Xavier Campos Used Same Campaign Treasurer as Felony-Charged Shirakawa

Xavier Campos is a public servant who doesn’t like to talk to the media. For this reason, and maybe a few others, the San Jose councilman refused to answer Fly‘s questions about his former campaign treasurer, Linda Delgado, who handled accounting duties for his council race in 2010. Treasurers aren’t usually a hot topic of conversation, but Delgado also happens to be one of the absentee accountants who facilitated George Shirakawa‘s embezzlement of more than $100K in campaign contributions. She also has a child with the felony-charged former county supervisor. What makes the situation all the more disconcerting is that Campos, a former Shirakawa staff member, followed the disgraced supervisor’s lead in failing to close out the council campaign account in a timely manner, despite repeated attempts by the City Clerk’s office to get Campos to come in line. But that all changed last October, when Shirakawa got a tip that San Jose Inside was looking into his misuse of public funds. A few days after Shirakawa started reimbursing the county to cover his tracks, Campos filed forms with the city on Oct. 15 to drop Delgado and have himself named treasurer. The councilman then amended several campaign disclosure forms—you know, because no one was actually handling proper treasurer duties two years ago—before he forgave a nearly $10K personal loan he gave his campaign a week before the 2010 election. He then terminated the account. Adding a layer of opaqueness to the situation, Campos hired Ed McGovern as his campaign consultant in 2010 but didn’t pay him a dime for his work. McGovern says he and the Campos family are old friends, which is why he pro-bono’d Campos. But the consultant was not so charitable on the campaign of Xavier’s big sis, Nora Campos, who was charged more than $45K to help her win a State Assembly seat that year.

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  1. So the big question remaining is, Xavier Campos, where exactly is your slush fund account?

    Did Delgado actually sign Campos’ paperwork or did the same forged signature that shows on Shirakawa’s forms appear on Campos’?  Maybe its Campos who signed them all or maybe he just gave Shirakawa the keys to his kingdom (that would be a nice payoff for the free lunches he got in return via Gluttonous George’s pcard)

    That whole forgiving of the debt/loan moved Campos pulls with his campaign donation smacks of the trick he learned at MACSA when as COO he forgave the debt of the building & trade backed loans (pushed by his brother-in-law no doubt).  He was shady with MACSA but escaped (literally not just figuratively) to Shameful Shirakawa’s office as an aide where he further honed his “skills” and now we see he’s passed the Latino Leadership Alliance final exam of shady & dubious public service.

    Latino Leadership Alliance was founded by Nora Campos & Eddie Garcia and claim as “graduates” of their public leadership classes none other than George Shirakawa & Xavier Campos.

    Hey Eddie, now that you have some free time after being fired by the county why don’t you re-examine the ethics portion of the Alliance training course because you’d have to admit that your graduates don’t do a very good job of representing sound public leadership.


    Keep it up San Jose Inside & Metro.  You are the one true champion of the people.  All voters and residents in this city & county owe you a debt of service.

  2. I understand you can purchase a campaign treasurer pseudonym from the same guy who sells counterfeit green cards at King and Story. And at Cindy Chavez’s urging he now accepts all forms of payment, including p-cards.

  3. 1.  Ed McGovern has had ethics problems in San Jose before, check the Burlingame Voice in 2003.

    2.  If you look at the reports of Jerry Hill, you might find other people mentioned in Metro on the McGovern payroll.

    3.  My question is how can there be two separate columns on the invisible antics of Mr.McGovern, and there is little if no efforts at disclosure.

    4.  Campaign Money=McGovern=Laundromat of Campaign Cash

  4. I went to the FPPC page and checked Nora Campos.  She had no real opponent in those Assenbly campaigns, so why did McGovern get paid over $45k?  McGovern was paid by Nora Campos to work for her brother.  Why did McGovern post $0 for Xavier?  Because Ed McGovern is a registered lobbyist in San Jose!  Yeah, he is a friend of the family.  Paid by the sister to hide his work for the brother, and then when a McGovern client comes up, in San Jose, one Campos helps, and in Sacramento, rhe other Campos pays to keep it all under the table.

    • Wow that is some dynasty.  It really does not make sense that Nora Campos would pay him $45,000 for running unopposed while Baby Huey Campos is floundering and blowing his anointed lead to the then unknown Carrasco. What you write makes sense, she bought and paid or McGovern for Baby Brother.

      Put them on the list (of “untrustables”)  SMARTEN UP SAN JOSE!

  5. Ha-ha, Nora, born nearly anencephalic (look it up, it’ll be worth it), with only single and quite lonely thoughts, like a pea rolling around in a railroad boxcar, much dimmer than a small appliance light bulb, often found standing in a corner, catatonic-like, with a slow drool from the left side of her mouth, and with little or no evidence of a pre-frontal lobotomy (sung to the tune, “Oh, I’d rather have a free bottle in front of me than a pre-frontal lobotomy.” 

    And just who pulls her strings… uhh… her union-loving, lobbyist husband, who, in an unholy alliance with folks like Cindita Chavez and Garl Cardino, champion of the Central Valley “po folk,” who would happily work for less wages here in Silicon Valley and requiring cheap housing and transportation, conveniently milk the local taxpayers for subsidies at every turn in exchange for damn near nothing! 

    To my sad regret, Mello-Roos will never happen here, as it almost uniformly has in places like Stockton, Tracy and Modesto; legislation where new tract home buyers pay the incremental freight for the added safety, transportation and utility requirements necessitated only because they couldn’t afford to live here and, instead, chose to live there… but they still wanna’ work here! 

    Well, Nora, even with that stone-drunk look on your baby brother’s mug, you make him look like a modern day Albert Einstein!

    • I looked it up and you’re right, it was worth it.

      I can’t agree that Baby Brother could ever look like an Albert Einstein (literally or figuratively)  but when did he go so gray?  He must have been coloring his hair prior to this picture because that is a lot of gray in just one year.  He looks like the uncle from the old show The Munsters.  Bunch of losers.  The company you keep tells lots about a person and his frequent dining pal George Shirakawa is evidence of his lack of judgement or criminal tendency.  Take your pick but either way District 5 loses.

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