South Bay Dems Urge Fellow Delegate to Resign for Statement Defending Convicted Pedophile

A group of California Democratic Party activists that campaigned on holding leaders accountable for their positions on sexual violence are calling on one of their own to resign over remarks that cast doubt on his commitment to the cause.

The backlash against Palo Alto middle school teacher Greer Stone—one of the party’s 14 elected delegates in Assembly District 24—stems from the way he defended his pedophile half-brother, Michael Airo, at a Feb. 21 sentencing hearing.

In a statement to the judge, Stone introduced himself as chair of the Santa Clara County Justice Review Committee and extolled his brother’s virtues, calling the former Palo Alto teacher inspiring, a “good person” and “in his heart and soul, a caretaker.”

Stone made no mention of the victim.

Stanford law professor Michele Dauber—an appointed delegate who endorsed and organized the AD 24 slate in part to reform a party roiled by a sexual assault scandal that toppled ex-Chairman Eric Bauman—condemned Stone’s speech for its complete “lack of concern for the victim.” She said his words in court that day should preclude him from taking part in the California Democratic Party convention, where delegates from throughout the state gather in San Francisco this weekend to elect Bauman’s successor.

“It is understandable that he would ask for mercy for his relative,” Dauber said, “but he needed to do that in a way that acknowledged the devastation that Airo caused to his victim and to our public schools and our whole community in Palo Alto. It is disqualifying for a public school teacher, let alone a public official to say that a child molesting teacher is a ‘good person’ and to praise his work with children.”

Dauber’s husband, Palo Alto Unified School District trustee and fellow AD 24 delegate Ken Dauber, on Thursday echoed his wife’s reproof. By Friday, delegates Gary Kremen, of (AD 24) and Jennie Richardson (AD 27) joined the call for Stone’s resignation.

“Stone’s characterization of Airo as a selfless and inspirational teacher is deeply offensive,” Ken Dauber said. “Mike Airo took advantage of a position of trust and grievously injured a child in the worst imaginable way. He is the antithesis of what a teacher should be, and describing him, as Stone did, as an outstanding teacher does a terrible disservice to our students and to our district’s other teachers who are actually inspirational, caring educators who would not sexually assault a child.”

Kremen said Stone’s courtroom entreaty flies in the face of Democratic values.

“It is not acceptable to have a fellow slate member be an apologist for child sexual abuser,” he said. “While being a close relative of a convicted serial child molester is challenging, any apology should be to the victim. The focus should be on helping the victim, not on the accused’s ‘good character.’ Such a statement shows contempt for survivors and a lack of judgment and compassion.”

YWCA Silicon Valley Executive Director Tanis Crosby agreed. She said: “The only appropriate thing to say in front of a sexual assault survivor is ‘I believe you.’”

Quotes in Question

Dauber initially reached out to Stone on Wednesday—as soon as she caught wind of his controversial statement, part of which was quoted in a couple news articles about the February hearing. In an email, she asked if he could offer some explanation. “Perhaps the context of your full statement is less disturbing than the quote that appeared in the paper and before I respond to it publicly I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt,” she offered. “Therefore I am writing to ask you to please send your full statement.”

A day passed with no word. So she ordered a transcript and looped in several delegates on an email thread about the remarks.

On Thursday, Stone replied.

“The circumstances and events underlying my brother’s conviction are tragic for the … family,” he wrote in a message that twice mentioned the victim’s surname. “The trial was also traumatic and painful for my own family, especially my mother. How we now reconcile this with our own experience and family relationships is deeply personal.”

Whatever he said in court came from familial love, Stone explained.

“They should not be misconstrued as denying or belittling the crime my brother was convicted of, or its impacts on the … family.”

Dauber fired back a rebuke for his “casual” mention of the victim’s last name, calling it “completely and utterly shocking and inappropriate.” Further, she countered, if the matter was “deeply personal,” then he shouldn’t have touted his position as a county commissioner—one appointed by Supervisor Joe Simitian.

“Whatever the rules may be of the [Human Relations Commission’s] Justice Review Committee, I find your use of that role totally inappropriate and insulting to victims of sexual violence and to women generally,” she wrote. “I am sure that the Board of Supervisors did not intend to weigh in on this child molester’s sentence.”

Indeed, the way he brought up his title as chair of the Human Relations Commission subcommittee in court appears to violate county policy—or at least the spirit of it.

“If you clearly state that your public statements reflects your position purely as a private citizen and not as a representative of the commission you may publicly express your position on an issue ...” per the policy manual. It goes on to state: “If your title is used for information purposes, you must include a disclaimer that you do not speak for the County of Santa Clara or the commission of which you are a member.”

Stone made no such clarification at the sentencing.

“Through my experience as an attorney and as the current chair of the Santa Clara County Justice Review Committee, I have seen, firsthand, the deleterious effects that arrests and convictions have on people’s lives,” he told the judge that day. “I have worked closely with impoverished communities, communities that often see incarceration rates far higher than the norm. And beyond the obvious frustration of incarceration, I have always been pained to see how many people, even those with bright futures, have those futures extinguished because they simply give up.”

‘I Love My Brother’

When asked about the blowback over his speech, Stone stood by it. But he did finally acknowledge the victim in a statement emailed to San Jose Inside Friday.

“The crimes underlying my brother’s conviction are tragic for the victim and her family,” he said. “The crimes he was convicted of are appalling. The trial was also painful for my own family. How we reconcile this with our own experience and family relationships is profoundly personal. My role during the sentencing hearing was to testify honestly regarding my relationship with my brother and who he was as I knew him. I love my brother, and my comments were born of familial love and my observations and experience together throughout our relationship.”

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Charles Wilson sentenced Airo to 15 years in state prison for sexually abusing the victim—his ex-girlfriend’s daughter—while she was a preteen and he was 10 years her senior. The victim, who’s now in her 20s, sat through the same hearing where Stone spoke so glowingly about his older brother, who maintains his innocence and plans to appeal his conviction.

“Just before I started fifth grade, the defendant moved in with us and began sexually abusing me,” she told the judge. “He started by telling me that if I was to be his daughter, I should be able to change my clothes in front of him. He would do little things like touch my leg in the car or hold my hand while walking and have me sit on his lap. This eventually escalated to him kissing and touching my body while I was showering. I was taken advantage of as a defenseless, young child. My body was touched in ways that I did not want and by a person who should not have touched me.”

The victim kept the abuse secret until her college years, when she told a therapist in 2016 who relayed the disclosure to police. In her impact statement, she described how the abuse left lasting damage that still pains her to this day.

“My body no longer feels like it’s my own,” she said. “Too often I am seized by memories of the defendant touching and kissing me in the shower. Even today, I open the shower door in the opposite direction that the defendant opened it because opening it in the same way he did causes flashbacks of the abuse. The defendant’s manipulation of the truth, paired with the inappropriate way he touched me, led me to believe and feel that I am powerless and my only purpose was to please him.”

The young woman said she spent the past six years in therapy trying learn how to undo the damage and re-draw her boundaries.

“The defendant has already taken so much from me that I will never get back,” she said. “It is directly because of the defendant’s abuse that I now feel powerless, vulnerable, and even sometimes worthless. I will never be free from the result of this crime.”

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. For the self serving brother of a savage sexual predator to speak in favor of such savagery and defend the assailant of our most innocent is beyond comprehension. Then to allow this person to in some way represent us in some political form calls for not only removal from office, but from society as a whole. Castration of the entire family seems in order.

    • The San Jose Inside quoted Tansi Crosby, but if truth be told, she is one to talk. She is the first one to use politics and her connections to get ahead, regardless of the integrity of the politicians involved, as long as she can get more money for her organization. People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    • I really did not get the sense that Greer Stone supported pedophilia. He wanted to portray his brother as he knew him.

  2. What we see here is the double standard most humans apply to their daily living. This double standard is the root for injustice and discrimination. We want criminals in general to be accountable for their illegal acts, but we expect mercy for the criminals in our social circles and family. We see more good on those who we perceive like us and more evil on those we perceive different. Even those who preach justice engage in the same behavior and empowering their own while oppressing others in such blinded microaggressoon behavior. The reason SANTA CLARA COUNTY has become so corrupted is because most public officials engage in this very THE same behavior. Thus, a politician, law enforcement, attorneys, judges, committing illegal acts are not as bad as the regular person who watches childporn, has sexual relations with minors…so on and on. Jeff Rosen does this all the time; his office systematically gives passes to influential and other privileged offenders. These are the current democratic leaders. In the next election, I will only vote for KAMALA. The rest of the democrats can go to hell!

  3. Hold on a minute…

    Who’s on trial here? Is this story really suggesting that the loved one of a convicted felon may not speak favorably on his behalf without being labeled an “apologist” for his crimes? Such family comments are commonplace in criminal sentencing hearings. They do not seek to absolve the defendants of guilt (they’ve already been convicted at that point!) or to heal the wounds of the victim. They are to give the family defendant moral support and offer the jury perspective that might not otherwise have been presented at trial.

    • “Hold on a minute,” I had the same reaction. What Greer’s brother did was not acceptable, but I think we will be in a scary place if we reach a point where people are going to be shamed out of public life because they asked a judge to show mercy toward a family member. Some of the people reacting in this article seem to think that pedophiles don’t deserve a two-sided sentencing hearing — Lady Justice holds a balance for a reason. Pedophiles disgust me, but I don’t think I am an “apologist for a child sexual abuser” because I believe that every person has human rights, including the right to a fair trial. I don’t see how we can get a full picture of a person at their sentencing hearing if anyone who says a positive word about them, even their own brother, is going to end up getting threatened with castration on the internet.

      Nothing I have said is in defense of the pedophile or minimizing the crimes committed against this victim. I have every reason to believe he received a fair trial and a fair sentencing. It’s the social implications of this trial of public opinion against Greer Stone that I am concerned about.

      • No one is saying that pedophiles do not have a right to a fair trial or access to mental health services. I know a significant number of mental health providers opt out from working with pedophiles. This is unethical and discriminatory and goes against child abuse prevention. The same way there is access to treatment for Domestic Violence aggressors, there should be for pedophiles. When you present to the court and flash your credentials, public figure status…and then ask for mercy for your family member who engaged on the most cruel and inhumane abuse to those we must protect, this is plain corruption. The big problem here is that our judicial systems are criminals’ oriented not victim centered. Those who commit crimes should pay their deeds to community and societies. Those who place their family, political party, ethnic group First cannot be the leaders of any community or say they represent us. The safety of our children and the elderly is the most important responsibility in any society.

      • Wow someone hates Jen! GO Jennifer! This world needs brave people like you…God blesses you. Do what is right and he will deliver to you.

    • Let us put aside family consideration
      Perhaps on the family issue. He gets a slight Milligan, I said a slight one. BUT GREER STONE USED HIS TITLE AS A COUNTY COMMSSIONER

      • Wow, those county supervisors’ names appear every time there are controversial or corrupted situations. Córtese is the number one of this free press.

  4. Mr. Hold On ….. perhaps I wasn’t strong enough in my meaning. This is a crime against a child which trusted the teacher. Then the teacher takes that trust to pleasure himself while engaging in the most hideous act a human can inflict on another. The child will have to deal with that damage to their body and mind for the rest of their life. No family can show the least bit of sympathy towards a family member having done such a thing. By doing so is condoning this outrageous act perpetrated on the most vulnerable in our society. This family member not only asked for sympathy towards their sibling but showed no remorse for the victim. Castrate the both of them or at the very least expel this evil from our society altogether.

  5. How does Ms Dauber react to the story that London Breed was an alibi witness for her brother during a trial in which he was convicted in the death of a young woman?

  6. Wayvoes,

    If you don’t agree with Stone — and it’s doubtful that any readers do — then
    don’t vote for him. But no one is condoning this crime.

    But you advocated castrating him for having an opinion that’s different from yours or mine. To me, that’s almost as shocking as the crime. Care to retract that particular comment?

  7. How to Write a Progressive Outrage Story, by Jennifer Wadsworth.

    1.) Liberally quote activists using highly-charged language.
    2.) Insert snarky comments diminishing target’s credibililty.
    3.) Position target as “outside the pale” of accepted discourse and thought, therefore candidate for shunning and ostracization.
    Rinse, wash, repeat.
    Although the point about Stone not separating his personal observations from his county position is appropriate and well-taken.

  8. This slanderous article seems like little more than a political hit job against Greer Stone. He provided a statement describing the brother he knew, which is NOT at all the same as defending his criminal acts. The author and the Daubers seem to think that Greer should be taken down for crimes someone else committed. That is wrong. I am disgusted that someone would go after a decent public servant and try to defame him for his brothers crimes, and I am appalled that this paper would publish such an inflammatory and baseless article.

    • Providing a statement about the brother he knew after letting the court know about who “he is” is an action that SPEAKS louder than the words he said. The implied message was: He molested/raped a child but hear how I know him. While people might think that pedophiles are these dirty guys on the streets; that is a fallacy. They make a percentage of our entire population and are every where. The ones that cause the most harm are those who reached a position of privilege and have easy access to children. No family member has to pay for other’s crimes. He had the right to be with his brother if he wanted to. He did not have the right to attemp to obtain favorable treatment for him stating his status of representing some in our community. These people excusing the actions of this man are the root of rape culture that minimizes sexual predators’ behavior and are blinded about the tremendous trauma to the victim. SHAME ON YOU A$$!

  9. Let Us Be Clear Here. Green Stone is only being attacked because of his principled stand as a residentialist against unwise growth. He is protecting us, like he protects his brother against those developers who want to put duplex, triplexes and worse into our city and the San Jose based elements that come with that overbuilding.

    • > He is protecting us, like he protects his brother against those developers who want to put duplex, triplexes and worse into our city and the San Jose based elements that come with that overbuilding.

      Dear Mr. Old:

      Just think of the “San Jose based elements” as migrants seeking asylum in Palo Alto.

      The housing cartel an San Jose has decided to eliminate all single family housing and make San Jose into the world’s first below market rate transit village homeless shelter.

      I’ve heard that there are lots of people in Palo Alto with big hearts. Surely they will eagerly welcome a few down on their luck refugees who just want a second chance to elect progressive politicians who won’t make a botch of things.

    • Old Palo Alto you are in needed of brain replacement. How do you dare to compare protecting residents from DEVELOPERS wanting to built duplex in your area to the molestation/rape of a child? If he had presented himself at the court as just the brother of this vicious criminal anyone could have an easier time relating to that. Flashing “who you are” and the asking for special treatment or mercy is corrupted behavior. No child molesters would get a break in this county. Those protecting them and minimizing the harm tothe victims will be publicly SHAME! Hello Jeff ROSEN and Julia A EMEDE! This applies to all, priest, pastor, politician, anyone!

  10. I’m kind of shocked at some of the comments here. The man was tried and convicted in a court of law. This was due process, not SJW’ism. Jen can be hit or miss sometimes, but I’ve noticed the last few years she’s done a better job of writing stories with fact, instead of just taking quotes from jilted ex’s.

    Jen, good job on the story. I fall into the camp of this guy should be condemning his brother in the very least, and making him wear a pair of cement shoes in the bay as proper for molesting his niece.

  11. You get 15 years for kissing someone’s, anyone’s body? This in the country that kills children by the thousands and calls them Collateral Damage!

  12. While it can be entertaining to watch Democrats cannibalize themselves while competing for the position of who can be the most virtuous or outraged.. this is just too much. This man was trying to state that while his brother may have committed a horrible crime, he has seen a more positive side of him, as well. He mentioned his position to better show that he cares for those who have been wronged and/or occupy less desirable positions in this world. I’m an atheist myself, but some of you seriously need to find Jesus. Leftists have indeed ruined this once wonderful state.

  13. It is clear to me you are the one who needs to find Jesus. King David of Israel himself was placed in the situation of punishing one of his sons who raped his daughter andsister of this rapist. The penalty for that crime was death. King David had given that penalty to all others who engaged in the same crime, but he decided to be linient to his son. Thus other punishment was applied. Nor his family, the people he represented, or God were happy. Thus God eventualky killed David’s son. He also punished David for his adultery for years until David eventually showed he was really sorry for his mistakes. This guy should do a better job at showing emphaty for victims of these crimes particularly children Victims!

    • Thank you for the Bible lesson. The only issue is that Greer is not the judge and his brother was already convicted. Making a personal statement about a loved ones character is nothing like this biblical tell you’ve described. You are equating Mr. Stones comments with more than they are. That is what most sane people will see. He did not say his brothers actions were ok and he did not say anything negative regarding the victim. He condemned his brothers crime and conveyed sympathy for the victim. When I mentioned Jesus, I was referring to the hypocrisy of you and many Democrats in this area. You act so holy but I’m quite sure if we could peer into your personal life, there would be something that could also be strung out into the public sphere and interfere with your personal and profesional life, as well. But no I’m sure you’ve never misspoke or said anything that someone else thought was insensitive, right? The democrat candidates for president are falling all over themselves to walk back comments or policy stances from years ago, because people like you now make up the party. People make mistakes. We all sin. No human is irredeemable (from the Christian perspective). Mr. Stone was just trying to say his brother has redeeming qualities. To equate that with something so awful is stupid. You gave your opinion and this is mine. I know it’s tough for you liberals to accept not everyone thinks like you, but I’d wise up soon or the AOC’s and Bernie’s will complete their take over, and we’ll end up with another 4 years of Trump.

      • I am not a Bernie, AOC, Omar, or all those idiots’ supporters. You missed that point too! I can see you have special interest in that case. About my personal life? I have a dirty mouth and addiction to chocolate! It takes courage and integrity to place your own where they belong. It is duable. I have and will continue to do it. Do not excuse for what you say if you feel it. Your words are nothing to me.

      • I am a registered Democrat, and largely consider myself socially liberal, but the cannibalization you describe in the Democratic party is real, and your statement that Fexxnist could probably be a victim of it herself is prescient. Indeed, in another article regarding Bernie Sanders’ visit to the South Bay, Fexxnist proclaimed her opposition to “JEWISH SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS,” a seemingly pejorative and unnecessary interjection of his Jewish heritage that, were she to state it publicly while holding some minor office, would no doubt bring her a degree of ostracism similar to that which Greer is now facing. But while I think this “cannibalization” you have described is the result of over-intensive purity testing, I don’t know if I’d characterize the question of Fexxnist’s religious prejudices the same way. Deriding a US Senator for being Jewish is serious.

        • I consider myself a Jew, a Christian Jew, and I was deeply offended by Omar’s anti-Semite statements and people like you trying to excuse antisemism. Bernie and other Jews that stood up to defend Omar is what I call Jewish TRAITORS. I am going to stand up for my people even if I am killed. I have no fear. The God of Israel is my God and the Jews my people! We will not be quiet and allow others to trash us while excusing anti-semite people like Ilhan Omar and her supporters. We will fight against anyone! God sent us to the nations so we could be Saved. We are every where. I will pray and fast every Saturday so God will save us from a Jewish traitor becoming the president of the United States!

          • Referring to yourself as a Jew while worshipping Christ and having just used the term “Jewish” pejoratively is just as big of a slap in the face as you could give to actual Jews. The fact that, in the same breath, you accuse me of “trying to excuse antisemitism” just speaks to your lack of self-awareness.

        • I proclaim my opposition to the Jewish traitor Bernie who sided with anti-Semite Ilhan Omar! I am a Jew and I approve this message! Shalom!

    • So Felix, your now going to bring back the death penalty for rape and incest,
      Kamala will have a cow knowing some rightwing religious nut job will be sitting at home voting for her in the primary. Traditionally Kamala’s New Democrat Party penalty for these crimes is to kill the baby in the fourth trimester.
      I’d just love to now what AOC, thinks abut that?

      • Gun today is the day when you are seeing poles and confusing them for polls. For this, it is not a good day to engage in conversation with you. Who cares about AOC?

  14. You are welcome for the Bible lesson. You tatally missed the point though. The person stating to be a non believer suggested others needed Jesus. The Bible message is that the law applies to all equally even to the sons of the king. I was never comparing King David to this big A$$ of a brain. He wanted differential treatment for his brother. That is similar to The Stanford rapist whose friends and family wrote letters stating the wonderful person he was to them. Thankfully, Santa Clara County Voters did not buy that. What was the point of his statements and flashing who he represents? It is shocking you and others are more concerned about this guy’s political future than the harm to the victim of this vicious crime, a child!

    • Mr. Stone’s political future is his business. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, im not a democrat, anyway. I’m just repulsed by the outrage culture that the left has created in this country. Thank you for clarifying your sermon, but you still failed to make sense. The law was already applied. Mr. Stone was not calling for dropped charges, he was simply stating what he knew about his brother as most family members would. The judge takes many factors into consideration when giving a sentence and our legal system allows for statements like his for a reason. Applying the law evenly means that all factors are considered, and the life lived outside of the crime can be a factor. If you don’t like it, then vote to change it. I’m sure if you wait long enough, some democrat will come along and make that their platform. As as I already stated, I see his motive for stating his status and who he represents as pretty clear. He was trying to show that he’s not just a sympathetic brother.. he’s someone who cares for the disenfranchised in his every day life. Trying to help a loved one by honestly vouching for their character does not equate to harming the victim or belittling what happened to her. Was he being honest? That’s for the judge to decide. Publicly calling this man names, trying to get him fired, calling for his castration as the first commenter did.. is outrageous and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

      • Castrations for all child molesters should be welcomed as a clean surgical removal of their primary drive to harm the innocent children victims that they have forever scarred. The castration they will receive at the hands of their fellow inmates will be much more painful and detrimental.

        • You said castration of the entire family… That’s justice in your mind? This is America, not a communist state where entire family’s pay for the crimes of one individual. As I stated before, 2019 Democrats look more and more like you, which is why I walked away from the party.

          • Perhaps castration of another kind is in order for those family members, the brother, which is defending his brother as a good man and a good teacher. The same teacher that took advantage of his student, then infiltrated the family through romancing the mother. But all the time only wanted the child for himself. The child’s father was pushed aside and became alcoholic and then died. All the while the “good teacher” blocks the father’s visitation and becomes the surrogate father. The “Good Teacher” then presses his lips to the child’s body while in the shower. He kisses every part of the child’s body. He is conditioning the child to not fear his advances. The child feels this is wrong but endures this type of daily torture. So Mr. Sick and Tired, we as a society need to clip the brother’s ability to represent us in any form of way as he is calling the child molester a good man and a good teacher. Snip Snip.

      • Stating in court that his brother is a caretaker and a good person while brother is facing molestation charges on a child 11-13 years period is what does not make sense at all. Airo did not take care of this then child. Do you call someone like Michael Airo a good person? Those in court supporting Airo were obviously disengaged from the pain of the victim. SHAME ON all of them and SHAME ON YOU for continuing excusing a brother who did not see any wrong on his brother; his good person statement and caretaker definition prove this lack of awareness on harm to this victim’s life! The Commercially Sexually Exploitation of Children industry has its most consumer here in the Bay Area. It should be clear to you why. People keep excusing pedophiles and child molesters with a degree of power!

        • You two are both radicals, acting as radicals do. Mr. Stone explained a different side of his brother and that’s it. You are trying to imply messages from his statement in court that are simply baseless. You’re both so wrapped up in your own negative feelings that you’ve lost sense with what’s rational and what satisfies the child like outrage that has overtaken you. In fact, that’s a great way to explain the democrat party as a whole these days.. People who complain about underprivileged American neighborhoods, yet invite tens of thousands of uneducated illegal immigrants into the country every month right now. People who shout about the student loan crisis and want to pay off everyone’s debt, yet don’t want to look at why the cost of college has gotten so high. You complain about poverty yet fail to realize the most impoverished big cities are ran by Democrats! Need I go on? You praise Obama as a scandal free president because he made you feel good.. never mind fast and furious, the IRS Lois Learner scandal, the NSA spying on Americans, Benghazi, The Uranium one Deal.. I’ve gotten off topic. This thread is not worth commenting on again so I’ll leave it at this.. Mr. Stone is doing what most brothers would do. If you don’t like him then vote for someone else, but this smear campaign and the disgusting insults are an embarrassment for your party.

          • Sick and Tired is pointless talking to you. As the person you are defending, you have no ability to place yourself on the victim’s shoes. You are only concerned about this big A$$. That is in itself concerning!

        • > The Commercially Sexually Exploitation of Children industry has its most consumer here in the Bay Area. It should be clear to you why. People keep excusing pedophiles and child molesters with a degree of power!


          You are suggesting A LOT here!

          If you know more, say more.

          When you say “The Commercially Sexually Exploitation of Children Industry”, I’m not sure I know who you are referring to, but a number of possibilities come to mind:

          1. NAMBLA (“North American Man-Boy Love Association”) founded by “notorious homosexual” poet Alan Ginsberg and active in San Francisco. Ginsberg is often described as an “icon” of the San Francisco gay community.

          2. Jeffrey Epstein, the widely publicized “financier and philanthropist”, friend and patron of Bill Clinton, proprietor of the notorious “pedophile island” and operator of the associated “Lolita Express”.

          3. “Pizzagate”: Comet PIng Ping, John Podesta, “spirit cookers”

          (Ignore the eyewash about the “conspiracy theory” having been “debunked” and “discredited”. They always say that. has been “debunked” and “discredited”.)

          4. The Catholic Church hierarchy.

          This is actually a vast and deep scandal, and Catholic critics have documented communist subversion going back to the days of Lenin and Stalin specifically intended on taking down the Catholic Church.

          Catholic critics have claimed that a very high percentage of the Catholic “episcopate” is “same sex attracted”, and also that the U.S. hierarchy overwhelmingly (“90%”) identifies with the Democrat party. Reportedly, 90 percent of Catholics identified as Democrats in the 1930’s, but today that number is believed to be down around 50 percent.

          So, FEXXY, Tell us what you know about “The Commercially Sexually Exploitation of Children Industry”,

          • Bubble, I am not suggesting anything. I have worked with this population. They have shared the places in the area where they have been sexually exploited. The Bay Area is the hot spot for this organized crime. We have lot of rich guys here that pay big money to have these children for themselves and to pay from any accountability by means of expensive legal representation. Pedophiles are a percentage of our population. They are gay and straight pedophiles. Most pedophiles are males both gay and straight. We have active and non active pedophiles. Non-active pedophiles have sexual attraction for children but never act on their attraction or romantic and sexual behavior with children. Active pedophiles engage in child porn watch and/or romantic and sexual relationship with children. Some pedophiles only have attraction for children, so they only engage in romantic sexual relationship with children. Others have attraction to adults of the same or opposite sex, but children is what they think about all the time. Single women with children are targeted by these individuals attracted to both adults and children. The children are their target. Thus, they will do whatever they can to have access to them. Pedophiles come from all walks of life, racial, ethnic, religious, and SES. They are a percentage of our population. There is no cure for pedophilia. There is treatment. Their social media groups are identify by the MAPS and the NO-MAPS. Anyone interested in informally exploring their minds can find them online. They need treatment as most of them were also victims of significant trauma. However, we do not justify the trauma and crime offenders of Domestic Violence cause just because most of them also were victims of Domestic Violence such as growing in a home with this condition. Thus, we should allocate resources for treating these pupulations but never give them breaks for their crimes. A behavior with no consequences and in these cases treatment is likely to repeat. MAPS and NO-MAPS GET SOME HELP!

  15. For anyone with doubt about this guy’s behavior search the case on Palo Alto online. This case is similar to THE Stanford case in different points. There was a half room of family, friends, and families of other students. At least 19 wrote letters to the judge on behalf of this child molester with no remorse for his crimes. Judge accepted probation recommendation and gave minimum sentence 16 years. I hope he is not free in three years for good behavior. Some people in this county are reluctant to learning that protecting our children and our elderly is our most important responsibility. Sadly, most people seeking position are doing for power and notability to their lives not for true concern about people they represent. Reading the victim’s statement makes you feel like looking for these two guys and kicking them in between the legs!

  16. On June 29, 2019 from 1pm to 2:30 pm. Corrupted Dave Cortese would have his campaign kickoff for state senate. Yes, he has not had enough corrupting the county. DAVE CORTESE HAS ALSO GIVEN DEFT EARS TO REPORT FROM THE POBLIC SBOUT LAW ENFORCEMENT ENGAGING IN WATCHING CHILD PORN and other crimes. It is time for the public to speak up and show the public the skeletons of our county officials. THIS IS THE TIME TO SPEAK! The people of the county support the people not the corrupted politicians. VOTE NO ON CORTESE FOR STATE SENATE! RECALL ROSEN, LICCARDO, and Dave Córtese! The location for the kickoff is: Elks Lodge 444 West Alma Ave, San Jose.

  17. Wayvoes wrote:

    “Castrations for all child molesters should be welcomed as a clean surgical removal of their primary drive to harm the innocent children victims…”

    Can we expand that to people who ‘ve been deprived of life itself? While not downplaying any crime, I’m sure most folks would agree that killing someone is much more serious than child molesting. Does anyone disagree with that?

    So with only a slight alteration to include those innocents who have been done much more wrong than if they’d merely been molested, maybe we can all agree with this statement:

    “Castrations for all child killers should be welcomed as a clean surgical removal of their primary drive to murder innocent child victims…”

    Would that be OK? It would certainly discourage those murders, wouldn’t it?

    I’m talking about killing kids — for convenience; kids who are just being born (or already have been born in many cases), which is the direction society is going.

    Aren’t they just as innocent as any molestation victim?

    Can anyone explain why they deserve the death penalty?

    C’mon, convince me. I’m always willing to listen to reason.

    • Smokey, what ever it is your smoking seems to be constricting the blood vessels closest to the part of your brain that reasons. Conflating abortion with child molestation is without reason. You must have a political axe to grind and for some reason think this is the proper discussion to do so. But you sidestep the point of discussion for a political statement having nothing to do with the topic. That kind of makes you a bot of sorts. Perhaps you can find some other avenue for your anti-abortionist views.

      However, since you asked.

      A fetus is not a baby by definition and a baby is not a fetus by definition. It is illegal to kill a baby, or molest a child. It is lawful to terminate the fetus prior to becoming a baby. This is done for several reasons of convenience by the mother is allowed. Some of those conveniences may include being raped, being a victim of incest, financial ability, career, loss of income, loss of education, loss of liberty, lack of a willing father, lack of family support, developmental issues with the fetus, ect.

      • > A fetus is not a baby by definition and a baby is not a fetus by definition.

        HAHAHAHA! ! !

        Whose definition?

        Words do not determine reality.

        Words are crude attempts to describe reality. Words mean different things to different people.

        If a word understood by two people describe two different realities, are the realities different?

        • El Buble’,
          Words are very important, otherwise why are we here writing words? If words have no meaning then how do we interpret the laws of the land? How do we describe what is law? Descriptions of nouns are written into the laws for that very purpose.

          • > If words have no meaning then how do we interpret the laws of the land?

            Very poorly.

            That’s why Hillary Clinton isn’t in a federal penitentiary wearing an orange jump suit.

            James Comey just changed a few little words and — PRESTO — Hillary is NOT a national security felon but a presidential candidate.

            Words can be … MAGICAL!

          • El Buble’
            See, and just when I thought we were getting along. There’s that political thing coming out. Hillary was so two years ago. Perhaps this big Elephant in the room trampling our constitution is a more pressing topic. I mean Donaldo de Trump. Don’t be this Russian bot thing all of the time. Comrad’s are hard to come by.

  18. FEXXY:

    > The Bay Area is the hot spot for this organized crime.

    I know s great many things, but I don’t know a thing about this.

    I don’t know any pedophiles. I don’t know anyone who knows any pedophiles. All I know is what you’re telling me.

    But I have observed that there have been periodic hints and innuendoes about this or that politician being a pedophile. Of course, the Catholic Church sexual abuse cases have been widely publicized to the obvious glee of Catholic haters and the publicity has been disastrous for the Church.

    But it as also remarkable to me that the poster child of pedophilia is former San Francisco resident and NAMBLA founder Alan Ginsberg and yet the Bay Area political establishment and cultural elites seem to regard Ginsberg as just a “colorful” and “exotic” personality.

    And who is the “San Francisco political establishment and cultural elite” who has such a “nonjudgmental” and “tolerant” attitude for NAMBLA-ism?

    Nancy Pelosi. Gavin Newsom. Willie Brown. The Getty’s.

    What are people supposed to think?

    • According to Randy Shilts’ acclaimed “The Mayor of Castro Street,” gay political icon Harvey Milk took up with the 16 year old Jack Galen McKinley when Milk was 33. But instead of condemning Milk for pedophilia, SF’s Board of Supervisors voted to name a terminal at SFO after him.

  19. Bubble, I am glad you do know anything about this. This means you are not a part of this problem. Most males are not pedophiles. Most pedophiles are males. Those with power are the most dangerous ones due to having more resources to create access to children and buy out avoiding prision time. People are talking more about this subject because the problem is becoming of big proportions. Political and public officials such as Cindy Chavez and JEFF ROSEN use this theme for their political advantage, but there are not really doing anything.

    • > Political and public officials such as Cindy Chavez and JEFF ROSEN use this theme for their political advantage, but there are not really doing anything.

      My impression is that they say as little about pedophilia as they can.

      The public is lead to conclude that there must not be much of a problem, except for Catholicism. The public should spend its time worrying about real problems like global warming, homelessness, and Trump-Russia collusion.

      My conclusion is that pedolphila is:

      A. not much of a problem, or
      B. a very big Democrat problem that Democrats want to sweep under the rug. Otherwise, the news media would be talking endlessly about pedophiles in the Trump administration.

      (For Sherlock Holmes fans, the sleuth once solved a crime because of a “dog that didn’t bark”. The Dems aren’t barking. That’s a clue.)

  20. People should speak of pedophilia and other conditions the same way we talk about other subjects. It is the stigma about these conditions that cause people SHAME and so trying to hide and/or excuse. This is not a condition of the Catholic Church or this family. It happens every where. The Catholic Church engaged in covering these crimes and moving these sexual predators within the church. Thus, it was the cover up that contributed to the escalation of the crime and harm to victims. It happens in other religious groups. In the past, child molestation, sexual abuse was highly stigmatized. The victims have a voice now. They know some will condemn them and others will support them. This support creates the safe space for them to speak up. Now we have to talk openly about pedophilia and the pedophiles. This is the other side of effective child sexual abuse prevention. We tend to have reactive systems that act after the harm is done. Prevention is more effective and cheaper. We must create plans to prevent child sexual abuse. It is about outreach, education, prevention, treatment, and posvention of harm, strengthing and enforcing laws, and treating those engaging in such crimes. This family is not to blame for what Michael Airo did. They are to blame for their non-sense support…”good person, good teacher, caretaker…BS!

    • > Thus, it was the cover up that contributed to the escalation of the crime and harm to victims.

      . . .

      > the sleuth once solved a crime because of a “dog that didn’t bark”. The Dems aren’t barking. That’s a clue.

      It sure looks to me like you want to go after Jeff Rosen, a relative pissant, but you’re letting the San Francisco Democrat elite from pedophile city off the hook.

      I would say your bark is worse than your bite, and when it comes to the San Francisco Dem establishment, your bark is pretty darn wimpy.

      Has Nancy Pelosi or Gavin Newsom or Willie Brown (Kamala Harris’ one-time “common law” husband} ever said a critical or unkind think about their home grown celebrity pedophile, Alan Ginsberg?

      Did the San Francisco Dem elite use THEIR clout and THEIR connections to “cover up” what Ginsberg was advocating and undoubtedly practicing?

  21. I am not the AG or FBI bubble, and they don’t do much either. I do not represent all democrats. I know the people in my county and the corruption of our local officials. This comercial Sexual Exploitation of children and the abuse they endure by those they trust have to be addressed. Sadly those we pay to do this job side with the priviledged and focus on their political career and own advancement. I am out of ideas; do you have any? My role is to warn others of the people we have for leaders! Yes, I am after ROSEN’ s Corruption and the supervisors that reward him by increasing his salary.

    • > I am out of ideas; do you have any? My role is to warn others of the people we have for leaders!

      Here’s an idea: Hold somebody accountable! DON’T VOTE FOR KAMALA HARRIS!

      Kamala was the PUBLIC PROSECUTOR in the Vatican City of pedophilia, San Francisco.

      I’ll bet that there are even monuments to Allen Ginsberg, the Pope of Pedophilia.

      • I am going to vote for the least evil. Who do you suggest I vote for, the guy who brags about grabbing women by their pussies and was elected president? HELL NO!

        • > I am going to vote for the least evil. Who do you suggest I vote for, . . . .

          Jimmy Carter might be safe, although he did admit to “lusting after women in his heart.”

          He was kind of vague as to whether the lusting involved grabbing women by their body parts. but we don’t ALWAYS need to assume the worst about people.

          • Bubble, this is why we need a Female president,so we do not have to worries about male presidents’ B…S…! KAMALA Harris first United States female PRESIDENT!

  22. I would not penalize the brother for listing the good qualities of his disgusting pervert brother, or for identifying himself as chair of the Santa Clara County Justice Review Committee.

    First, identifying himself as chair of the Santa Clara County Justice Review Committee indicated that he himself was respected in the community, and thus was worthy of being listened to.

    And second, the brother did not talk about the bad things his brother did because
    1. There were plenty of people in court that day who covered that, and
    2. The disgusting pervert brother was still proclaiming his innocence. If his brother had come out and admitted his disgusting pervert brother was guilty it might have hindered the appeals process. He was there to support the convict, not make things worse.

    Nobody in court knew the disgusting pervert brother as anything but a disgusting pervert. Only his brother was there to reveal the non-disgusting perverted side.

    For me, whatever good qualities struck Greer Stone were overwhelmed by his brother’s manifest warning signs. While one or two might be innocent in themselves, combined all together they are damning:
    1. Taking a job working with young children.
    2. Showering attention on one or a small group of the children.
    3. Enticing the mother of a target to date him.
    4. Dating a single mother 50% older than him. (He was ten years older than his victim, or 21 when she was 11. But the mother of an 11 year old would likely be around 30 or older.)

    Given these behaviors, his taking advantage of his girlfriend’s daughter flows naturally. It was lucky for his other students that he limited his predatory behavior to this victim. (Or did he? I hope other victims step forward, if any.)

  23. Wayvoes,

    I get it! If you disagree with someone, they’re a “bot”. That makes it easy.

    But I’d much rather be a bot than think it’s A-OK to kill kids for convenience. And note that in my comment above, I said kids who were already born.

    So I suppose killing babies is OK with you. But it isn’t OK with me, and I doubt it will ever be. To me, it’s nothing less than premeditated murder. That’s because I was raised to think that morals make society liveable.

    But if a moral compass isn’t your thing, you might still ask yourself where that sorta thing ends. If the line is now drawn at post-third trimester babies — and at that point that’s what they are; newborn babies — then I guess you wouldn’t have a problem if that line was moved to include, say… you, when you turn 65. Or whenever.

    Anything’s possible in this brave new world we’re creating. And since old folks are costly to society with their endless medical bills and such, they’re even less worth keeping around than newborns, to the ethically challenged folks who draw those arbitrary lines.

    And if you disagree you can call me more names. It won’t bother me, ’cause bots don’t have feelings…

  24. > Bubble, this is why we need a Female president,so we do not have to worries about male presidents’ B…S…! KAMALA Harris first United States female PRESIDENT!


    I’m starting to get a bit worried.

    Will cis-gender females still be allowed to transition to males under President Kamala, or will transgendering be limited only to trannies reconfiguring from testosterone poisoned beasts to feminist demigods?

    Will President Kamala have any use for millions of aimless, uncontrollable humanoids with defective gender programming? Or is repurposing males as soylent green feedstock part of Kamala’s green new deal?

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