Mercury News Hockey Reporter Stabbed, Suspect Still at Large

Police are still searching for a woman suspected of stabbing a Mercury News reporter at his Willow Glen home early Friday.

The victim, identified by colleagues as San Jose Sharks reporter Paul Gackle, was stabbed multiple times. The Merc, which did not name Gackle, reported that he was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Paul Gackle (Photo via Facebook)

Paul Gackle (Photo via Facebook)

San Jose police responded at 2:20am Friday to the 800 block of Redbird Drive—near Almaden Expressway and Curtner Avenue—on reports of a stabbing. According to ABC7 News, the victim rents a standalone unit behind a home.

Neighbors said they heard a loud noise from the unit before 3am. Minutes later, the victim emerged from his rental unit to find help. One of his neighbors dialed 9-1-1. An ambulance took the victim away in a stretcher.

Though colleagues identified the victim as Gackle to San Jose Inside, San Jose Police Department spokesman Officer Albert Morales declined to disclose his identity until the suspect is caught.

Gackle has not returned a request for comment. Bud Geracie, executive sports editor for the Merc’s parent company, Bay Area News Group, echoed SJPD’s statement about withholding the name of the victim.

According to Gackle’s personal website, he “grew up in the newsroom” covering sports for his father’s paper, the McLean County Independent, in North Dakota. Before joining the Mercury News, Gackle reported on the San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers and Oakland A’s as a columnist for the San Francisco Examiner. He runs a podcast called The Gackle Report with his brother, Patrick.

Josh Koehn also contributed to this report. 

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. Jennifer,
    Shouldn’t you run stats on stabbings , and a story on banning knives and sharp things and registering owners?

    • Fact file: a thermonuclear device can be safely detonated in the New Mexico desert. It’s been done. No people were harmed.

      When people point their thermonuclear device launchers at other people, people can get killed.

  2. First of all, let’s be (truly) thankful that this was not a homicide.

    People getting killed in Willow Glen spurs the city elites to kick the police into action to do something, which always results in racial profiling and senseless acts of selective enforcement and a disproportionate number of arrests of “people of color” ( white is not a color).

    Secondly, why won’t the reporter comment on what happened? Why are the police not releasing information!? What an alarming, appalling lack of transparency!!! The IINO (Independent in name only) Police Auditor must get involved!

    Thankfully the victim will recover. Even more thankfully, the victim was a white male, so no one cares. When and if the suspect is caught, I hope that she ( as gender has been described above) is actually a transvestite self-identifying as a female and she was acting out of “battered woman’s syndrome” in obvious self-defense from domestic violence and fled the scene because she was afraid to come forward because she was an illegal alien who feared deportation by a misogynist police force who an anonymous source reported has male officers who routinely text “T and A” jokes over their personal cell phones while pinching each other on the buttocks and taunting “Look at me, I’m Harvey Weinstein”.

    Folks, if this woman is caught, which is more likely than not, she’s going to don some mantle of victim-hood, blame the male victim, and when she gets a “Persky-fied” sentence, no one will say anything because in modern society, the white male, as a member of the “oppressor class”, is always wrong, always has it coming because of white privilege. If this suspect is, in fact, as has been theorized, a prostitute, I can all but guarantee that she will be placed in some shelter, some sort of rehab program and sent to anger management classes.

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