Asm. Kansen Chu Faces Calls to Resign Over ‘Racist’ Remarks

Assemblyman Kansen Chu came under fire this week for reportedly making racist comments to a Chinese-language news outlet. Now, some are calling for his resignation.

In a June 11 article in the World Journal, Chu expressed his position on Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5, which, if approved at the ballot, would repeal the proposition that banned affirmative action in 1996.

Chu abstained from the vote a day prior.

In the article, which was translated into English, Chu is quoted as saying that as a school board trustee he saw many Hispanic parents uninterested in their children’s education, busy with work and unprepared to send their kids to college.

The statement blew up online, prompting backlash from a host of community leaders, including Chu’s opponent in the Santa Clara County supervisor race, Otto Lee.

Chu, however, denies the characterization of his remarks that ignited the outrage.

Not only did the reporter insert his own opinion, Chu alleges, but the “translated version in English did not accurately reflect what was written in Chinese, which discussed the long-standing systemic racism in our country in addition to the need to make college more affordable to achieve true equality.”

“I unequivocally deny saying that Latinos do not value education,” he said. “I did say that there are systemic barriers for Latinos and African American students.”

Ex-Assemblyman Paul Fong wasn’t buying it, saying he hopes Chu “spends more time truly listening to the hopes, dreams and struggles residents of color face before making sweeping and inaccurate generalizations.”

Lee piled on similar condemnations.

“To use non-English media to make racist statements and mislead his Chinese-speaking constituents about this vote is incredibly troubling,” Lee added. “To speak with such openly prejudiced rhetoric hidden under the veil of a language barrier is both unacceptable and tone deaf to this moment in our nation’s history.”

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    • Chu is just being honest. Quotas and Affirmative Action programs only help those with no ability or proper training to advance. Why should Asians and Jews suffer the numbers game by letting unqualified Hispanics and Blacks to advance without merit? Thank you Mr. Chu for holding your ground and speaking the truth.

      • Help Save Mary!!! You comment reminds me of Ilhan Omar’ s when she said she did not agree with Trump’s Talent based immigration because it discriminated Latinos. These people against the affirmative action are the True Mega racist disguised by concerned people. Now that colleges and universities will no longer accept test score as a basis for entrance, these people’s kids won’t go to school even if they pay for a whole library. Public and private universities have become a place run by the affluent and for the affluent! The lost of your long standing privilege is going to be an indeed social shock, for Kansen and those of the same club! Remember this land us a Native Land FOREVER!

  1. It is important to discuss the parents’t interest in children education. In the Chinese culture parents are considered good parents by the level of education of their children. In the Hispanic cultures being a good parent means raising children who fear God and demonstrate a basic level of what is known as social intelligence. Education is important too. However many families not all come to this county with the intention to fulfill the basic needs of their children. In the Chinese culture children are taught to obey authority. In the Hispanic cultures, children are taught to speak their mind and to challenge authority when necessary. My experience working with children of all ethnic groups including White children is that given the same conditions all are capable. Latino children tend to have more people skills than other children, generally speaking, independent of their social economic status. Chinese children tend to be more academically prepared because of the many hours parents make them spend in their academic work. Few of my Chinese colleagues have described this parenting as abuse. I myself have nieces and nephews who are Chinese. Based on my experience this is true. They spend more time in academic than on children’s social activities. To me this parenting is the result of how someone perceives good parenting. The Ban on affirmative action benefitted those groups with more resources to support their children education and international students, particularly Chinese, South Asians, and other from the same regions. Academic institutions love this since out of state and international students pay more for tuition. When parents have to worry about their basic needs, they are more likely to pay for the electricity bill than for internet connection. This is why some Hispanic and Black children could not continue their academic tasks during this pandemic. Their parents were worry about continuing to work, pay rent, and have food on their tables. I have to keep my contact with them via phone calls and texting. In the science of psychology is well known how the needs based and other social economic factors affect the advancement of some groups and individuals. Racism and discrimination are part of these social and economic factors. AOC and her other progressive friends are just one example of the cultural factors I explained above. AOC is probably the one with less academic background, she became the leader. She displaces more social intelligence than Omar and the other. This is why people tend to judge her more positively than the other. They all have the same mentality and views, antisemites and communist.

    • #CheckYourPrivilege and easy on the word salad… you bout to get urself in some trouble.

      EVERYONE knows why there is an opportunity gap, because tests, textbooks, math, physics, teachers and their union are all #Racist!

      Like all structures of #WhiteSupremacy, it must be torn down. There will be no peace until we tear down #WhiteSupremacy.


      • Karen, good job at naming yourself Karen. Your cognitive understanding is I am right and the others are wrong. Those who are like me are right and those contrary to me are wrong. I believe there are no rights or wrongs just different lifestyles and views. Causing pain on others because of our own understanding of life and the world is wrong. Give to others what you want others to give to you. I am a pro-life, Christian, and heterosexual woman. I am very attracted to handsome men, particularly Latino handsome men. Hello Chayanne! I am a She/Her and do not hate LGBTQ. One of my nieces is lesbian. I can see you are the Karen of the LGBTQ community. LGBTQ people can be racist too. Check your own privilege mamacita and go sing the happy birthday song to the oldest woman in your home! TU MADRE! The LGBTQ community is just like any other community, you can find all kinds of individuals within including the Karens! Hello Karen!

          • Wow really? You extremist views are well displayed KAREN! It is people like you that causes more harm than good to the LGBTQ Community. I am sure you are one of those who would love to call women people with a vulva or menstruators! Sorry cariño. Proud to be a WOMAN! Truly yours, FEXXNIST! QUE VIVA EL FEMINISMO!!! Thank you God for the handsome men of this world! Love Chayanne, Dudu Acevedo…!

  2. Karen’s argument is bullying and idiotic. If you are confident you are logical and right you don’t threaten those who disagree with you. You are essentially saying, even if you are right, agree with me or I will hurt you. Hitler was similar. Affirmative Action must be by class not race ever. Some groups study longer and harder than others and if so they deserve to get into better schools and earn more money. Then they set an example others may and should follow. Success in the US is basic. Study hard. Be honest. Marry before having children. Save. Blame yourself and work harder if you fail. Work long hours. Assimilate. It works for everyone because we are not a racist nation. These are the facts and they are undisputed.

  3. Sorry it sounded real. Trust me, you are not inventing a character but you are imitating many very real people and that is scary. This extremism will scare people and give Trump 4 more years.

    • Karen is a troll. She called math and physics racist and demanded we #DefundTheTeachers. These are ideas that no one is advocating for in the public debate on how to close the racial gap. Her posts are an attempt to smear supporters of affirmative action.

      • I see I have exposed another “Ally”.

        But I can prove #DefundTeachers is the only path to Racial Equity. I am so exhausted from explaining this.

        Syllogisms of Struggle

        1) structures that have different racial outcomes are racist
        2) all racist structures need to be defunded
        3) the justice system has different racial outcomes
        4) police implement the justice system
        5) We must #DefundthePolice

        1) structures that have different racial outcomes is racism
        2) all racist structures need to be defunded
        3) the education system has different racial outcomes
        4) teachers implement the education system
        5) We must #DefundtheTeachers


        You say no one saying Math is Racist, who are you to take away these Voices?

        First there’s this smarty pants. And we all know Seattle is always right about everything.

        And I have 3 proves. 
        I never understood why I could’t pass Algebra. But when I was at my Islamic Studies Symposium, I found out the guy that invented algebra was Muslim! I thought oh the legacy of Systemic Islamic Supremacy, but then my BLM friend told me to check my #whitePrivelage because learning Algebra would be appropriating Muslim culture and that all people use math differently. So I felt better after I shut up and listened.

        Later on, when I was at my Yoga Class and the instructor said that 0 was invented in India. I could never understand zero. It’s a number right so that’s something, but it’s nothing right? How can something be nothing? Sometimes I would sit on the toilet and miss second period thinking about that, it was like a when you flush the toilet, it just keeps going around and around. But then my BLM friend told me to shut up and listen again, you don’t get to understand because that would be appropriation. I was at peace again.

        Of course the Syllogism of Struggle again holds

        1) Subjects that have different racial outcomes are racist
        2) math is a subject 
        3) math has different racial outcomes
        4) math is racist


        Physics, well all science, is Racist
        These people are from somewhere important, and they got really hard sounding degrees.

        I could type that thing up there, but my CFS/ME has peaked and I shake my head that I have to keep explaining this.

        And everyone has already know tests are racists for like ever

        You are Welcome!

        • The validity of all syllogisms depends upon the validity of the initial assumption. All your initial assumptions are in fact your conclusion.

          • Jenn, please stop this email verification BS
            Thank you for your prompt action.

          • If that is the best you got, this game is already over.

            It seems the emperor has no clothes after all.

            Get a bucket, a rag, and get washing, feet that is.

  4. On Wednesday, Kansen contradicted his OWN public statements, one issued on Monday and a second one issued on Tuesday ( You know you’re in trouble when you have to clarify your own press releases.

    Now, in an interview on Chinese TV station KTSF, Kansen is saying that he didn’t even mention ethnicity in his June 11th World Journal interview. Really, Kansen?

    Funny how he didn’t complain about the World Journal article until he got publicly called out.

    He is having trouble keeping his own lies straight. Case study in how NOT to handle a controversy.

  5. Democrats often use the undeveloped brain of younger men to excuse their criminal actions. And Democrats consistently vote to lower the voting age. Some states are even lowering it to be the age they are on Election Day. So, they register on Election Day, amble into the voting booth, clueless about the candidates and the issues. There is an incessant tide to turn the US into a one-party country.

    • John,and you and Bubble are the perfect example of the Trump’s monkeys’ brain. A butt instead of a brain with stinky left and right hemisphere with a big hole in between! They are fixated in the big hole. How Freud would explain this based on his theory of sexual stages? …@@SHOLES! You brain is not underdeveloped; you just gut a bu!!head!

      • lowering the voting age would possibly be the dumbest thing ever. It is so obvious kids are props of either thier teachers or their parents, any serious person who argues against is an insta-liar. Teenagers barely have a prefrontal cortex. That goes for the pro-life props and the disciples of St Greta.

        thays not trump-brainology, thats neuroscience

        Life is long enough not to infect high school with the polirage-porn America distracts itself from its Godless, purposeless existence with.

        Leave the kids alone…

      • > John,and you and Bubble are the perfect example of the Trump’s monkeys’ brain.


        I’m more convinced than ever that you’re a GOP troll just trying to discredit Democrats by making them look like loons.

        Are you really Mitt Romney or Jeff Flake?

  6. This is a ridiculous article. He clearly makes a comment based on his personal experience about what he saw. What someone sees is not racist.

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