SJPD Investigates Sexual Assault Reported Near San Pedro Square

San Jose police are investigating a sexual assault reported last week near one of the busiest intersections of downtown, authorities confirmed Monday.

Officers responded to the area of North First and Market streets at about 1:40am on Wednesday, Feb. 9, after a report of a sexual assault, according to San Jose Police Department spokesman Sgt. Enrique Garcia. As of Monday afternoon, no suspect had been identified or arrested.

The location of the reported incident is not far from one the busiest nightlife spots in San Jose. San Jose Inside has learned that police were visiting bars and restaurants around San Pedro Square over the weekend to review surveillance footage for clues. Sgt. Garcia said he could not provide any additional information about the incident.


  1. There are multiple sexual assaults in San Jose every single day, why aren’t those reported? There is at least one shooting or stabbing every day Along with several robberies… usually only murders are given a coveted headline however.

    • “San Jose police are investigating a sexual assault reported last week near one of the busiest intersections of downtown… Officers responded to the area of North First and Market streets…”
      North First Street and Market Street don’t intersect. They are parallel at that point, and for another mile or so south of your phantom intersection.

      • If this were China, government road construction crews would be out tonight constructing an intersection of North FIrst Street and Market Street.

        Have you checked the area recently? Can you re-confirm that there ISN’T an intersection.

  2. Mr. JMO,

    Silence you fool! You’re talking geography not journalism! Don’t confuse fact with fiction! Now, dance for my amusement!

    • No, journalists need to have the facts correct. Remember the Who, What, Where, When and Why of an article?

  3. Every time I get SJI, I play this little game of looking for the LEAST controversial story, just to see if the usual suspects have left it un-shat-upon. I picked this one… and I lost.

    This is a story about an area bounded by two streets. There is no mention in the story of an intersection of the two streets. JMO, you put that in there yourself.

    • Yeh an area bounded by two streets….you mean NEAR San Pedro Square? As the title indicates? Hmmm.near…towards the SAP center, or Ed Ajlouny’s office, or the Chamber meet up…oh I’m sorry aren’t market and first on the same side of the square. Is it near San Pedro Sqaure in between first and market….just call it what it is….metro news. Useless.

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