Giordano Addresses Stolen Mailbox Claim

Over the weekend, Milpitas Councilmember Debbie Giordano sent out a mass email to address the accusation that she stole her ex-husband’s mailbox. A report was taken by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, but Giordano asserts that it was all a misunderstanding that is now being used for political purposes. Below is Giordano’s email:

“As many of you have pointed out in the last few days, every time I run for election, my ex husband decides to try and hurt my campaign. Once again this is true.

Many of you have heard about or seen the video of me removing the mailbox from my former home I lived in when I was married.

The mailbox a hand painted mailbox and a gift from my mother to me when I was living there. I considered it a family heirloom. The mailbox was now rusting and looking bad. I took it, gave it to Harriet McGuire to restore and returned it in about a week. I did it as a gift to my daughter - to restore the mailbox that came from her grandmother.
In the mean time a report was made to sheriff’s dept. When the deputy showed up at my door at 5:45 am on a Friday morning about 3 days after I got the mailbox, I explained everything to the deputy and gave him a copy of the email I had sent to Harriet asking her what the timeline was for restoration. After seeing it, the deputy said he understood and left.
The following Monday or Tuesday, I shipped the mailbox to my daughter. At the same time, I mailed a picture of the restored mailbox, a copy of the mailing receipt, and a request for a copy of the report. I have never heard back from the deputy.

The fact that it is now being reported that the case regarding a $12 mailbox is still open about 4 months later does not surprise me because of the close relationship between some of my political opponents and the Sheriff’s Department. And it is reported my ex is trying to have them file criminal charges.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Debbie Giordano”

So, you be the judge. Is this a case of Giordano simply wanting to spruce up a mailbox, or is it a plot between her ex-husband and the Sheriff’s Office to make her look bad in an election year?

Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


    • Better question, where is the U.S. Postal Inspector?!  I’ll bet that the SCC District Attorney is in violation of due diligence by turning this matter over to the Feds.  Maybe a righteous reader will make the call on behalf of the DA?

  1. Debbie, you committed a theft.  You are blaming everyone except the person who committed the crime – you!  Any child knows that you can’t take something that doesn’t belong to you.  You love to smear everyone. Blaming others is your style. Smear your ex husband.  Smear your opponents. Smear your fellow council members. Smear the sheriff’s department. 
    You are a very unethical woman.  You are not serving the people of Milpitas, but instead you are serving yourself. Debbie, you have ruined Milpitas.

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