A Comedy of City Errors

The 18th edition of the political comedy show Monday Night Live promised to be “kinder and gentler,” which became abundantly clear when no one dared to joke about councilmember Ash Kalra’s DUI or Pierluigi Oliverio’s sign-stealing. Instead, the San Jose Stage Company provided a tender mash-up of skits, video montages and musical numbers—which included a pack of foul-mouthed Muppets roasting Mayor “Chuckles” Reed (who showed for the pre-party but bolted before the show), the ever-rational City Council and the mouldering redevelopment agency.

Emcee and chief county supe Dave Cortese kicked off the event by becoming the first prospective mayoral candidate to actually recite the words to songs by Snoop Dogg, Notorious B.I.G. and Eminem. With budget messes everywhere, a musical debate about whose job sucks most broke out between an actor playing exiting redevelopment boss Harry Mavrogenes, a Muppet version of labor leader Cindy Chavez, the real-life county tax man Larry Stone, and other local pols. (In the end, everyone agreed it sucks most to be former councilmember Forrest Williams, for no other reason than being Forrest Williams.)

Councilmembers Rose Herrera, Xavier Campos and Donald Rocha had a restrained discussion about the waste water treatment plant, using the S-word for fecal matter only a couple hundred times. And Mavrogenes decided to go Col. Kurtz, noting it was time to leave his post after “the horrors” he’s seen at City Hall.

To mellow out the proceedings, medical marijuana provided a near-limitless supply of jokes, including the City Council’s proposal to institute a similar cap of 10 on prostitutes within the city—enough for one at every VTA stop. Pete Constant stayed true to his puritanical roots throughout the proceedings, arguing with hand puppets about masturbation and Internet porn in public libraries, while Oliverio played password against Constant and Randall King as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Overall, the performance received better marks than in recent years. Only one person appeared to forget their lines, and Rocha more than made up for the miscue by shedding his shirt to the delight of a gaggle of gangly female staff aides in the crowd

Photos by Felipe Buitrago. To see more visit the Metroactive gallery.

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  1. Our own crack review team says that Dave Cortese’s rap was funny, but that everything else lacked a certain funnyness… and that Harry Mavrogenes’ next career move will not be in comedy… and that Don Rocha seems like the kind of guy that would take his shirt off at a Council meeting if someone asked…


  2. Scott Herhold says Reed’s talks loudly about proposed ballot measures but 3 times has backed off – once – pension proposal and twice on voters approving baseball stadium  

    ” What’s the lesson here? The next time the mayor says he’s taking it to the ballot, think of it as the lifting of a megaphone. Maybe the situation is urgent. But don’t believe every last word. Chuck Reed really wants your attention. “

    Is Herhold or his buddy upset about pensions or it it really the postponed baseball stadium ballot measure they are upset about ?

  3. Where were the ha ha skits about hundreds city employee getting laid offs awhile most of city management takes no pay cuts, get millions in sick and vacation payouts and multi million pensions after giving many more millions to Reed’s political friends and cronies while Figone gives more millios to consultants and friends and so they have friends after they leaves City Hall

    Ops, guess what is going on under Reed and Figone at City Hall is not funny

  4. Um…Don Rocha’s shirt allergy was not delightful. Your photo expertly cropped out his oddly paunchy belly. Looks like the council member lifestyle has made him go soft!

  5. These idiots need to back to work and worry about layoffs, public safety and other matters that concern the citizens of SJ.  They are the only joke about town.

  6. While all of you look like fools, another 14 great officers left San Jose Police Department.  And you want to layoff 100 more.  Welcome to Oakland.

    • What is your issue with Oakland?  They Police a city with real violence and don’t cry about it with 700 officers.  Most officers (OAKLAND)all pull street time and don’t hide behind desk for years.  Quit crying.  A few extra murders in SJ is like a drop in the bucket for Oakland.  They still go everynight without whining.  READ THE PAPERS

      • A few extra murders?  San Jose has no real violence?  Are you suggestion the lose of a loved one is not a big deal, after all it is just a few more dead bother or sisters.  Oakland, picks up the bodies and few cases are solved.  SJ used to have one of the highest rates for solving crimes.  It is getting to the point where you just call in and report a crime because it will not be investigated due to the lack of detectives.

        Get a clue of how SJPD works before you post worthless comments.

        Maybe you should move your gangster @%@ to Oakland and enjoy the good life!

  7. I always knew the council thought they were funny, especially when it comes to saving city jobs.  They get their checks but could care less how many other city employees loss theirs.

    Get you priorities straight:

    your not funny

    Save jobs, not layoff dedicated employees

    Forget the mayors field of dreams, we do not want a waste of more money on a doomed ball park that voters and MLB will not approve.

    Now go back to your seat and get some real work done, play time is over!

  8. Doing parodies about City strife and at taxpayer expense is NOT funny.

    Your not in damn High School.  They remind me of the Dorky Drama “GEEKS” that would dance all around in the quad area.  Sheesh what an embarrassment…..

    These fools need to grow up!

    Don’t worry everyone their day will come.

  9. what an embarrassment, while your at it drop your shorts and bend over.  That is what your saying too all the employees about to lose their jobs, while you could care less.

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