San Francisco 49ers Stadium Opponents Reach New Low

Santa Clara Plays Fair has long been considered one of the South Bay’s preeminent NIMBY groups. Most sports economists consider the new 49ers football stadium in Santa Clara—set for completion in 2014—to be an excellent example of how private-public partnerships can create economic development while the city only puts some temporary skin in the game. Santa Clara Plays Fair disagrees—and appears unwilling to go gently into that good night. In what was probably intended to be a satirical cartoon posted on the group’s Facebook page, artist Eugenio Negro asks three rhetorical questions about the new stadium, each getting edgier until the third joke falls off the cliff. It’s not that jokes about death are off limits; it’s just that they need to be especially funny. In three question-and-answer panels, the comic strip first asks how the city will pay for the stadium. “Oh it’s cool, we’ll make it happen,” answers a smug man wearing a suit and 49ers hat as he lights a cigar with a $100 bill. Then the cartoon wonders where 18,000 drunk football fans will park? The cartoon wryly answers, “Oh it’s cool, we’ll use Great America’s parking!” Meanwhile, a 49ers fan and a Raiders fan stab and shoot each other in the parking lot. But keeping it real really goes wrong in the last part of the cartoon, when the question is posed, “Is anyone working down in that elevator shaft?” The answer: “Oh it’s cool, just take the elevator down anyway!” These words are accompanied by a grave drawn for 63-year-old elevator contractor Donald White, who was killed during construction on June 11. Freaking brilliant—a comic strip that blasts others for their insensitivity by being completely insensitive. Word is Alanis Morissette is standing by with an irony award for Santa Clara Plays Fair, whose representatives did not return calls for comment.

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  1. Please publish the truth … Santa Clara Plays Fair had absolutely NOTHING to do with the subject cartoon. It was created by an individual that is not even known to SCPF. Santa Clara’s gladfly is trying to make hay where there is none. The comic’s creator is protected by free speech and Santa Clara Plays Fair does not support the artist’s creation ….

  2. I have been a strong supporter of the 49er Stadium from day one, However, no matter how you felt about the stadium there isn’t anything that can be done at this point. Why is SCPF still fighting the issue?

    These cartoons, whether or not SCPF had anything to do with it, are extremely poor taste and really turns people off on both sides of the debate that has already ended years ago.

  3. Yeah Right SCPF did support it!, the only reason they removed it from their facebook was because they were called out!

    Even the SCPF face book person made a comment liking the picture…to his/her credit they did put “RIP” at the end of their comment.

    SCPF spewing lies left and right and bullying students!

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