David Cohen Advances to Runoff Against San Jose’s D4 Incumbent

At the Nurse Builders Academy in Santa Clara, guests helped themselves to eggrolls, samosas and Round Table Pizza as they waited for council candidate Huy Tran, who arrived at 9:09pm. “I got to tell you now, if you look around this room, I love all of the faces I’m seeing here,” Tran said. “This day itself has just been incredible.”

He encouraged guests to “drink and be merry” as prospects dimmed that the D4 challenger would make the runoff in the North Valley council district.

Frontrunner David Cohen—who shared a South Bay Labor endorsement with Tran—remained at a party in a gated home along the outskirts of northeastern San Jose as he watched his lead grow over business-aligned incumbent Lan Diep.

Married couple Jaswant “Jash” Gillon and Saroj “Rosie” Gillon hosted Cohen’s campaign in their home with bright chandeliers, granite countertops and custom cabinets. Food was catered from North Side eatery Jade China, paired with Costco pizza.

Cohen’s team, made up largely of young college students, happily engaged in banter about the night’s election results—particularly mentioning a win from Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Today, with 85 percent of precincts reporting, Cohen maintained his four-point lead over Diep with 37 percent of the vote, forcing the D4 councilman to face him this fall.

Source: Santa Clara County

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  1. Holy smokes! This does NOT look like the typical D4 Alviso home! This is like the Buttigieg’s “wine cave” in Napa. Obvously David Cohen is part of the “gentry liberals” of the Silicon Valley. We have sh*tloads of money, but “we feel your pain”!

  2. District 4 doesnt need more taxes and handouts, district 4 doesnt need leniency on crime, theft, property and quality of life crimes.

    Cohen has consistently backed laws that have made it easier for criminals to commit crime without any consequences (Prop 47). Notice how every property and quality of life crimes have sharply increased in district 4/California under such backward laws where the national average has fallen under the same criteria.

    It’s also interesting Cohen touts his experience in the Berryessa Union School District, one of the only districts in San Jose that have declined in math/english test scores while INCREASING in funding. ?

    District 4 residents need to do their research before voting for Cohen. Fancy campaign ads and idealistic college students should not be the metric for long term D4 goals.

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