Obama Slept Here

It was a scene reminiscent of the movie El Mariachi last night, as men carrying large black guitar cases streamed past police lines and through metal detectors around 11pm at the San Jose Fairmont hotel’s lobby. By that time, the line of people hoping to catch a glance of the 44th President of the United States instead got to spot and spontaneously applaud stars from the 20th Annual San Jose Mariachi Festival Gala Concert & Musical as musicians such as Los Lobos’ Cesar Rosas made their way to the lobby bar.

On Sunday, President Barack Obama became the first sitting U.S. president in a decade to overnight in San Jose. That may placate some of the people who have been complaining that this president bypasses a city that overwhelmingly supported him and only spends time with the wealthy gods of social media on the Peninsula, who dispense $35,800 checks like ATMs. (Guests at last night’s soiree at Facebooker Cheryl Sandberg’s Atherton crib included Lady Gaga, who presumably wanted Obama to add schoolyard bullies to his agenda, along with repairing the global economy and finding Muammar Gaddafi.) Obama made it to San Jose after 10pm and planned to head back to Mountain View for a LinkedIn town hall at the Computer History Museum.

San Jose was the dateline for new reports of the president’s arrival, and Mayor Chuck Reed was in the greeting line at Moffett Field (which is in Mountain View and Sunnyvale, actually). Truth be told, the only reason Obama was in San Jose was because he needed a place to crash. He’s the fourth consecutive U.S. President to catch some shuteye there, so they know the drill. And the Secret Service office is on the same block. That will disappoint people who got used to President Bill Clinton’s regular jogs down Market Street and jaunts into neighborhoods like Willow Glen, where he bought a book at a now-defunct independent bookstore.

Business was slow at establishments in and around the Fairmont due to the security cordon that shut down Market and First Streets. Shortly before midnight, a profanity-screaming woman was handcuffed on the Fairmont’s back steps near Tova Day Spa and led away. An agent said she was caught stealing soap.

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  1. No wonder Obama is so disconnected from the problems facing so many in the U.S.  In Obama’s cloistered little world I bet he did not meet a single unemployed person. Didn’t see anybody facing foreclosure.  Everybody enjoying his company had excellent health insurance.  Many had a net worth in the millions. Most of their children go to the best private schools. Spending so much time with those doing so well leads   Mr. Obama to half-halfheartedly introduce a warmed over jobs bill just to give the appearance he really does care (enough to get re-elected that is).

    • .Wow! If you feel that way about Obama, then you must absolutely abhor the spineless, nation destroying Teahadists that is todays Republican Party.  I’ll take Obama any day over folk who are truly selfish and care only for the filthy rich.

      • “I’ll take Obama any day over folk who are truly selfish and care only for the filthy rich.”

        – Solyndra (billionaire dem. donors involved here)
        – LightSquared (filthy rich political connections here too.  billionaire George Soros anyone?)
        – Fast and Furious
        – AVI Biopharma (insider trading)
        – Skyterra Communications (more trading on insider info)

        2 questions…
        What did Obama know?  And when did he know it?

        • like Obama is not filthy rich, he just raised 5 million over night. Slept here for free at the Fairmont Presidential Top floor Suite and cost us a million plus to fly back to Washington.  Not bad for a one night visit.  And he did not even say hello to San Jose!

      • What a dumb comment, of course he was fund raising.  Using tax payer dollars to travel, sleep, eat.  And then fly home without even bothering to say hello in San Jose.  He knows where the free money is in the bay area.  But then the way the mayor has bankrupted San Jose, can’t say I blame him for taking a nap and getting the heck out of here.

        Did you go get your picture taken with the president for 7500.00.  Or pay 35,000 to have dinner in the same room?

      • I was going to say the same thing. He was here to raise funds. People will find ANY LITTLE THING to jump on him for. I have voted republican and I have voted Democrat but I will be damn if I ever vote for another republican just because of how they have treated this president. I have really come to dislike that party.

  2. Stop not in San Jose but at private residents outside of our city, raise 5 million dollars, sleep in the presidential suite at the Fairmont on the tax payer dollar and I’m sure police overtime money.  Then head to Mt. View for a publicity chat, get back on Air One which will cost us another million plus to fly back to Washington.  Thanks for coming!

    Sure glad our mayor traveled out of town to say hello.

    • So it was OK for George W. To travel around Willy nilly, waging costly wars Willy nilly, and give the filthy rich huge tax breaks, thus causing our massive deficit and taking middle-class taxpayers to town..yet Obama engages in similar presidential affairs and all of a sudden its a problem? (Typical strawmen of SJInside)

      • This has been going on for years regardless of party lines.  Now your feelings are hurt because someone questions Obama in a public forum.  This crap is never going to change so just get use to it.

        Nice cheap shot Tony, wish you the best at least you read this stuff.

        • Looks like you are the one with the hurt feelings. What Tony said is true and you know it. GWB started it, Obama inherited it and everybody forgot about GWB’s wrong doings. Go ahead. Show your true colors.

  3. “Obama Slept Here”  on the taxpayers’ dime while doing no government business; but merely fundraising for his re-election campaign.

    His re-election committee should be made to pay for the whole trip.

    Thank god he didn’t bring his USA-hating wife and her shopping spree entourage.  That would’ve cost us taxpayin’ saps a whole lot more.  She’d wanna come with her girlfriends on a separate taxpayer-paid-for plane and stay at the $16k/night Presidential Suite @ the SF Fairmont.

    • Some how I am sure she got something out of this!  Probably go on a spending spree with the money that was raised.  Bet that white house garden, fresh veggies no longer exists.

  4. too bad he did not make Reed the Czar of silly .. Reed could have sold him on building a ball park on the white house grass for billionaires. It could be on MTV you know like cribs.
      I still have hope that Obama is a good person but Reed I know is the worst of the Worst. Reeds moto is if you dont stop me your either lazy or stupid or both. It may not be legal what i do but you did not stop me so its your fault.

  5. This City Management reminds me of “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”.  Every character is covered by the Mayor and respective Council Members!

    Nothing more to add. 

    Oh Nurse Ratchet,Nurse Ratchet!

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