Matt Mahan Pulls Off Decisive Victory in San Jose’s D10

Former Brigade CEO Matt Mahan coasted toward a victory in San Jose’s D10, where Councilman Johnny Khamis terms out at the end of the year.

Mahan, who enjoyed backing from Mayor Sam Liccardo and the Silicon Valley Organization, had nearly 58 percent of the vote today with 92 precincts reporting.

Source: Santa Clara County

Jenny Higgins Bradanini, South Bay Labor’s answer to Mahan, finished last—behind even Helen Wang, who kept a pretty low profile in the race.

Matt Mahan and his campaign team react to early returns Tuesday. (Photo by Greg Ramar)

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  1. Congrats Matt!! You are experienced in business, educated in one of our finest institutions (so yes intelligent) have a love of family and community. What else can we ask for? I am looking forward to you representing D10. Now make San Jose proud!

  2. Matt Mahan, one of Mayor Sam’s favorite “Boot-licks,” had this victory in the bag without having to spend much effort.

    Good Luck!

    Screw South Bay Labor.

    David S. Wall

    • > Matt Mahan, one of Mayor Sam’s favorite “Boot-licks,” had this victory in the bag without having to spend much effort.


      Mahan is a bright guy who takes the job of candidate very seriously and worked very hard at it.

      He appears to have planned his candidacy as long as Hillary has planned hers.

      My recollection is that Mahan came out against Measure E, while Smiling Sam supported it. (All D10 candidates opposed Measure E, including the South Bay Labor candidate).

      So, did Sam just give Mahan a “day off” from Democrat politics so he could win D10? Is Sam going to expect Mahan to show up on the first day of class with alphabetized Liccardo policy papers in his ring binder?

  3. “Jenny” did not even have the grace to stop running for City Council D10 and in my opinion this speaks to her concern about people. Yes, I knew and loved Tim even though I had not seen him in years. This was not just a little fender bender, she was not in her lane and caused a very fine persons death. How could she even be capable of making any kind of decisions with this obvious manslaughter charge with negligent disregard for human life (or worse) facing her? How can she really think that she would be a BENEFIT to others after committing this outrageously irresponsible driving catastrophe ? She must be able to disassociate with or without help to a place where she truly feels nothing. I am very sorry she is in that place. I will wish good thoughts for her healing. I am also praying that all of the judicial processing and attempts to provided justice will happen very quickly so the remaining family can be left in peace. I cannot imagine why she has not already been charged except that she should be a leader and an example to others but thanks to God. the voters did not let that happen. ☮︎♥︎nancy

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