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San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed makes no secret of his distaste for the union-aligned sentiments of some City Council members. And while he may or may not have beat the bushes for challengers in the upcoming election, rumors suggesting just that may have something to them. This weekend Reed will open his home to host a campaign kick-off fundraiser for Tam Truong, the San Jose police detective who favors pension overhaul like the mayor and is challenging Kansen Chu  in District 4. Truong has ruffled several feathers since announcing his candidacy. First, there was loose talk that Reed and Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen pressed Truong to run for the seat and that Nguyen has a close relationship with Truong’s wife. (Both are untrue, Nguyen says. The second even more so since Truong isn’t married.) Then there was the dust-up over a Vietnamese-flag-raising ceremony at City Hall that sent Chu sideways and prompted his mass email criticizing Nguyen for politicizing a city event. (City Attorney Rich Doyle  says the public introduction of Truong fell short of violating a city ordinance.) Nguyen email-volleyed back with a sexism charge for Chu’s failure to call out Reed in his missive (she and the mayor co-sponsored the event). There is now word that Councilmember and former cop Pete Constant and Nguyen are throwing their support behind Truong, and both will be making an appearance at the mayor’s shindig. Since Truong is basing his campaign around pension reform. Nguyen, meanwhile, is on maternity leave after she popped out her first child a week ahead of the Valentine’s Day due date, but that might not stop her from showing up. Reed has been busy. During the Super Bowl, some of his former donors report that they received an email asking them to throw their financial support behind Pierluigi Oliverio, who is defending his District 6 seat against labor’s candidate, Steve Kline.

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  1. That is all I can say about how much the Mayor absolutely hates public safety!  Mediation, forget it!  Chuck is evil.  He could care less if this city burns as long as he gets his way.  Pete Constant you should be ashamed, you just as back.  God help this city because no one else will.


    • You would think that as a cop, he would know how to recognize a liar as obvious as Mayor Greed is…if he had any intelligence at all, he would cut any ties with the Mayor and his cronies. It’s not looking too good for the Mayor and Russell right now. Me thinks they are going down!!! First time in months, I am actually looking forward to going to work and watching the tables turn!

  2. Boy if this does not show how bad politics are in SJ.  City Manager DEB, I would be embarrassed but since you are making so much money you could care less.  City attorney, just keep your eyes closed as always. 

    State Attorney, time to focus on illegal activities here, but then you saw it all in SF and could care less as well.

    Steve Kline, I hope you can help this cancer in the city council!

  3. Another cop on the city council? No, I’m not comfortable with where things are headed. The Mayor did a fast 180 deg turn once he was reelected. I can just see 2 years from now two ex-cops on the council. Then we will get a former firefighter in there. Then we will be in serious trouble. What’s next, 4% at 50? 95% retirement? The mayor has gone back on all of his campaign promises. I have no doubt this kid has the potential to do the same. I remember reading Sun Tzu in the military years ago. Something about Appearing as your enemy then dominate them in the night. Almost a Trojan horse situation.

    • Just what we need:

      No need to fear. These two are NOT COPS! Constant has proven that and Truong demonstates it by his unholy alliance with Reed and his desire for “reform”. If you think Constant is a player in a Trojan horse drama you have not been paying attention for several years now. Constant is HATED at SJPD for just cause.

    • Are you NOT paying attention? this Mayor and majority of council are out to destroy the unions.  Most P.D. Officers would agree that neither P. Constant or T. Truong were real Police officers. they spent most of their time behind a desk because the real world was to scarey for them , they would’ve gotten hurt or yet caused another P.D. Officer to get hurt do to their absolute incompetance!You need to start paying attention

  4. Why would Tam be leaving his police career, after just 8 years? I wonder if he, himself, is thinking that things are so bad at PD that he has to bail…and the council person’s salary and benefits come close to what he is getting as an officer??? Or…do you think that he just does not like police work??? It just doesn’t sound right. Does PD still get sick pay until end of June?

  5. The upside is that if Truong is elected he will have to quit his day job. I’m sure officers will happily pack up his equipment and toss it to the curb.

  6. Wow….just….wow.  Constant recieving $110,000+ benefits for being a useless lump of carbon, and getting disability checks from San Jose.  Now we have THIS clown running for a seat.  I have a suggestion:  If in fact, the IBM statement suggests we reduce the Police force by another 400 Officers, and the Fire Department by another 150 firefighters…..why the hell do we need the monkeys in the “Rotund”-a making decisions?  Just put numbers in a computer and let it spit them out.  It has been shown that Chimps can indeed select Super Bowl Champions, predict housing crises and stock market ups and downs with as much accuracy as a computer program (which is, of course, written by a completely neutral group). Why not eliminate the entire City Council and their bloated staff?  And Deb?  Maybe she can find a job as head chimp somewhere else and stop screwing up out City.

    • Prediction: Tam Truong loses against Kansen Chu and then resigns from the SJPD and goes back to the Sheriff’s Office.  Although, Laurie Smith is pretty savvy, maybe she doesn’t want an employee that is going to work a couple of years and then run for County Board of Supervisors….

  7. Reed – Figone – McEnery political machine took over San Jose 7 years ago because labor lose touch with their base, over played their political hand and ran political light weights

    Reed endorsement record is bad so bad that his endorsement was political kiss of death for 2-3 candidates   to

    McEnery is passing the campaign hat among good old Bellarmine boys to get his candidates cash to get elected

    “When former Mayor and Bellarmine graduate Tom McEnery first ran for mayor in 1982, Bellarmine pals Phil DiNapoli, Rich Cristina, Peter Carter, Don Imwalle, Ted Biagini, Tim Nobriga and Pat O’Brien were happy to step up to the plate. “

    “McEnery returned the favors to his old pals, investors and developer friends. Phil DiNapoli, for example, received a $13.6 million subsidy from the city to build the San Jose Hilton hotel with developer Lew Wolff.

    DiNapoli surfaced again in 1986, this time shelling out money to pass Measure J, which gave Mayor McEnery new power over the budget, city manager and other aspects of the job.

    McEnery then won a citywide vote on public funding for the San Jose Arena. Using his enhanced authority, he was able to lobby for additional funds for the arena and assist in securing a professional sports franchise—the San Jose Sharks hockey team. When McEnery left office, the Sharks made a spot for him as vice chairman. The Sharks’ website unabashedly admits that networking is McEnery’s greatest asset.”

    “You can say there’s a group of people in politics and government that have lifelong associations going back even before Bellarmine, that have worked together for many years,” Beall says. “Do they run this community? No. Do they have a lot of say in this community and have in the past? Absolutely.”

  8. Here is a guy that is turning his back on his fellow cops and not doing it in a honest manner. Do not think for a second another angency will want him. The sheriff will not hire a guy who will gather information and then enter the election. 
      Tam is nothing more than a naive Pawn. He is not smart enough to run on his own and not smart enogh to know that he is being used. He is pretending its xmas and someone will just hand him an election. Maybe he can use some of uncle chucks Fuzzy math when they count the votes.

  9. Meyer Weed,

    One of the best ways to measure the credibility of one’s ideas is to expose them to informed others and defend them via vigorous debate. As a member of a police-only Facebook page, Tam Truong—the political unknown now running for the city council, had a golden opportunity to announce his candidacy to his coworkers and test the merits of his pension reform plan with 300+ keenly interested and considerably informed pension fund members. Had he the least bit of confidence in his own command of the issues he would have gladly seized the opportunity to engage his Facebook “friends” and win their support or, at the very least, gain their respect for him as a man of substance.

    Instead, what Truong did was to cower in fear and refuse to respond to the numerous appeals that were posted following the news media leak of his name as a candidate for office. Faced with the chance to confirm the rumors and explain his decision to hitch his wagon to the mayor’s, Tam Truong chose to duck his Facebook “friends” and save his coming out party for a time and place where he can clutch Mayor Reed’s coattails and maybe not wet himself.

    What a disgrace.

  10. FINALLY!!!!!!! Now Hopefully the residents of San Jose will wake the @$#@$ up! Start educating yourselves . STOP Blindly Believing everything everything the Mayor says “AS TRUTH”  , it is quiet apparent he knew the truth all along and continued to lie to San Jose Residents so that he could continue to push his own agenda.

  11. Sounds like a good party…I will be there!  Along with a lot of my friends… Tam is still a rookie and now he going to run for council.

  12. If you hate your job and the union so much then just quit the police department.  Tam, you make me sick, right there with Pete Constant.  He was a dead head as a police officer like you.  What disability are you going to make up!

    Two ex SJPD on the council, great!  You both need to just go away.  Chuck, I have never seen a lawyer lie so much.

    Citizens enough please.  This is so much BS!

  13. Another Disgusted San Jose Resident:

    – This just happened to one of the victims here in SJ where SJPD simply doesn’t have enough manpower to work on cases:

    Officer …..:

    Thank you for explaining why Ms. Le’s case was closed. I will do my best to explain to her what you’ve written here. I know it is not under your control on the shortage of staffs in the department and believe me I’ve heard enough about the city budget issue before. I’ve tried to persuade my Mother not to move to here because I believe this city will not as safe as before when they decided to cut and release number of officers.  It turns out that my belief has increasedly becomes true with Ms Le’s case now and also I’ve learned today that your department does not have enough manpower to investigate on misdemeanor cases.

    It is just so sad to see a victim like Ms Le and other similar victims do not see justice when living in San Jose and they will continue to suffer and live in fear knowing that they are not protected by the law when something like this happens. May I suggest, not you,  but someone with higher pay-scale read carefully the “Mission Statements” below and revise the lines as they are not half true and everyone knows half of truth is not the truth.

    I really appreciate your time to write back.


    Mr. Nguyen,

    Ms. Le was advised to get a copy of her medical report if she had received a laceration requiring stitches, had broken any bones, chipped any teeth or had lost consciousness during her assault that could be independently documented (IE: Police Officer arrived on scene and noted she was unconscious) and noted as a symptom in her medical report.

    Ms. Le did get a copy of her medical report and it is attached to her crime report. The medical report does not document anything I just previously mentioned. 

    Ms. Thanh Le’s case is classified as a misdemeanor case. Currently, we are only assigning felony cases to our detectives for an investigation and follow-up.

    This case assignment criteria is based on a lack of manpower.  We currently only have enough detectives assigned to the assaults unit to work felony cases.  The men and women of the San Jose Police Department would like to be able to work every case we receive and bring every suspect to justice; however, we simply do not have enough detectives to work every case.

  14. you’re like a U.S. located Pol Pot the community you think you are catering to knows exactly what I’m talking about.Now I personally don’t have a problem with you wanting to become a politician but when you use fellow officers to climb your imagined ladder of success I have to wonder how badly you would be willing to sell out the very community you’re asking to elect you just to get something else you want .Mr.Turong you have no loyalty to anyone but yourself so I guess you would be a perfect fit with chuck reed and his minions.  you deserve to crash and burn I just wish I was there to see it.

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