The New Judge

Our timing was impeccable as we strolled into Judge-elect Vanessa Zecher’s bash at the Brit, where the bar crowd was transfixed by the Lakers-Celtics game.

We interrupted a well-known senior judge to ask what he thought about the DA’s race. “We were just talking about that,” he said, calling it too close to call. “If she [Carr] wins, she’ll have a tough row to hoe.”

We made it to the back patio, where a large plate of cubed cheese awaited us. Dinner! We smashed a big helping of brie into an aptly named Carr’s water cracker, which cracked under the fromage’s pressure.

Zecher suddenly exploded into the room in a bright blue suit and glanced at her formidable lead on the flat panel. She threw her hands up, and her mouth fell open in disbelief.

The pop of a champagne cork punctuated the air, and Brit owner John Conway poured Zecher a glass, which she tried to decline but wound up accepting anyway.

The Fly is a weekly column written by San Jose Inside staff that provides a behind-the-scenes look at local politics.

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