Tea Party Time with Johnny Khamis

The last time we wrote about Johnny Khamis, who is running for a San Jose City Council seat against high school sportscaster Robert Braunstein, he called us racists for mentioning that he’s Palestinian and Braunstein is Jewish. For the record, Fly loves people of all races and religions, shapes and complexions. Khamis, however, thinks some Almaden voters could be Islamophobic, so he took the opportunity to announce he’s a Christian. But just how God-fearing is Khamis? According to a questionnaire he filled out for the Values Advocacy Council, a Christian group in Morgan Hill, Khamis wants religious symbols displayed on public land and more “faith-based” public policy decisions, and he believes—as does San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed—that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. When Fly called to confirm, Khamis explained that he thinks government should only grant civil unions and leave it up to churches to grant marriage licenses. Um, OK. He also said he doesn’t “believe in abortions, but I don’t believe in making them illegal.” And here we thought we were going to have our very own Todd Akin moment. (It should be noted only Khamis and former District 2 candidate Tim Murphy returned the questionnaire.) But to prove that Khamis may be more Tea Party than Republican, an interesting thread on a Ron Paul fetish website—www.dailypaul.com—asks readers to “money bomb” Khamis to help him win in November. Arguments for Khamis include his stated support of “food freedom,” which apparently means changing city law to allow the sale of produce from front-yard gardens—no doubt, a key issue in every race—and Khamis’ advocacy for a free-market, laissez faire approach to regulating cannabis clubs. That would put him out of step with pretty much everyone on the city council, including Mayor Reed, who shares Khamis’ political consultant, Vic Ajlouny.

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  1. “Fly loves people of all races and religions, shapes and complexions…” Ya we all konw about the “inclusive” nature of flies don’t believe it? Just look at a dung heap…

  2. > … he called us racists for mentioning that he’s Palestinian ….

    This is a pretty sensational—and weird—accusation.

    Thoughtful and open minded voters might be interested in a little more context.

    Did The Fly or any of the immediate associates of
    The Fly’s band of flies actually call Khamis a “Palestinian”?


    What was the point?

    Is the Fly supposing that voters are supposed to care that Khamis is or isn’t a “Palestinian”?

    As I said: weird.

    No need to by cryptic.  You no doubt went to journalism camp at some time to learn how to be clear in your communications.  Say what you mean.

    • FYI—Mr. Khamis is most likely sensitive about his national ethnic affiliation because another influential San Jose person, who happens to be Jewish and a close friend of Braunstein, has recently announced that he will do “all I can to prevent Khamis from achieving the first level of political power”, apparently because Khamis declared that as Councilman he will do “all I can” to help the Palestinian people “more than what is currently being done”.  This hostile individual wants to preclude Mr. Khamis from climbing the political ranks to Assembly person or some such (his own admission).  I guess it’s OK then for a (Israel-supporting) Jew to hold public office in this country, as they do many times over, but not OK for even one Arab-American—Christian or otherwise—to do the same.  Khamis has felt threatened enough to install a security system to protect his family.

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