Letter to the Editor: Prop. 15 Puts Schools, Communities First

Dear editor,

The economic crisis we’ve found ourselves in will get a lot worse, and result in a worse future for all Californians, if we don’t take steps for change. I am a teacher who lives in San Jose and worry that our schools will not have the funding they need to be successful.

In November, with Proposition 15, we can put schools and communities first.

Prop. 15, would close corporate property tax loopholes in order to reclaim $12 billion every year for our schools, essential workers, and local governments—all while protecting homeowners and renters, small businesses, and agriculture.

What’s more, this initiative would implement small business tax relief to those businesses which have been hardest hit.

These are tax loopholes that benefit the most profitable corporations in the state at the expense of our schools and local governments.

Research has shown that only 10 percent of the biggest, most valuable commercial and industrial properties would generate 92 percent of the revenue—meaning top corporations would finally pay their fair share.

Investing, not cutting, is exactly what we need both now and for the future.



San Jose


  1. Ever hear of the slippery slope? In this case, commercial/industrial properties lose their Proposition 13 status. Guess what’s next… I’ll tell you, residential properties will lose their Proposition 13 status. That’s how government works!

  2. What exactly is a ‘Fair Share’ of a school system that is horribly bloated and corrupt to the point where our tax dollars actually don’t make it to the classroom?
    Your teacher’s union is the biggest political contributor in the state.

    California is headed over a cliff and you want more money and power?

    You are seriously deluded and need to go explain to your students why they are failing.

    It’s because of you….

  3. Glenn, well said. Why pay still more taxes? My friends who are teachers say they are doing almost nothing. One math teacher friend said that 20% of her Honor math kids have shown up for Zoom, the other Regular Ed math kids not showing up at all.

    So she is getting 100k plus benefits for working with 10% of her total caseload? And only for a very short time at that.

    Stop raising taxes. We all know it is for pensions!

  4. Lori I feel sorry for the kids who have the misfortune of having your doing-nothing friends as their teachers. And at what school does your math teacher friend work where she gets 100k???

    I am a retired math teacher, with many friends and relatives still in the profession. I am also a grandmother with grandchildren in the system. And I can attest most teachers are working even harder during the pandemic.

    These are the people who are teaching, guiding and preparing our young generation. They deserve more than the pittance they are paid. They earn every cent of their salaries and more. I challenge you to take on the job, especially in this day and age with a large number of undisciplined youngsters.

    Shame on our society who award big bucks to politicians, sports people and movie stars instead.

  5. > Letter to the Editor: Prop. 15 Puts Schools, Communities First

    Just another hand grenade tossed in the direction of Proposition 13.

    The government grifter class REALLY, REALLY hates Prop 13.

    This isn’t the first assassination attempt on Prop 13, and it won’t be the last.

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