Where There’s Smoke, There’s No Fire?

Contrary to rumors circulating at City Hall, Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen says she did not tell police officer Tam Truong to run for a District 4 City Council seat against Kansen Chu next fall. Instead, Nguyen says she was introduced to the Dick-Tracy-turned-political-candidate through a friend of a friend. (Isn’t that what Facebook is for?) This set off a flurry of phone calls before the holiday break, which left Nguyen exasperated with Fly on two fronts. First, she says she still hasn’t endorsed anyone in the race; and second, because we dropped the Controversy Who Must Not be Named—(Hint: Its initials are L.S.)—and a lingering tiff with her fellow councilmember. “I’m so over it,” says Nguyen, adding that she has no beef with Chu. “I wish my name was not connected to that issue.”

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  1. I sure hope SJI gets some better commentators / Posts on this site or it will slowly die!

    Post real issues instead of some council clown and others that post manifestos.  Get real answers from your Special guests. 

    Let real people (citizens) post real issues / concerns so we can all carry on real conversations.

    Lets make this a real communication site!

    Can I say Happy New Years to all, or will Deb real(ly) sensor this as well?

    Used real a lot, sorry.  Lets get real conversations going about our city that is going down the tubes and how we can post real facts and how we can Real(ly) put an effort forth to change this once proud city.

    Have a real(ly) Happy New Years!

  2. I used to be assigned to the Mayor’s office in **** and ****, just before ****** took my place. Oh yes, I saw many Expense Reimbursement sheets submitted by many Council members and the Mayor. We’re talking about a truckload of dollars spent by the City’s elected officials. Has anyone ever questioned or audited these expenses in the recent past? They should be open for public review.

    This is what I am talking about, Citizens of San Jose need REAL answers!

    • “Um Madison you are an absolute LIAR! You are friends with Tam’s wife… Give us a break just another lie from the SJ city council liars club”

      Is EVERYTHING that comes out of these politician’s mouths lies???? One has to wonder what they can truly believe. That’s two lies, now. 1. She stated she did not call and officer a murderer when people actually heard her say it; and 2. She stated she met Tam through a friend of a friend, when she is actually a friend of his wife. Do we really want these kinds of people in our administration? I don’t know why my mouth is hanging open at this tidbit of news. I will never believe anything else she says. That is truly sad.

  3. Some of use have seen the council members expenses and soon you will to.  When the A’s move to San Jose there will be a fire storm.  Every item the Mayor, manager and council feel the tax payer has not right to know will become public.  Then the question will need to be answered as to weather the items are legal. Can the elected give away city tax dollars to friends. Can they spend Tax dollars on any item they choose?  The A’s or the fight to stop the City from taking on huge debt to bring the A’s to San Jose will cause oversight like San Jose has never Seen. I would not be shocked to see a head or two roll.  Ahab might want to keep his good leg out of the water, lots or sharks.

  4. Hahahaha guys c’mon! A girl doesn’t kss and tell. Hehehehe. Who knew who and how does this person know that person… to much drama! Hahahaha! Really isn’t there some more important topics to discuss? Like? Who is playing dirty tricks? or – Isn’t Story and Mcglaughlin area better now that it is majority Viet? Hahaha or- How we can build a ball park and get the A’s here when there is no more RDA money to pay staff or fund a CalPers retirement? HaHAHA or Why cant I send an email adoring City employees wishing them a happy _________with out some over the hill micromanager killing the spirit? hahahaha!

    Not that funny but disaffective laughter is meant to disarm you in a charming way so you stop thinking deception is afoot. HeeHeeHee! Like: Hahaha, I never knew that guy! Hahahaha! -or- Hey POA love you guys – long time – supporter! Endorse me! hahahahaha!  Very effective! Hahahaha!

  5. Yes its TRUE ! Madison did speak with Tam and yes she is friends with his wife. But even he acknowledges that Madison is not to be trusted. She tells so many lies that she cant possibly keep them al straight.

  6. http://littlesaigoninside.blogspot.com/2012/01/tam-truong-for-san-jose-city-council.html

    Tam Truong Running For San Jose City Council

    “The first sighting of Tam Truong at a Vietnamese community function was in early October 2011.  It was an event for Vietnamese veterans held at Dynasty restaurant.  He was accompanying Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen and was introduced as a SJPD detective.  Some people in the crowd thought he was there as her police escort.”

    Sounds like our VM has known him for some time and politicking for him last year.  At what point does his campaign become a conflict of interest with his police duties?

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