Pizza with Pegram

Larry Pegram’s supporters cheered at the Cambrian Round Table Pizza when the first results popped up, even though the San Jose City Council District 9 candidate trailed Donald Rocha by more than 1,500 votes.

“Anytime you’re in the money, it’s good,” said Pegram with a grin. Volunteers flipped around the channels on the flat-screen TVs looking for a news broadcast.

“CNN, Heck no!” hollered one Pegramite. “No! I want Fox News. I don’t want the Clinton Network.”

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  1. Onward, Christian Voters

    ( sung to Onward, Christian Soldiers   _  )

    Onward, Christian voters, marching to the polls,
    with the cross of Jesus going to vote.
    Christ, the royal Master, leads against liberal foes;
    forward to election battle see his ballot totals!

    Onward, Christian voters, marching to the polls,
    with the cross of Jesus going to vote.

    At the sign of triumph Satan’s candidate doth flee;
    on then, Christian voters, on to victory!
    Hell’s liberal foundations quiver at shout of praise;
    brothers, ban library porn, loud your votes raise.

    Like a mighty army moves the church of God;
    brothers, we are voting where the saints have trod.
    We are not divided, all vote as one body we,
    one in hope and doctrine, one in charity.

    Crowns and thrones may perish, officials rise and wane,
    but the church of Jesus constant will remain.
    Gates of liberal hell can never against church prevail;
    we have Christ’s own promise, and votes that cannot fail.

    Onward then, ye voters, join our happy throng,
    blend with ours your votes in election triumph song.
    Glory, laud, and honor unto Christ the King,
    through countless ages Christians and angels sing.

    • …but…the Chamber tells us that everything was perfect before Liberals and Labor took over poor defenseless San Jose, and that wonderfulness must include Larry, since he did such sterling service on the council Way Back When. So they’ll tell us to vote for change to go forward to the past, right?

      Great lyrics. And his other theme song is “The Way We Were.”

    • OK you can stop tilting at those evil Christian windmills now.
      Fortunately for you the impressionable populace has, as usual, ignored those odious forces and instead has sided with the local newspaper in deciding from whom to take their marching orders. Almost without exception the progressive, independent-minded people of Santa Clara county have obediently voted in favor of the positions and candidates endorsed by your oracle of Politically Correct thinking- the San Jose Mercury News.

      From here on in, please refrain from pointing your finger at sensible conservatives when the s**t hits the fan. Instead, revel in and celebrate the prosperity and harmony which your decisions are bound to cause over the next several years.

  2. Parody is created to mock, comment on, or poke fun at subject, author, or some other target by means of humor

    By definition, a bigot is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of opinions differing from their own.  Describes many religious groups

    Religious bigotry, intolerance and prejudice has caused more deaths, suffering, destruction, exploitation, wars and violence than any other cause in human history

  3. > By definition, a bigot is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of opinions differing from their own.

    Yup.  Perfectly describes the nihilist narcissists of the left who imagine themselves at the center of the moral and intellectual universe, and everyone else as a “bitter clinger” who has “antipathy toward people who don’t look like themselves.”

  4. No one ( well maybe a few deviants and ACLU ) want children or others seeing inappropriate or illegal behavior in library that is not the issue

    Library porn filters like spam filters – Don’t work,
    and can be easily bypassed as shown in MLK Library, City Hall and Council Chambers on both city, San Jose State and public access systems

    Porn filters block non porn sites in violation of San Jose – SJSU library agreement and are another waste of city taxes advocated by special interest group

  5. While I voted for Robert Cortese on Tuesday, I will be voting for Larry Pegram in November.  One issue on which I’ve heard him repeatedly criticized is with respect to his proposal to install porn filters on city library computers, and I don’t really understand why this is controversial.  While I am a Christian, I don’t think its necessary to be a Christian, or otherwise an adherent to an Abrahamic faith, to conclude that viewing pornography is not a very good use for municipal library computers.  Losers coming off the street, all strung out on meth (meth is a HUGE libido enhancer, so yeah, that’s probably who’s doing this), fondling themselves through a strategically-placed hole in their pocket, is not really what our library system was intended to facilitate.  I certainly don’t see it as a First Amendment issue.  People are free to look at porn all they like, in the privacy of their own home.  But why can’t we make a simple cost-benefit analysis decision, to the effect that viewing porn is not a good use of our library facilities, especially since it can lead to an uncomfortable environment for those utilizing the library for more conventional purposes.

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