Alvarado Campaign Staff Turnover a Cause for Concern?

Most election observers thought Teresa Alvarado’s second-place finish in the June 4 primary exceeded expectations. Coming within 10 percentage points of Cindy Chavez for the District 2 county supervisor seat was seen as a momentum-builder, considering Alvarado’s campaign didn’t really get its act together until the final two weeks. But not everyone agreed—namely, Alvarado. Shortly after election night, Alvarado dismissed her entire campaign staff: political consultant Leo Briones, campaign manager Magdalena Carrasco and field operations staffer Adan Lupercio. The Alvarado camp recruited consultant Barry Wyatt and former San Francisco county supe Jim Gonzalez to replace Briones. Jonathan Young will run the day-to-day operations. What the trio lack is knowledge of the local political landscape. Wyatt has some chops, insiders say, but Gonzalez’s best years took place when M.C. Hammer could still afford Hammer pants. And Young’s most prominent position was overseeing Joe Coto’s disasterous bid for state senate last year against Jim Beall. A dispute over money owed by Alvarado to Briones—$45,000 to be exact—has apparently been settled, but questions linger about who’s really in charge of the campaign. Sources tell Fly that no matter who Alvarado hires, the real team consists of Gary Serda, Norm Kline (former Saratoga mayor and campaign treasurer), Andrea Flores Shelton (a former George Shirakawa Jr. staffer who wisely left before the fall) and Blanca Alvarado, the candidate’s mother and a former county supe. With less than six weeks remaining until the July 30 runoff, Alvarado supporters are concerned she might be setting unrealistic expectations on her staff. But, according to one local political consultant, that won’t stop people from helping Alvarado, as this is an ABC campaign: Anybody But Chavez.

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  1. I hate to break it to you all, but if you’re supporting Teresa Alvarado for Supervisor in District 2, its either because your down with the far right wing people or groups that have endorsed her or because you are way more conservative than you say.

    • There is nothing wrong with being “down with the far right” or being “more conservative”. That is exactly what is wrong with our political system. We are too stubborn to realize that compromise is necessary in order to run a functional government. I am a democrat who is fairly left and I support Alvarado. When I see people in my party upset with Alvarado because she is running against another democrat I get upset. That is democracy for you.

      So I hate breaking this to you r gomez, your comment is unproductive and not helpful.

      • Well let’s just be honest about exactly a good reason why Teresa Alvarado shouldn’t win in District 2.  This district is working-class: these are the voters that Cindy has been fighting for and been a champion for- her entire political and private life. There’s not a single good reason for any worker, especially any union member, to vote against Cindy Chavez. And there’s only one really, really bad reason to vote for Teresa Alvarado. And that’s because she’s not Cindy Chavez. And as a Democrat delegate I will talk about the positive reasons, as well as the many negative reasons with Teresa being “down with the far right”…???

  2. I hope the residents of District 2 realize that if they don’t take the time to vote, they have effectively voted for Chavez, the best friend and mentor of Big George. 

    If you like the damage those people have done to the community, then cast your vote or don’t – Chavez wins either way.

    If you want the community to be represented by someone who has proven herself as made from “the right stuff”, then take a moment to cast your vote for Teresa Alvarado. You won’t regret it.

  3. Trying to restart an old Cadillac again eh?. They’ll need more than jumper cables. Bring back the board of the MHC to help! This is looking like another Blues Brothers get together!

    The Village Black Smith

  4. Hey!
    Here’s a very logical closure to this supervisor’s replacement. Teresa Alvarado can not break Cindy’s hold on the election.
      How about Teresa, put into her place Magdalena Carrasco. to do battle with Cindy Chavez. That would get folks to the polls.
      Just a thought! But a good one. Lick that stamp!
      The village Black smith

  5. Herhold’s column in the Merc got me to thinking….

    Alvarado isn’t getting traction, but it’s not because she has the wrong team.  It’s because she picked the wrong issue to build her campaign on.

    Reform is a Westside issue.  She moved back across town, but she didn’t move her thinking back.

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