More Resignations in Office of Assemblymember Nora Campos

Assemblymember Nora Campos (D-San Jose) and her henchman chief of staff Sailaja Rajappan deserve credit for their consistency and determination. Over the last several years, no duo in Sacramento has shown a greater commitment to making the lives of their co-workers miserable. The last time we checked in with Assembly District 27, a.k.a. AD-ios 27, Campos and Rajappan had just fired spokesman Steve Harmon. The former news reporter had to polish quite a few turds while in the line of duty but was still run out of the office like the 40-plus employees before him. He refused to go silently, though, airing grievances with the manage-by-terror tactics in Campos’ office that San Jose Inside has been reporting on for more than a year. But any thoughts that Campos and Rajappan might be shamed into better behavior were laughed out the door last week, when Fly learned of two more staff departures. Scheduler Lauren Robinson left to take a job in the office of State Senator Ben Allen, while district director Andres Quintero simply resigned. Quintero’s departure is especially damning, because few people have shown more loyalty to San Jose’s East Side power structure. Before coming to Campos’ office, Quintero worked in the office of county Supervisor Cindy Chavez and her inglorious predecessor, George Shirakawa Jr. If he couldn’t make it work in Campos’ office, no one can. Quintero politely declined comment when reached by Fly, saying he is looking forward to new opportunities, such as a teaching at a local community college. Robinson was also polite if not short, telling Fly to never call her again before hanging up. We’d say we’ll update again if more people flee Campos’ office, but there’s never an if with this group. Only when.

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  1. > Robinson was also polite if not short, telling Fly to never call her again before hanging up.

    “Please . . . never call here again. Click.”

    Who says politics is ugly and mean spirited?

    No questioning of parentage or hygiene. No suggestions of exotic sex acts. No death threats.

    It all sounds very civil to me.

    Apparently, though, Ms. Robinson is just ASSUMING that The Fly isn’t a Republican.

  2. So, given the long and consistent history of Ms. Campos losing staff, and the fact that most of them cite her completely obnoxious behavior toward staff members as the reason for their departure (it’s never her fault, of course), I wonder why anyone in his/her right mind would ever go to work for her. Are they that desperate for a job? What’s the plus side of working for such a witch (did I get the first letter wrong?).

  3. She refused face to face meetings with opposition to SB277. Despite her wonderful staff learning the ins and outs, she still voted in favor of this discriminatory bill.

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