Santa Clara City Attorney in the Spotlight After Lawsuit Fail

The verdict of Santa Clara’s lawsuit over districted elections that is set to cost the city millions has residents apoplectic, and much of that frustration is being directed at City Attorney Brian Doyle, city hall insiders say.

“People want blood,” one told Fly.

Now that Santa Clara County Superior Court and an appeals court adjudicated the lawsuit over whether Santa Clara must divide itself into six pieces to conform with the California Voting Rights Act, new scrutiny is trained on Doyle’s role in the expensive, failed legal dustup.

That’s especially true after it turns out that Santa Clara blew its chance to settle the matter at a discount before the appeals court threw down its decision. Doyle inexplicably failed to notify City Council members in time to act before the offer expired, according to moles with knowledge of the sequence of events.

Several Santa Clara City insiders told Fly that residents were already starting to voice their frustrations about the years-long battle that ended with the city in the same place it was in 2018—just poorer.

One city council member confirmed to Fly that indeed emails are pouring in about Doyle and the verdict.

“It definitely gives him a black eye how this whole CVRA thing came down. It doesn’t look good,” Suds Jain, who was elected to the council in November said. “A number of people have contacted me to express their displeasure.”

Doyle’s position is one of three that are decided by the council. And while Jain said he would not speculate on whether the position might be next in line for regime change, others inside City Hall acknowledged that something would likely need to occur to smooth over the blunder.

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  1. Well, when Doyle comes back from storming the Capitol along with his Proud Boy friends, he might get a job at Walmart

    Teresa ONeill backed this racist.

  2. I dont think Doyle the Bigot went to Oxford. He may have that as a backdrop but he probably got his law degree from the Online College of the Virgin Islands, as for his fellow Proud Boy Blogger, districts must be imposed.

    Maybe Doyle after he is fired can represent Blogger Boy.


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    Howling at the moon.

    I suspect that if a team of animal psychiatrists examined Mr. “IT”, they might discover a new species of something or other.

  4. If true, Doyle may have bigger issues to address than a pissed off community and Council. See, California Rule of Professional Conduct 1.4.1.

  5. As a lifetime resident of the city of Santa Clara, it is shameful the way you have treated the 49ers. They are a significant and great organization that any city in the USA would be proud of. They have suffered from the attacks by this Council that has done nothing to help with the issue heat and noise with no roof on the stadium cause, arrested 49ers team members to make an example of and were unwilling to do anything to help them get through the Covid forcing them out of the county. No one made or wanted the Santa Clara City Council to be an anti-capitalism organization; except for a few radicals. This have not represented the best interest of citizenry. The 49ers in their city are an endless treasure for the community and should be protected; driving the 49ers out of the city would be a great lost.

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