POA Board Lacks Confidence in Chief?

As morale sinks and police officers continue to resign or retire from the San Jose Police Department, the Police Officers Association’s board of directors could call for a vote of no confidence in Police Chief Chris Moore. Moore has held the job officially for a little more than a year and a half, after serving in an interim role.

POA President Jim Unland recently wrote a column on the union’s website, Protect San Jose, that said the “dismantling to the SJPD is well underway.” When reached by phone Unland said he couldn’t comment on internal matters.

However, San Jose Inside has learned that Howard Johnson, a police officer who has been on the force for roughly two decades and is a POA board member, asked for the no confidence vote to be placed on the agenda at the POA’s monthly meeting. It’s unclear if Johnson’s motion has the support of the rest of the 15-person board.

Below is an email City Manager Debra Figone sent in support of Moore on Thursday to the City Council, Mayor Chuck Reed, Independent Police Auditor LaDoris Cordell, City Attorney Rich Doyle and two members Figone’s staff, David Vossbrink and Ed Shikada:

“From: Figone, Debra
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2012 03:50 PM
To: Reed, Chuck; Constant, Pete; Kalra, Ash; Liccardo, Sam; Chu, Kansen; Campos, Xavier; Oliverio, Pierluigi; Nguyen, Madison; Herrera, Rose; Rocha, Donald; Pyle, Nancy
Cc: Moore, Christopher; Doyle, Richard; Cordell, LaDoris; Vossbrink, David; Shikada, Ed
Subject: Media inquiry regarding potential POA vote of no confidence

Honorable Mayor and City Councilmembers,
Reporter Damian Trujillo from NBC Bay Area requested an interview today with me regarding a potential action by the SJPOA board of directors to call for a vote of no confidence in Chief Moore. This item is on the POA board agenda for its meeting next Tuesday morning, August 7, when the board will decide whether to bring the matter to the full POA membership or to let it drop.
I met with Damian this afternoon to express my own strong confidence in the Chief and his leadership, especially during such tough times. Chief Moore has been a very strong advocate for our police force that serves our community well, and he has done an excellent job managing a difficult situation that he has inherited. Although I am disappointed that a vote of no confidence has become an issue with the POA, I also hope that it will not become a distraction among our officers. It is important that we work together and stay focused to deal productively with the many challenges facing the City and the department.
We expect Damian’s story will air on tonight’s Ch 11 newscasts at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 p.m.  It’s also very likely that we will receive additional news media inquiries about the POA board agenda item, and you might be approached by reporters. Please let me know if I can help.
City Manager”





Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. This Chief is a total spineless person, only willing to bow to Deb and the Chuck.  He cares less about his own officers and will soon take his sick time buyout and being working in Washington, depending on the election results.

    Our officers deserve better, someone who will stand up for them.  I predict the next COP will be a in house female.  Go figure! Lets be politically correct Chuck!

    We deserve better SJ.

  2. Chief Figone has spoken!!!  Moore is doing exactly what Chief Figone wants.  So sad.  But thats why Chief Figone was hired.  I believe Shikada or Vossbrink are next in line for the title of “Chief of Police” when the sick time buy-out is eliminated and Moore retires before its implementation.  FYI…Chief Figone your “leadership style” is distracting all of your employees and your strong confidence in your “leadership” will get your employees seriously hurt or killed.  But I am sure you’ll blame everyone but yourself if and when it happens.  Keep up the great work!!!!

  3. Doug Figone

    Of Course you have complete confidence in Chief Moore. You are the Puppet Master and he is your absolute puppet . The only good job he has done is in standing by and doing nothing as you and the Mayor dismantle this once proud department . He has done a beautiful job ” Of folding like a Lawnchair”.  Im sure you and the Mayor will enjoy the retirement and defferred Compensation package that you both enjoy , courtesy of residents of San Jose.  you know the ones you are trying to steal from ” City Employees” . Hopefully when you are both gone you will look back and acknowledge the damage you have done to this city

  4. Citizens of San Jose are definitely beginning to feel the blowback from the absurd measures (V,W, &B) they voted for in the last couple of years.  If the City’s leadership isn’t to blame, then who is exactly?  If only we could have votes of no confidence for Debra Figone and her buddy Ed Shikada.  Unfortunately, no such thing exists and the Council is too scared to actually say anything and do their jobs for the people they SERVE.

  5. The reality is that a vote of no confident has no teeth… It’s simply a mechanism to tell the public that leadership is ineffective.  The Chief already knows his subordinates think poorly of him — he doesn’t care.  In his own words “the view is different from the top.”

    The POA needs to give Figone a vote of No Confidence, along with Reed. That’s where the leadership is truly failing, and that’s what the public needs to know

  6. Not being part of your union, but obviously having more info than the average prescient citizen with respect to POA members opinions, I say go for it. The chief has had more than enough opportunity to stand up for you guys and girls, I think by now its clear he is just sticking around for the money and waiting to see what happens with his sick leave. Vote your consciences, and see what is what.

  7. It is often repeated here that the “real” Chief of Police is City Manager Debra Figone – that she is the puppetmaster pulling Moore’s strings. 

    If this is true then a vote of “No Confidence” for Moore is in reality a “No Confidence” Vote for “Chief Figone.”

  8. I’m posting this with Carl’s permission:

    Dear Mayor Reed, Council Members, and City Manager Figone,

    I know all of you have been trying to balance the budget and have to make changes to
    employee’s wages and pensions. If you don’t our city will go bankrupt like a lot of
    others have, but things are getting out of control because of the way you are approaching
    this, and we tax paying citizens are suffering because of it.

    I’m pretty disgusted by the way the city has treated their employees through this whole
    thing. I worked for a small family owned company that started to fold. They treated us
    better than you are treating your employees. They offered us help with our resumes, job
    counseling, and a lot of emotional support through out their own difficult financial
    times. I don’t see you guys doing any of that for your employees. I’d like to ask why you

    City employees are scared like the rest of us because they have bills to pay, families to
    feed, and kids to send to college. They have busted their butts for the city and deserve
    a fair shake.

    Why don’t you all get on the same page and start working with them like other cities
    have? All this bickering is only making things worse for everyone, and now our PD Union
    is fighting inside their own organization.

    I saw the news last night. I get why the SJPOA is frustrated with leadership, but Chief
    Moore is a pretty good guy who inherited a department that needs a lot of improvement. He
    hasn’t had enough time to make things better inside the SJPD because his job pulls him
    out of state a lot. I think Chief Moore should be allowed to speak up for his department
    without fear of losing his job, but I read the Charter and know he can’t. Why is that any
    way? He is the expert in law enforcement, not the city manager.

    Can’t all of you start including city employees in talks and ballot measures that
    everyone can live with? We don’t need another “Little Saigon!”

    Why don’t you try to repair the harm you’ve caused city employees, like my Council
    Member, Don Rocha, is doing by holding an appreciation BBQ for our public safety
    servants, and start showing public servants the support and appreciation they deserve
    through these tough times? Be compassionate leaders, and change the way you are treating
    everyone because I’m sick of all the attacks and politics I’m seeing.

    Just get er done will ya!

    Carl Schroeder

  9. Chief Moore is another academic hack posing as a police chief. His predecessor, Rob Davis, was another academic poser who never was a police officer. Moore is a spineless bureaucrat who has zero leadership skills and zero ideas on how to effectively operate the police department. He has staffed much of the upper command staff with fools, idiots and posers who care more for their own skin than stepping up and leading the police department.

    If you have less than 10 years with SJPD go find a job elsewhere. You are not appreciated by the city, the department leaders, the citizenry, or the press.

    The SJPOA should expand it vote of no confidence beyond Chief Moore and include his flunkies in the command staff.

    • I disagree… The captain and lieutenant ranks are staffed with the Best of the best and at the BFO Chief is solid. Davis by-and-large promoted some outstanding people to the sergeant ranks before he retired plus lts and captains.  Davis and Moore have staffed the department (with notable exceptions) with real leaders.

        • Well ET you are correct I was promoted (by Davis). My history at the several departments I worked at speaks for itself and anyone who knows me knows that I am not a “company man.”

          I take issue with Bill’s comment regarding Moore’s command staff being “flunkies.”  THe current crop of captians and lieutenants (especially those in BFO including special ops and patrol) are rock solid people. If you were SJPD you would have a tough time disputing this.

          It really doesnt matter what the “officers” (read: the ones who huddle where ever there is wi-fi / call in sick because they were denied TO / havent seen ppc or lower booking since they were in FTO / yet have infinite energy to complain when they don’t get teh 10 hr/time and a half pay car)“thought” about Davis – I think, at some level, Davis knew his limitations and promoted (again “with NOTABLE EXCEPTIONS”) strong leaders who are and will see the departement through a very difficult time that I hope you never have to experience where you work. Moore (with NOTABLE EXCEPTIONS) had done the same.

          SJPD has survived WITHOUT real leadership at the top for a VERY LONG TIME – everyone knows that just like in the military it is the NCO’s that make the orgainization NOT the Joint Chief’s of Staff…

        • Well you go on and on about what you did. You surely are a super commander.  Problem is if your were this vocal at the SJPD every officer would know you and know that you stand up for them. Instead it sounds like you think everything is fine and dandy.  If everything was fine, you would not have 150 officer applying for SFPD.  Get your head out of the dark places of Moore and Figone and look around. Morale is at a all time low. And YOU are an idiot if you think Figone is competent.  You didn’t address how she fired a person Moore did not wish to Fire. She has taken a Department that was known nation wide as a leader to the dumps. I hope all your comments get you to the next level of “leadership” that you want. A true leader leads and does not follow.

        • ET you should probably read a few more of my posts here and on the Merc – I you did then I would be made pretty clear that I do not think things are “fine and dandy” at SJPD.

          Where did I EVER say Figone was competent? When did her firing of anyone enter the discussion here?.

          You attacking and insulting me for having confidence in the current captians and lt’s when you don’t know f-all about them or the day to day goings on in patrol is troubling.  What is even more troubling is your admitted relationship with Pete Constant.

  10. Dear Honorable Mayor Reed, City Council, City Manager Figone, Police Chief Moore,
    Fire Chief McDonald, POA President Jim Unland, and FOP President Bobby Lopez,

    I am writing to express my sincere concern about what is happening to public safety in our City. I completely understand that cuts and reform to pay and benefits to City employees are necessary, but I do not agree with how this is being handled.

    I feel that this latest development of the SJPOA consideration of taking a no vote of confidence against Chief Moore, is just another example of how badly our City has handled employee’s fears about the quality and direction of leadership.

    As a certified mediator of 30 years, I can tell you that if all of you continue to ignore the real issues here, and don’t start working together in a cohesive manner, things will only get worse. I firmly believe that you must remember that you are dealing with people who have feelings, families, and financial obligations.

    These public safety servants put their lives on the line for us everyday, and deserve to feel appreciated, supported, and respected. The fact of the matter is, that they are people first, and Police Officers/Fire Fighters second.

    They are angry and hurt because the media and yes, even some of you, have portrayed them as the sole reason for the City’s budget woes. Added to that is that they have had to endure years of personal attacks from community activists, and ballot measures that they have had little to no input on. I think the budget problems are the last straw for them.

    I have spoken to many public safety servants and everyone of them have cited the same complaints. They are as follows:

    1.) They feel that there is a serious lack of leadership in their respective departments.

    2.) They feel that they are continually being passed over for promotions, and there is unfair/unbalanced vetting of candidates up for promotion.

    3.) That there is unfair treatment and discipline within their departments.

    4.) Feeling unappreciated and villainized by some of you, the media, and by the public.

    5.) They feel that Chief Moore is not fighting for them the way he should, and is absent when they need him.

    6.) They feel unheard when they try to work with their supervisors on vital issues.

    The most important thing that I hear from them is that they fear for their families, their jobs, and feel betrayed/hated by the the Mayor, the Council, the City Manager, and the public. That is why many of our most highly skilled/trained/experienced employees are leaving the City in droves for cities that show them the respect, and support they want,
    need, and deserve.

    Having said that, I honestly think that all of you can do a better job of turning this around. You could start by offering them resources to assist them financially, and start showing them some appreciation, respect, and support for the sacrifices they have, and continue to make for each and everyone of us. You can start by listening to their grievances and strive to improve things in their respective departments.

    You can also stop fighting amongst yourselves, and start showing them the kind of compassionate leadership they need right now. As John Kenneth Galbraith once said, “All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time. This, and not much else, is the essence of leadership.”

    In closing let me say simply this, you are the only ones who can make things better for everyone, and you can do it by working together. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said,” We may have all come over on different ships, but we are all in the same boat now.”

    Please consider what I have said because our City is in trouble, and our citizens deserve better from each and every one of you.

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers,


  11. Kathleen unfortunately this falls on deaf ears. If you watched the news clip where City Manager Figone responded, you would have seen the face of arrogance. This woman has complete disdain for her police force. She had a huge grin, ear to ear, as she joyfully stated that the “chief is not going anywhere and that she is saddened that the police officers would turn their back on Chief Moore” No Kathleen they are not listening. The queen has spoken and she will not tolerate any questioning or revolt by the little people in her kingdom. Maybe there is an entity out there that can investigate all the poor financial dealings and outright theft committed by this inept city government. They are not listening as they just truly do not care. Its all about their next job in a higher office. This place reeks more than any landfill!

  12. After reading some of the comments here, I feel compelled to say that I think Police Chief Moore deserves a little more credit and respect than he’s getting from all of you. He hasn’t been our Police Chief for very long, he walked into this position during a very troubled time, and is doing his best in a very bad situation.

    While I may not always agree with the decisions he makes, I do know that he is a good man who is stuck in an impossible situation. As Police Chief he isn’t allowed to campaign for his Officers, that is the SJPOA’s job. He has spoken up for his men and women but only in so much as he is allowed to.

    He has always tries to be fair, and listens to both sides of things, but unfortunately he can only do so much, and we need to educate ourselves on his limitations.

    Chief Moore has done an excellent job of bridging the gap between the community and law enforcement, and has rebuilt broken trust between the PD and the community. That in and of its self is note worthy.

    While I do understand why the SJPOA is frustrated right now, I hope that they can work things out with Chief Moore. He has dedicated his life to law enforcement and wants to do a good job for our City.

    My thoughts and prayers are with everyone concerned right now. Have a good weekend.

    • You dead wrong on many fronts.  He should get credit for only going down with the sinking ship. But he will flee before the city takes his 200k in sick time that he has built up. SO he will not get credit for that. Are you saying its the SJPOA job to get more officers on the street, special units etc.  No you very very wrong. The primary job of the Police Chief is to protect the safety of his officers. Just like in the military. A commander would not send his men out against numerous opposing forces.  Its the same here.  Moore’s job is to tell the city manager the press, the mayor that he cannot protect his own officers let alone the citizens.  Just 3 years ago there were almost 1600 officers and now there is close to 900.  WIth 150 applying to SFPD where the pay, benefits, and pensions are better.  If he does not campaign for the officers safety who is.  The short sighted mayor, and small town los gatos city manager have no clue of what happens on the streets of San Jose. They do not care that people are dying or becoming victims because of the lack of officers.  What new business will open here in San Jose with crime skyrocketing?  When has Chief Moore spoke up for the beat cop, can you quote the time or source. It has not happened.  WHen an officer was fired by the city manager did Chief Moore speak up for him.  That officer after spending two years without pay, lost his home, marriage and more. But he is back to work now as the city manager had no case to fire him. Where was the chief?  THe only think you said right was “only in so much as he is allowed to”.  That is correct, even you admit that Figone does not allow him to speak. He is the chief of police in the 9th biggest city. Why can he not speak?  If chief moore wanted to do a good job for the city then he would speak up and tell the mayor and city manager that they have taken the police department from the best in the nation to now a place where no one wants to work. So i hope this educated you on what he can do. In Arizona the Sheriff there speaks up and talks against the president himself. SO do not feed a bunch of crap that he cannot speak.  Maybe you and a few others will wake up when an officer is killed because there was no one to come to his aid. That is where the Department is headed. Just look to Oakland PD to see what kind of problems you have when the police department is to small.

      • ET Smokey Bear,

        I get that you are angry, frustrated, and fed up. That is why I wrote and sent the email I did asking our leaders, and Chiefs to step up to the plate and work with you. I know it is tough for you Officers, and I am trying to fight for you the best I can however; this whole issue is not as black and white as you are presenting it to be.

        Having said that, I disagree with your misplaced anger at Chief Moore, and Debra Figone. I have been working very closely with Chief mMoore since he became Chief, AND I even fought for him to get the position.

        While I don’t always agree with him on everything he does or says, I can assure you that in the very short time he has held this position, he HAS and continues to make great strides in building bridges between the community and law enforcement. He HAS been able to repair trust between community activists and law enforcement.

        If you think back to the many beatings law enforcement took over the years by Raj and his cronies at City Hall, and in the media, even you will have to admit that he has brought us all together.

        Also, you are incorrect when you say that Chief Moore hasn’t fought for you within the confines of his job. He is limited by law in his ability to fight for you as the City Manager is his boss, and NO she doesn’t mussel him. He has spoken to her, and the Mayor on many occasions about the need for more Officers, and has tried to catch your backs. Clearly his pleas have gone unheard.

        The SJPOA is YOUR Union and THEY must take your needs and concerns to our elected leaders, to the media, and the public. They are not restricted by LAW in representing you.

        The SJPOA, and employee Unions failed to educate the public on your salaries and on your benefits. They failed to educate us on your employee contributions toward your medical, and pensions. They knew this problem was coming for years now, and they remained indifferent to the need to educate the public on the facts!

        The lack of LEADERSHIP, and representation by your Unions and their ignorance in assuming that the community at large knew how much your shared costs are, is a huge part of why citizens voted for the Measures that have reduced your benefits.

        Secondly, your Unions did not do their homework on the City’s true financial situation. If they did, you would know that our City cannot sustain pensions and Workmen’s Comp. at the rate it is. It is nothing personal! It is just a fact!

        Do I agree that Police and Fire and other high risk City jobs deserve higher wages, YES, but we must also be reasonable and work together on what we as a City can AFFORD!

        Look, I know other cities pay better, and if you have to leave SJPD to take care of your family, I will understand if you go elsewhere. But you must be fair here and realize that smaller cities don’t have the same financial commitments and responsibilities that San Jose does. They also get more money from business, property/business taxes, and have less debt than we do.

        As to your statements that the Mayor, City Manager, and Chief Moore do not care about the crime rate, injury to an Officer, or deaths by citizens/Officers, that is just simply NOT true.

        They are very concerned and that is why they ARE trying to reform the way pensions are paid out. That is why they are trying to get more money to hire more Police and Fire, but all of us HAVE TO work together through this very bad economical time to survive this recession/depression, or what ever you want to call it.

        My income has been cut, and money isn’t going as far as it used to either. I have had to tighten my own belt, so I get your anger and frustration. 

        In closing, I want to address your comment,“So do not feed a bunch of crap that he cannot speak.  Maybe you and a few others will wake up when an officer is killed because there was no one to come to his aid. That is where the Department is headed.” 

        Your comment to me is not only ignorant, but is offensive. I saw Chief Moore’s reaction to the 3 year old boy who was accidentally shot in his home, and I’ve been to memorials for Officers with him. He was devastated.

        As to me and other citizens being indifferent to the death of an Officer, or victim of violent crime, you sir are sadly mistaken.

        I joined former POA President Bobby Lopez in putting together and holding Candle Lit Vigils for Officer Fontana, my friend, murder victim Vahid, and other Officers and victims of violent crimes for the past 3 years now.

        I have watched Officer Fontana’s mother and father cry, and mourn the loss of their young son, and I have cried right along with them.

        I have lost my own friend to murder, and have watched his daughters, widow, and family cry and try to cope with their loss.

        Last year, I assisted murder victim, Michael Russell’s family, in putting together and holding a Candle Lit Vigil to remember Michael.

        The Mayor, or someone from the Mayor’s Office, Police Chief Moore, or someone from his office was at ALL of them. Debra Figone sent her sympathies and best wishes, and has attended many public safety functions honoring our public safety servants since she became City Manager.

        Debra Figone is not the uncaring witch you are making her out to be. She is doing the job she is paid to do. Do I always agree with her, no, but I like her very much, and I do appreciate her efforts to save our City from bankruptcy. 

        In the future, I think you need to reel your anger and frustration in a bit. Educate yourself on the facts before you make these kinds of statements, because even though I get where you are coming from, and support and appreciate your service to our community, you are only validating people’s perception that Police Officers don’t care about anyone but themselves.

        Please, stay safe out there, and thank you for your service.

        • YOU sure have done a lot. You sound like a lot of the leaders at SJPD now. Pat your self on the back about all the great things you have done. While its the beat officer that is the first responder.  And as the leaders at SJPD do now they pat all the other leaders on the back about the great things they do. But Chief Moore does not even attend briefings.  I guess he is at a meeting with you while you can tell him what a great job he is doing.  There was a time when every officer in the state and further wanted to work for the best PD.  Officers came from NY to work here. That is because of the leadership that was in place.  So if you really are part of the command staff at this time. THEN you part of the problem!!  And I hope Figone promotes you, you sure to back the play of some clueless person.  When has it ever happened in the City of San Jose that the police do not trust the leaders in city government. She was lying about 650Million along with the mayor. And now you say she does a good job. You lost all credibility Meyer Reed!!  Do you know how many officers have signed a pledge that certain commanders and mayors and city managers, and council people cannot attend their funeral if killed in the line of duty.  The list is almost 400 now out of a dept of 800.  Why do these people not want this great caring person Figone to attend the funeral. Because she has no integrity. And since you think she does, you have none either. Get your head out of the sand and look around. The officers are Unhappy, and they leaving..  Good for you because less competition when you rise to be the next star of SJPD.

        • ET you continue to post stuff without any true knowledge. First the Sheriff in AZ is elected – he is doing what the people who elected him want him to do. Moore is appointed by??? Guess who ET!!!! The City Manager who happens to be…. Figone!

          Moore does come to briefings. I have seen him there he usually makes one appearance a month.  Is it enough? No it isnt enough, should he come to more briefings? Yes he should come more than once a month. Does “once a month” mean “Moore doesn’t go to briefings” ??? I guess in some peoples minds it does. 

          Moore recommended a suspension for the officer you are discussing and forwarded his “RECOMMENDED” discipline to City Manager Figone – who HAS THE FINAL SAY in the discipline process – she OVERTURNED Moore’s recommendation – AS IS HER RIGHT. Moore didn’t agree and did what he could to convince her that she was wrong.  What would YOU: ET SmokeyBear have done differently given the legal contraints in existence? The officer paid dearly because of FIGONE’s arrogance – AND -the legal process worked albeit slowly – too slow to keep the guy in his house…but it worked and it the officer is back at work and made “whole” as far as we can know based on the NON-DISCLOSURE agreement from his settlement.

          I take exception to your always erroneous staffing numbers at the SJPD. RIght now there are right around 1100 (+/- 15) sworn NOT 800 as you now claim.

          AS far as this pledge you claim “almost 400” have signed I am pretty sure it doesn’t exist – I am sure like most of us who really are LEO’s this personal matter has been discussed amongst family members but a signed pledge?  Seriously   your imagination is working overtime for free! Where in the PD is the Pledge Signup sheet posted? Is it on-line? @ the POA? the chaplain’s office? PAC? PAB? the new substation perhaps? Have you shown it to Pete Constant? What does he think about it?

        • My numbers were wrong too. Authorized staffing is about 1100. Current staffing is about 1015 (+/-10) with 40 about to be offered seats in the sept academy. While   there are about 55 being backgrounded by SFPD another 12 by Redwood City and a handful at other agencies.

        • Well according to the inside info… currently there are around 900, you see about a hundred officer are off with injuries.. so they really cannot push a beat car.  Every shift they now authorize 10-15 overtime slots to have enough units to protect each other. So next year the Merkey will say loook at the OT these officers are making.. the average officer works about 25 hour OT per two weeks.  That a lot of money. WORSE, the officers are tired and not getting enough rest. So they will be subject to getting hurt or killed. Not like the Mayor cares. 

          Yes there room for 40 in academy, but they will not fill the academy. Geeze I thought you sounded like someone that had inside info too. But your info coming from staff and not the working officers that have to put all this together.  the Academy will have around 30 officers and out of that maybe 25 graduate. After FTO program another 5-7 will wash out and you have 18 to 22 new recruits that will take 18 months to train, while hundreds are leaving…

        • 400 have signed, same think happened in Oakland when the OPD 4 were killed the mayor was not allowed to speak. He did a Reed thing and cut the officers to unsafe levels.  You truly do not know your numbers so you must not be a commander. Or you live in a fantasy world.  How many officers are out right now on disability.  100 how many officers have left SJPD since 2010 ….600 … how many will leave in next year maybe 200.  so your little academy of 40 aint going to replace _____ …

          ANd with the misinformed Figone firing.  DId Moore ever come out and say his officer did not do anything wrong?  HE was found innocent of everything. DId Moore ever apologize …NO  

          So Moore makes one appearance a month in briefing is what you say.  OK using a 30 day calendar there are 4 briefings a day. 120 briefings not counting the traffic unit briefings, and other units briefings… Yep good leader one briefing out of 120.

        • I get it ET. I updated my numbers and then you change the context…  did you show your friend Pete Constant my post and ask him if they were accurate?

  13. Well of course Figone said this, despite my dear friendship with Chris Moore she has used him as a puppet.  If she thought he was doing a good job then why fire an officer that Chief Moore did not recommend for firing?  She obviously disagreed then and did not let him do his job.  The reason San Jose has an 83% jump in burglaries is because of FIGONE herself. There are no officers left to investigate anything. Nice job Figone and Reed. You took the safest city to the dumps.

  14. Kathleen,

    I really appreciated your heartfelt concerns and comments. It is concerned citizens like yourself that help get the job done. The major problem with Chief Moore and what the citizens do not know is this. Since the layoffs over a year ago, Chief Moore (as well as the other chiefs) do not show up to any of the briefings. I honestly could count on one hand the times he personally has shown up to talk with us in the past 1.5 years. As our leader and as a leader in the worst time in San Jose PD history, that is a shame. We expect our chief to stand by us and to lead by example. Unfortunately, that has not happened. When we need them most, they are absent. I understand that they have a difficult job, but how do we have faith in someone who isnt there? It is difficult to stay positive when we are being attacked from all sides, but I really appreciate citizen like yourself who are supportive and want to help. It makes showing up to work everyday worth while. Thanks again for your support.

    On a side note – while chief moore was waiting to get the head spot, he was frequently at briefing filling us in on all the details he could share. The moment he was promoted that disappeared.

    • The Council and the media will certainly characterize the vote of no confidence as fallout from the pension fight.  I think you and your leadership need to be very specific in what your concerns are.  Don’t let your concerns get lost in the pension noise.

      Not showing up to briefings seems like a red flag to me.  A long time ago, a mentor told me that there are managers that manage up, there are managers that manage down, and managers that do both.  Managers that manage down are doomed to failure, because always taking the side of the workers will make them look bad to their superiors.  Managers that always manage up will lose the confidence of their workers, and their results will suffer.  The best managers balance the needs of their superiors with their employees.  In the military this might be called mission versus safety, but it’s the same concept.  This guy sounds like someone that’s managing up.

      • “I think you and your leadership need to be very specific in what your concerns are.”

        THE POA Board has made it pretty clear that they are not behind this vote – it is listed on the Agenda as a member officer’s request for no confidence vote.

        Proceduraly (1) someone has to make a motion to have a vote (2) members can get up an say their piece as to why there should be a vote (3) anyone opposed can speak (4)someone needs to second the motion at somepoint (5) then the members present will vote on whether or not to have a NoConVote by the entire membership (6) If the motion pases the POA has to set up the online vote … and then the real vote will take place.

        • Meyer Weed,
          I think the very valid point being made by s randall is that many think this vote is about Chief Moore not fighting against Measure B, rather than the true issue of his perceived lack of leadership. Many people in the public are confused by this no vote of confidence, as it comes on the heels of the passage of Measure B. I agree with s randall, it is important to distinguish between the two.

        • Meyer Weed sit down,  The POA has not made it clear they against it… They did not want to initiate it..  This about the Chief not leading. The officers think Figone is in charge. His job is to provide safety for the other officers.  With so few officers out on the street now… SJ is just not safe.

        • I understand my point that the POA isn’t calling for a No Confidence vote – a POA member is excercising his right to ask the rest of the membership to authorize a vote. Thre is no guarantee that the membership will vote to apporve holding a “NoCon” vote and if the membership approves there is no telling what the outcome will be.

          I was trying to help distinguish between what is being reported here and what is really happening.

    • Anon Officer,
      Thank you for the kind words. I do support all of you 100%, and I also agree with you that Chief Moore needs to step up and be more supportive of all of you, especially right now. I spoke to him recently and told him just that. My hope is that he not only listened to my suggestions, but will act on them too.

      I know many of you feel betrayed/tired/ frustrated/angry/abandoned, and unappreciated. I’m sorry you feel that way. You deserve better from our City leaders, and our community. I personally want to thank you for your sacrifices, your dedication, and for your service.

      I feel frustrated too because as a citizen, all I can do is ask our leaders to do a better job of showing you the respect you deserve, and to start working with you to resolve this in a mutually beneficial way. In the end and at the end of the day, it is up to them to listen and act upon my requests.

      I am happy to say that Council Member Rocha, my Council Member in D9, has graciously agreed to sponsor and pay for a BBQ to honor and show appreciation for our public servants in D9. It will be Sunday, September 23rd, from 2-5pm, at Houge Park. Chief Moore and Fire Chief McDonald WILL be there to help us honor you.

      The retired Fire Fighters will be cooking, yum, and our neighborhood is being asked to bring a dish to share. I will be presenting appreciation certificates to SJPD, the Fire Fighters, and Crime Prevention. If you are able, I would really like for you to stop by for a FREE, great meal on us.

      D9 citizens must RSVP to [email protected]. by September 16th, and let us know how many people you will be bringing, and what dish they will bring.

      I will be asking other Council Members to follow Council Member Rocha’s lead, so you can see that we citizens DO appreciate your service, sacrifice, and commitment to our community.

      I know that this gesture might not solve the problems you are facing, but I really hope it helps you feel appreciated. Please stay safe out there, and please, try to attend if you can.

        • Rick Heller,

          Thank you for asking. Even though this is being held in D9, everyone is welcome. They just need to RSVP to Marisa Mello, and let them know what dish they are bringing, and how many people are coming. We need a head count.

          Police Officers and Fire Fighters aren’t required to bring a dish, but we do need a head count, so they too must RSVP to Marisa.

          I hope you’ll join us.

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