department to “release to the public any videos … that provide a fuller picture” of the encounters within two weeks.

    I doubt that more videos will “provide a fuller picture” of the peaceful protests, the peaceful looting, and the peaceful rioting.

    Blame the “Rashomon effect”.

    “The Rashomon effect describes how parties describe an event in a different and contradictory manner, which reflects their subjective interpretation and self-interested advocacy, rather than an objective truth…”

  2. Dear Chief Garcia,

    Even when there is no news, Ms Wadsworth cant help but screw another peg in. This will go on to keep the nihilists frothy, then boom an officer will do something she doesn’t like, and more riots, more confrontation, more money shots of black eyes. And you will beg forgiveness and the police force will continue to unravel.

    When will you wake from your slumber? Or are you hiding in the bathroom stall with your feet up on the seat, hoping this will go away?It is not going away. Ms Wadsworth and her comrades only want to see the city burn to the ground. If its not perfect, tear it down and reimagine it is their philosophy. Your pathetic weakness, cowering behind spokespersons, crawling on the floor only gives them encouragement. Soon they will just take over the streets, self appointed social justices of the peace. Then mob rule will not be hyperbole, but the new normal. If that is what you want, why not just say it?

    All the best,

  3. No need to wait for SJPD to take 364 1/2 days to investigate and clear their officers for any misconduct. (Links below to the aftermath and cover up of the young kid being hit by the same Motorcycle cop that knocked my camera out of my hand and threw me to the ground)

    Its called the court of public opinion folks and the current REGIME in charge is not going to provide the community any type of justice.

    This is exactly why it is important to have Legal Observer’s and Journalist’s to document the response from the Anti Democratic City of San Jose. Only problem is marching orders came from the upper brass to arrest everyone even if you where exempt from the curfew order. (Super Shady)

    In other states and counties protesting did get out of control and the police response was necessary to protect the entire community. These situations where out right RIOTS that required this type of response and it was justified.

    This was not the case in San Jose and SJPD threw the first punch (hundreds of them with a side of 600 rubber bullets)

    Just like any other large event in Santa Clara County….. We have the proper security and undercover law enforcement to weed out the bad apples so the rest of the “Law Abiding” public can go about their “Constitutionally Appropriate” activity and not be bothered.

    Also…. Jennifer W…. I have hundreds of hours of really good footage from the protesting but am limited on time to review it all. I am trying to do my best but have been overwhelmed with just surviving now that I am homeless (I do have a Van so its better then my tent) San Jose inside is more then welcome to have access to this footage to put up online to show the TRUTH.

    One other thing…. Is their anyone out there that wants to use all this great footage to make a mini documentary about what really happened? Does anyone have video editing skills that wants to put a better Vid together then my limited skills (Movie Maker and Older Laptop just does not cut it)

    Video of the aftermath and cover up of the young man being hit by the SJPD Motorcycle office.

    Video below of where that young man was taken after he was hit by the motorcycle cop (We dumped him at the Great Mall in Milpitas)

    Video below of the officer that knocked the camera out of my hand and arrested me…. then after being released he got on his Motorcycle to catch up to his CO Workers and that is when he hit the kid….

    • > the response from the Anti Democratic City of San Jose.

      The problem with San Jose and California is that they’re WAY TOO DEMOCRATIC.

      What we need is a Bill of Rights and some Constitutional rule of law. Other places in the U.S. have these things. Why can’t we?

  4. Everyone in San Jose knows the police here are thugs, and are sick of it. The people know from their every interaction with the SJPD, usually on the receiving end of their menace, verbal or physical abuse. The SJPD think like the mob not public servants.

    Police reform is a long time overdue for SJPD.

    Resist ✌️

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