Gage Hopes to Avoid Mayor Reed Curse

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed has a dubious history when it comes to endorsements. In years past, Reed has given his blessing to individuals such as Hon Thi Lien (District 4), Larry Pegram (District 9), Magdalena Carrasco (District 5) and Richard Calderon in the 2010 sheriff’s race. All of them lost. In just this past election cycle, Reed backed Tam Truong—again Reed saw his former district, No. 3, go to Kansen Chu—and Rose Herrera, who just missed the 50 percent plus one vote mark to avoid the November runoff.

But one person who should have little trouble avoiding the curse of Mayor Reed’s rubber stamp is Don Gage, who unveiled his campaign website this week in his run for mayor of Gilroy. Gage is leaving his post as director of the Santa Clara Valley Water District board to return to the place he previously served as a councilmember and mayor. Gage left Gilroy after winning a spot on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors before moving over to the Water District.

The Gilroy mayoral race has already drawn attention for some of the oddballs hoping to earn election, a shady small-town media conspiracy and Gage’s friendly connections to Gilroy’s development plans. But Gilroy Councilmember Perry Woodward withdrew from the race several months ago, taking the biggest threat to Gage’s return out of the running.

Reed is among seven elected officials in Santa Clara County who have endorsed Gage, including all five county supervisors and Sheriff Laurie Smith. This doesn’t even mention Gage’s vast number of community endorsements, which seems to basically list everyone who has ever lived or thought about living in Gilroy.

Josh Koehn is a former managing editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley.


  1. “…and Gage’s friendly connections to Gilroy’s development plans…”

    This is Reed lining up work for his Real Estate Law based legal practice after his stint in San Jose is done.

  2. it should be easy to avoid being anything like Mayor Reed , all he has to do is , Dont Lie,Dont Cheat,Dont Steal,Dont Blame others for your mistakes,Dont make one of the safest cities around into one where all crimes have increased exponentially, Dont decimate your Public Safety , Be willing to work with your employees,and above all DONT be an Arrogant—-!

  3. I like Don but I am growing tired of politicians locally, just cycling thru city, county, water, and whatever just to keep a day job paid by us!  They all have good other jobs, quit using politics to pass bills that you profit from on the other side.

  4. Reed is corrupt just like Reed.. He promoted the Mosque in San Martin. I called him personally and asked how much money they had given in the way of donations and he hung up. I was not rude i simply asked for public disclosure of any campaign donations made to him his replay find it yourself and hung up.

    Reed I mean Gage during the airport expansion was heard to say, dont worry about the people in this district I am a fan of aviation while I am in office we can do whatever we want here there is nothing they can do to stop us.  He was correct they lied cheated and did not allow pubic in put. So if want a greedy arrogant self important willing to sell his elected vote in office vote for Gage.  He will be the same as Reed no worse no better he will do everything he can to profit from his position waste millions of dollars. 
      Let me give you an idea or Gage style of politics a couple weeks ago there was a public hearing over the Mega Mosque being built in San Marin. Keep in mind they want to burring 200 dead next to residential homes. who wants to live next to a grave yard.  The public in put is strong against this project. A team of county employees were there promoting this project no doubt because an elected official was behind this most were appointed positions.  you would believe the county was building the Mosque.  One after another said we are going to ask that the vote be put off for while we need to do more testing we cannot get it done in time no need to attend the next meeting there will no be a vote. The next day they are out doing the test the following day they vote on the project and it was passed.  Anyone need to guess if they lied? this was done intentionally to avoid public input why because they wanted to pass it. The money and promises have been made. 
      If i lived in Gilroy I would vote for my dog before Gage…. even an unknown would be a better risk we know what Gage will do. Just my opinion as i look at the sight where a Mosque and 200 dead bodies will be placed and I will lose most of the value in my home. Thank you Don Gage I hope you rot in hell.

  5. Maybe with Gage, considering that Highway 101 and 85 are already maxed out, he can join with Reed for a new vision, a regional south to north bullet train! With one stop in Coyote Valley, facilitating the reopening of development there. Never mind the Green part, housing where the jobs are.

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