The Bonds That Tie

The local bail bond industry has taken aim at a county program that lets people get out of jail for free. A desk inside the jail interviews newly-arrested inmates to determine whether they are flight risks.The ones who pass muster are recommended to a judge to be released through the “Own Recognizance Release Program” (ORP). Others who want the criminal justice system knowing less about their family and finances—or who want faster service—can pay a bondsman. A group calling itself California Coalition for Pretrial Accountability is now building a war chest and Òintends to lobby key decision makers” to eliminate ORP and other pre-trial services. County Supervisor George Shirakawa recently urged the San Jose City Council to think twice about tightening regulations on bail bond offices. Fellow supe Dave Cortese, a long-time benefactor of the bondies’ campaign money, is also part of the coalition’s friends list. That could come in handy for a Cortese 2014 mayoral run, which carries a seven-figure price tag these days. Local lobbyist and former Ron Gonzales cash handler Ash Pirayou has linked up with union-friendly political consultants Tom Saggau and Dustin DeRollo on the anti-OPR team. Their argument is that posting bond ensures that more people will show up for their court dates. Bad Boys Bail Bonds owner Jeff Stanley has taken the lead in the coalition’s statewide push, personally contributing at least 20k. Meanwhile, Stanley’s company, the state’s second largest, tossed in between $2,500 and $5,000.

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated Bad Boys Bail Bonds owner Jeff Stanley personally contributed $10,000 to Madison Nguyen’s anti-recall campaign in 2009. That contribution reportedly came from Tom Saggau, Dustin DeRollo and their clients. San Jose Inside regrets the error.

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  1. JMO

    What –  you want a facts based discussion rather than let politics and money determine who wins – such anti San Jose behavior will not win you any powerful friends or invitations to good old boy and gals insider parties – for shame, for shame

  2. Where is Liccardo x DA, favorite Mayor candidate and Council District 3 where most bail bond offices are located on “Own Recognizance Release Program” (ORP) issue ?

    Will bail bond money influence Council votes ?

  3. This is great, Derollo and Saggau are going to trick a bunch of bail bond companies into paying them “protection” money to over turn this.

    First step will be meetings with monthly stipends to them that add up to thousands.  Those that join will be described as “good operators” those that don’t will be harrassed by every city, county, and regulatory agency that can get thier hands on them.

    In the end, the city will get their 10 “good operators”, D and S get thier pile of money and all is good.

    this is how Derollo and saggau did it for gas stations and night clubs.

    I can’t wait to see them parade the buffy bail bonds guys in drag that sat behind the sharks bench during the playoffs to the city council meetings.  Should be fun!

    Love the way things work in this town!

    • Don’t forget the great detective work Saggau did on the placement of illegal campaign signs for the Firefighters and his great bully confrontation with the Councilmember.  He is a class act.  Opps sorry, that last sentence has an extra cl in one of the words.

    • Don’t forget what Saggau did for the Firefighters.  He did get 33% of the vote for measures V and W for what they paid him.  However, to make up for the small number of votes, he was vigilant in guarding their illegaly placed signs.